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A trip to the beautiful Kannur district located in South India is sure to take away all your worries in life. The vast shoreline spread across Kannur gives you a fresh feeling in life altogether. MyTicketsToIndia offers the lowest fare from Chicago to Kannur flights, which is an excellent chance for those who want to dive into the beauty of this peaceful location in Kerala. This place offers a unique blend of history with the modern vibe that can be easily felt with its educational and technological advancements. Kannur has maintained exceptional trade relations with different parts of the world since the Greeks, Romans, and Arabs. The place is also famous as the “Great Emporium of Spice Trade,” and Marco Polo gave the title.

MyTicketsToIndia has several ongoing offers on flight tickets from ORD to CNN, which allows you to explore Kannur’s beauty at affordable rates. There is a total distance of 13780.8 Km or 8563 miles between Chicago and Kannur, which takes approximately 36 hours to cover by air. Taking a flight also happens to be the best way of traveling from Chicago to Kannur. Various airlines provide flights from Chicago to Kannur. Hence it is advisable to compare the prices carefully before finalizing the air tickets to India. If you ever face any query, please feel free to contact our customer care staff for assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which airline offers direct flights from Chicago to Kannur?

A: Various airline services provide flights on Chicago to Kannur route such as American Airline, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and JetBlue Airlines, etc. however, they usually fly with multiple stoppages in between. In case you want to inquire about direct flights from ORD to CNN, please reach out to our customer care executives.

Q: Which airports operate flights from ORD to CNN?

A: The airports that operate flights from Chicago to Kannur are: O’Hare International Airport at Chicago (IATA Code- ORD) and Kannur International Aiport at Kannur (IATA Code- CNN).

Q: What is the best time to visit Kannur?

A: If you are planning a Chicago to Kannur trip, it is best to opt for the winter season, which offers optimum conditions to explore the city. The months from October to February are the best for visiting Kannur.

Q: How can I avail of the lowest fare from ORD to CNN flights?

A: If you are looking for saving some bucks from your travel budget it is best to book your Chicago to Kannur flight tickets with MyTicketsToIndia. You get to choose from a variety of airline options with different price ranges and attractive offers.

Q: What is the time difference between Chicago and Kannur?

A: The time difference between Chicago and Kannur is approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes with Kannur being ahead in time.

Q: What are the must-visit tourist attractions in Kannur?

A: The beautiful beaches offer serene surroundings and brown sandy beaches that offer majestic sunset views. You should also check our intricate architectures and centuries-old forts.

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Places To Visit At Kannur

The Kannur district lies in the extreme South of India in the Kerala state. The place is famous for its exotic beaches, and it is also a hub for seaports. You cannot miss a visit to the Payyambalam beach, which offers majestic views amidst lush-free trees and smooth beach sand. To experience all this, you should book a flight ticket from Chicago to India now and avail of the best of discounts and offers that are always running on MyTicketsToIndia. A visit to the Kannur Lighthouse is sure to make you feel surreal as the view of the Arabian sea from atop the tower is captivating.

Kannur is popularly known as “Looms and Lores” due to its beautiful handloom pieces that have been here for ages. If you want to witness the royal family’s artifacts and legacy in Kannur, you must visit the Arakkal Museum for a first-hand experience. The Tellicherry Fort offers beautiful intricate architecture with hand made carvings on the walls. The best way to get an up-close experience of these unprecedented locations is by booking a flight from ORD to CNN with MyTicketsToIndia and grab the best deals on airline booking services. Kannur is sure to provide you with one a kind experience with its rich heritage and modern technological gems.

Shopping, Food While You Are On Your Chicago To Kannur Tour

When you visit a new location, it is best to try the local food items instead of regular pizza, burgers, and other fast food items. If you are all set to book your flight tickets from USA to Kannur, get ready to taste the most delicious variety of cuisines there. The Malabar style Kallumakkaya Nirachathu and Sardine fish prepared with spices exclusive to the extreme South of the Indian sub-continent are something that you are going to savor lifelong. You can buy beautiful artifacts, handicrafts, quality fabric, and intricate jewelry items from Kannur’s street vendors. 

Tips For Grabbing Cheap Flight Tickets From Chicago To Kannur

We understand the headache of trying hard to manage the flying budget, and this is why we are here to share some tips for buying cheap flight tickets from ORD to CNN. The best way to save some money on the flying budget is by comparing the prices for different airlines that are flying on your desired route. Also, staying flexible with your booking dates allows you to have your options open. Do not forget to avail of travel rewards and student discounts for a price-cut on your ticket prices.

Choose MyTicketsToIndia For Lowest Fare From ORD To CNN Flights

If you are all set to plan your Chicago to Kannur visit, MyTicketsToIndia is the best choice among all the airline booking service options in the market. When it comes to providing affordable deals and maintaining 100% transparency on services that we provide, we are the industry leaders. Our experienced travel experts help us curate the best deals without compromising the quality of the flying experience. In case you face any trouble, our customer support staff is always there to help you resolve your queries and give you a hassle-free flying experience. So, travel around the world with quality services from MyTicketsToIndia.

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