Air India Female Pilot Zoya Agarwal Gets Place In US Museum For Flight Over North Pole


Renu Dahiya posted on Monday, Aug 29th, 2022

Captain Zoya Agarwal, a senior Air India female pilot becomes the first Indian woman to secure a place in a US-based aviation museum. These days, the beyond limits format has been embraced by almost everyone, whether male or female, as no one is afraid to improve their skills or prove that they are better than others while breaking the records. Something like this is heating up again as a female Air India pilot Zoya Agarwal broke all the records and made the entire nation proud. 

A large number of reactions started coming up as soon as the news hit the headlines because everyone wanted to know everything about it. So, here we have penned all the details you need to know about the news.  

Who Is Zoya Agarwal?

Captain Ziya Agarwal is a senior Air India pilot of aircraft Boeing-777. She is the first Indian woman pilot to fly an aircraft above the North Pole, covering a record-breaking distance of around 16,000 kilometers. In the year 2021 for the very first time, an all-women pilot team of Air India led by Zoya covered the world’s biggest air route from San Francisco (SFO) in the USA to Bengaluru, India. 

The ace pilot was also a part of India’s Vande Bharat Mission in 2020 as the Indian government launched flights to evacuate Indians stuck in countries due to the coronavirus lockdown. 

Zoya Agarwal’s Achievement Of Getting A Place In US Museum

The US-based aviation museum was impressed by Zoya Agarwal’s achievement and was, thus, offered a place in their museum. She is the only human to have found a place as a pilot in the San Francisco Aviation Luis A Turpen Aviation Museum (SFO Aviation Museum). 

An Official from the San Francisco Aviation Museum said – 

“She is the first female Indian pilot to be included in our program. In addition to her remarkable career with Air India, Including her record-breaking flight from SFO to Bengaluru in 2021 with an all-female crew, her positivity about the world and her commitment to helping other girls and women achieve their dreams is deeply inspiring. Being able to record and share Captain Agarwal’s personal history allows SFO Museum to preserve the excitement and the historic nature of her extraordinary career with current and future generations of aviation enthusiasts.” 

Captain Zoya Agarwal’s Reaction 

Senior Pilot Zoya Agarwal was super happy to receive such a great honor and made the following statement – 

“I can’t believe that I am the first Indian female to be in a museum in the USA, if you ask the eight-year-old girl that use to sit on her terrace, looking at stars and dream about being a pilot. It’s an honor that the US recognized an Indian woman for their museum… It’s a great moment for me and my country.” – said Captain Zoya Agarwal. 

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