India Encounters The New Covid Variant: Omicron

India Encounters The New Covid Variant: Omicron

Ankita Awasthi posted on Monday, Dec 6th, 2021

Omicron covid-19 variant could be sectioned as a severe disease that everyone must be cautious about. We all know, the previous years were thrashed down with the covid waves. And just when we thought the situation was getting better with each passing day, a new covid variant rose. The World Health Organisation(WHO) reports this variant to be the most potently infectious variant amongst any other previous infections that came into existence. This variant is reported to be rising from African countries. 

 The Southern State of India Under Danger Radar?

The first-ever cases of the omicron variant have touched the surface of the southern state of India. In Karnataka, two men (aged 66 and 46 years old, respectively) tested positive for the Omicron-a new corona variant after overseas. 

Howbeit, updating about the situation, a government delegate confirms that the infected men are kept under observation as of now. Adding to it, the public health authority further reported that the people who came into primary contact and secondary contact with the positive tested men are also kept under observation for further tests. 

Under the same suspicion, six people from the national capital, Delhi, and six people from Maharashtra’s western state have been sent under observation in an isolated space. The samples from people, however, have been submitted for genome sequencing for coronavirus variant determination and verification. 

The authorities and the localities are eagerly waiting for the test reports to arrive.

Maharashtra: Stepping Towards Omicron Marsh?

02 December 2021: The omicron covid suspects are increasing rapidly in Maharashtra. As reported on Thursday, the suspect count has reached as high as 28, which includes 10 Mumbai omicron suspects as well. 

Following the directive drill, the sample of these suspects has been immediately sent to the genome sequencing. The reports are yet awaited. 

05 December: The State health ministry of Maharashtra shared that the state has reported 7 new positive cases of omicron variant in the Pune district. The three infected specimens from the lot were, in fact, from Nigeria. 

Four from the infected group were fully vaccinated people while the rest fell under the minor category. With the new declared numbers, the total omicron positive tally reaches 8. 

The Indian States Omicron Case: Update

Jaipur, a district in Rajasthan, has reported nine omicron positive cases on Sunday. The information was confirmed by the state health department of Jaipur. 

Tamil Nadu, a state which was earlier set out as one of the infected states of India, came out clean. The news was confirmed by the state government. The Health and Family Welfare Minister further clarified the five ‘suspected’ flyers arriving from ‘at risk’ countries were diagnosed negative and were ‘asymptomatic’.

However, as a precautionary measure, the concerned citizens are still kept in isolation at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research hospital. 

In India, the total omicron count has reached 20 above with all the states reporting the new variant cases. 

India Gears Up With Tight Precautionary Practices

In the wake of the variant of concern entering India, several Indian states have updated and implicated their covid precautionary restrictions and policies for travelers strictly, which they were pretty liberal about lately. 

Effective 1 December 2021, India declared new travel restrictions for international travellers as a precautionary measure. All the International flight passengers arriving India from ‘under risk radar’ countries comprising the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Israel will have to undergo a test on arrival. 

Further, they added that the passengers are not permitted to leave the airport premises until their test reports are announced clear. Those who tested negative are directed to 10-day quarantine at home and get tested again on the eleventh day as per safety norms.  

In case the flyer tests positive, they will be subjected to institutional quarantine in an isolation center until further notice. While the health officials shall keep and treat the specimen in the center, their samples will be regularly collected for genome sequencing.

The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, and the public health agency ran a review campaign to keep track of public health preparedness. Post reviewing, he announced through his Twitter handle:

On Tuesday, the Indian health minister, Mr. Mansukh Mandaviya, also came forward with an update in the parliament, “We are immediately checking suspicious cases and conducting genome sequencing.” He further added, “We have learned a lot during the Covid crisis. Today, we have a lot of resources and laboratories. We can manage any situation”. Found this fascinating? Wish to stay tuned for such Indian briefs? Well, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and subscribe to MyTicketsToIndia’s sister portal- IndianVibes, and never miss any updates. And if you wish to know the COVID test details for India travel, we have you covered. We aim to keep all the Indians in America updated with the ongoing events in India.

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