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Meainng of Major Arcana Tarots card

Pawanpreet Kaur posted on Friday, Jun 3rd, 2022

First appearing in the Italian courts of the 15th century, the major arcana tarot cards represent the exemplary energies of the universe. The power and value that the major arcana cards hold are above and beyond the significance of minor arcana cards. According to the occultism, these are also referred to as trump cards including 22 tarot cards out of the deck of 78 cards that are used for fortune-telling purposes. This tarot card list is counted from 0 to 21 and is used to predict future events. 

Being the foundation of the tarot deck, the major arcana tarot cards are often associated with particular stages in our lives such as new beginnings, authority, strength, power, progress, and rash decisions. So, let’s dig in deep and major arcana’s order of tarot cards and their significance. You are sure to get yourself hooked!

The Fool – “Tarot Arcana Number 0”  

A representation of new beginnings, The Fool tarot card is the number 0 of the major arcana order. This card symbolizes having faith in the journey, even when you can’t see where it’s going to lead. This tarot card can also represent innocence as well as a sense of childlike wonder that you are taking a risk, but it is one that is likely to pay off in the end. This arcana meaning is related to positivity and having faith in yourself to navigate whatever comes your way.

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsFun-filled romance may come your way/Not ready for commitmentCausing uncertainty in love/ Insecure relationship
Money/CareerNew job, fresh new business ideas/ Take the chanceThink before committing/Don’t hold back great ideas due to lack of confidence
HealthEnergy to live and grow/ pregnancyTrying alternative health treatments/accident-prone

 The Magician – “The Major Arcana Tarot Cards 1

Indicating power, skill, and creativity, this major arcana card symbolizes someone who is about to embark on a new journey or project and has all the tools and skills necessary to succeed. The magician tarot card can also represent a person who is visionary and talented or has potential in everything around them. If this major arcana appears in a reading, it is a reminder to use your potential and capabilities to create your own reality. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsMeeting someone new for singles/connection getting better and stronger Don’t lose faith in singles/be honest and open up with your partner
Money/CareerImprovement in the finances and a good time to start a business or get a promotionChange your circumstances with a proactive approach and take your skills seriously
HealthImprovement in the health Seek help from a health expert as soon as possible

The High Priestess – “The Number 2 Major Arcana Card

Suggesting introspection, stillness, and receptiveness, this major arcana tarot card is a symbol of fertility and abundance. The High Priestess can indicate the feminine principle, mystery, and hidden knowledge as she can be either a teacher or an advisor. Out of tarot cards list, if this major arcana crops up, that simply means it is a time to meet your inner self and look at your ability to see things that others cannot. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsMeeting someone new for singles/connection getting better and stronger Don’t lose faith in singles/be honest and open up with your partner
Money/CareerImprovement in the finances and a good time to start a business or get a promotionChange your circumstances with a proactive approach and take your skills seriously
HealthImprovement in the health Seek help from a health expert as soon as possible

The Empress – “Number 3 Of Tarot Major Arcana

The Empress Arcana meaning number 3 is related to motherhood, fertility, prosperity, and abundance. The figure represents the nurturing and caring side of femininity which is also powerful and revolutionary. This major arcana tarot card is a reminder that we are all connected to each other and to the natural world. The Empress is a generous and giving woman, who is always ready to lend a helping hand. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsTrue love on the way/deeper relationships or pregnancyTrust your intuition in love and do not fear rejection/ express your genuine emotions to your partner
Money/CareerGood time to follow your dreams/ Cash flow on the wayDon’t waste money and make responsible financial choices
HealthPregnancy indicator/ find time to relax and meditateUnwanted pregnancy or pregnancy issues/ Start exercising

The Emperor – “Number 4 Order Of Tarot Cards

The 4 major arcana, The Emperor is a card of leadership and control that tells it is time to take control of your life and make things happen. If you have been procrastinating, this is the time to get moving, this major arcana tarot card also indicates that you need to be more assertive and take charge of your life. This card is a signal that you should not sit back and let others take the lead.  You need to be in the driver’s seat

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsRelationship with an older man/woman on the way/Stability in the relationshipFather issues in the choice of partners/Over possessiveness or a lack of commitment
Money/CareerControl spending/hard work will be noticedLack of focus/consider professional help to manage finances
HealthTake care and don’t push yourself too hardIncrease discipline to bring back better health

The Hierophant – “Number 5 Arcana Tarot Card”

The major arcana that indicates spiritual knowledge and conventional beliefs, the Hierophant can signify that you should seek advice from a trusted advisor before starting a new journey. The Hierophant basically is a sign of the need to learn from someone who is more experienced than you, especially if you are making a major life change. If this major arcana card appears, it can also mean that you are being called to a higher purpose. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsA true relationship with love and security on the way/relationship moving towards commitment and milestonesOpen-minded relations may come to your way/ Misunderstandings and insecurity in relationship
Money/CareerFind a mentor for better financial advice/ Good time to focus on higher studiesA person may force own rules on you. You have to figure out a way to get out of it 
HealthNeed to fuel your immune system with better nutrition and exerciseDon’t stick to a normal routine, make a few changes, and set a better routine

The Lovers – “Number 6 Arcana Tarot Card

Traditionally related to love, relationships, and choices, the Lovers arcana tarot card represents either a romantic relationship or a significant decision. If you are single, this tarot card arcana may suggest that you will soon meet someone special with whom you will share a strong connection. Alternatively, The Lovers may indicate that you are currently at a crossroads and must choose between two different paths. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsSignifies passionate relationship and an intense bond both in love and relationshipsBe careful while picking partners/ Not on the same page when comes to important decisions
Money/CareerGreat business partnership on the way/ Do not mix personal and professional lifeConflict in business partnership/ Trouble in career due to mixing romance and work
HealthDecisions to make regarding health issues/Paring up a partner for your fitness or spiritual journeyGive time to your body to heal and gove yourself proper rest once or twice a week

The Chariot – “Number 7 Tarot Arcana

When the number 7 Chariot tarot card appears, it is usually an indication that you are about to embark on a journey or undertake a new project. This major arcana tarot card is a highly symbolic card that can represent many different things. In general, it signifies progress and success. This major arcana can also indicate victory in battle or competition with conquest over adversities. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsMove forward and overcome your emotions/Talk with your partner and make this relationship work outDon’t force or rush relationships/Step back if the relationship is suffocating or set boundaries
Money/CareerBig travel or vehicle purchase on your way/ Right time to grab the job of your dreamsDo not rush the investments/ need to find the obstacles on your way
HealthA new motivation on your way to help you tackle the health issuesDo not run for too much, go slow and win the race

The Strength – “Number 8 Tarot Card

A symbol of courage, determination, and inner strength, this number 8 tarot card of major arcana represents your ability to face your fears and confront challenges head-on. When you see The Strength tarot card in a reading, it is a sign that you need to tap into your inner strength and resources in order to achieve success. This is one of the important of the tarot cards lists as it suggests that you have the power to overcome any obstacle in your path.

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsA relationship with a wild, open-minded may on the way/sign to bring that spark back in your already strong relationshipLeading to picking a wrong partner/your anxiety may affect your relationship adversely
Money/CareerAvoid hasty money-spending decisions/ summon all of your strength and do not let fear come in your wayNeed to spend money smartly/ Stop self-doubting and do not let anxiety or fear to hold you back
HealthGood time to make healthier lifestyle choicesMake small changes that lead to better self-control 

The Hermit – “Number 9 major arcana” 

Number 9 in the list of tarot cards, this major arcana suggests a time for introspection and solitude. This may be a time when you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and focus on your own needs as you may be feeling a bit lonely or isolated at this time. It can also indicate that you are seeking answers to some important questions in your life and that you need some time alone to reflect on these matters. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsA fresh start in love/ Connect with your partner more and focus on spending time togetherYou miss being with a partner and cannot stay single any longer/ Maybe feeling a bit lonely or isolated in the relationship
Money/CareerGood time to think about savings and investments/ May start working towards more satisfying career pathSeek advice from a mature person to invest money/ Interact with people and indulge in team projects
HealthPushing yourself harder to do things can lead to health issuesSign of mental health issue

The Wheel of Fortune – “10th Tarot Card Of Major Arcana

One of the 22 major arcana tarot cards, the Wheel of Fortune is a powerful card that signifies change, new beginnings, and good luck. The wheel is also a symbol of karma, so this card can also indicate that what goes around comes around. If you have been experiencing some bad luck recently, it is possible that this major arcana card is telling you that it is time for a change. This change can be in your personal life, career, or relationships.

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsMay meet your soulmate soon/ Indicates starting a new phase with your partnerLearn from your past in making better future decisions/ Spark up your relationship instead of ending it
Money/CareerFinancial improvement on the way/ Follow your dreams and let the change happen in your careerDon’t take a financial risk or indulge in gambling/ Evaluate your choices and know if your career decisions are right or not
HealthIndicates that you need to take better care of your health and bodyTry being positive and Avoid negativity, and gloominess

The Justice – “11th card in a suit of 22 Major Arcana’s

Amongst the tarot cards list, the Justice tarot card symbolizes balance, harmony, and fairness. This card reminds us to be truthful to ourselves and others and to act with integrity. The Justice card can also represent legal matters, such as contracts or settlements. It often appears when someone is seeking a resolution to a conflict or struggling to find closure after experiencing trauma. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsA libra may come into your life/ Bigger commitment like marriage on your wayMay get caught if cheating your partner/Find a solution to end the blame game with your partner
Money/CareerBehave with your finances to get rewarded, can try share market too/ Give time to yourself and stop pushing that much Don’t take a financial risk or indulge in gambling/ Don’t hesitate in making confrontations if treated unfairly at work
HealthOut of balance with your work and personal life Take a break and avoid excess stress of work or other errands

The Hanged Man – “Number 12 Tarot Card of Major Arcana

The Number 12 of major arcana cards represents change,  new perspectives, and self-reflection. The Hanged Man reminds us that there is always more than one way to look at any given situation. This is a time to reflect on your life, your relationships, and your goals. This major arcana reminds you that there is always something to learn, even in the darkest of times. Trust that the universe has a plan for you!

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsExpress your feelings to the one you want/ Either give time to your relationship or walk off if the other person is not willingLearn from your past relationship lessons/ Confront the problems you are getting with your partner
Money/CareerTake a break from focusing too much on finances/ Go with a flow and do not make impulsive career decisionsConsider a fresh perspective of a financial expert/ Take control of your career decisions
HealthDeal with your health issues calmly rather than frustrating over themGo for alternative therapies and boost your mental health

The Death – “Number 13 Major Arcana Tarot Card

One of the most feared cards in a tarot deck, as it is often associated with endings and finality.  However, this major arcana card can also indicate new beginnings, transformation, and rebirth. The Death card can indicate that change is coming and that the querent must be prepared to let go of the past in order to move forward. This card can be frightening, but it is a reminder that everything is transient and that life is always changing.

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsDiscarding old beliefs can lead to finding true love/ changes in a relationship can be seenBring positivity in your life to find love/ finished relationship can rejuvenate again
Money/CareerA financial loss or tight on money/ disruption in the jobAvoid overspending and eliminate debt/ 
HealthFind positivity in your life with each dayAvoid being over-protective of your health issues 

The Temperance – “Number 14 Of Tarot Cards List

The 14th trump, the Temperance is a major arcana tarot that is related to the element of water, and its corresponding astrological sign is Cancer. The figure of this tarot card shows a woman standing in front of a pool of water, with one foot in the water and the other on the land. She has wings, representing her connection to both the spiritual and physical worlds. Basically, represents the balance that one seeks to maintain in its life. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsMight attract the right partner if learned the balance in your life/Indicates beautiful relationship with the balance of love and respectDesperately looking for love/ Conflicts and arguements due to imbalanced relationship
Money/CareerRight time to build savings and find financial balance/ A promotions may be on the wayHigh time to save yourself from overspending and debt/ quarrel in a work situation
HealthWatch unhealthy food habitsNeed to bring the balance back with the right nutrition and exercise

The Devil – “The Major Arcana Number 15

One of the most traditional orders of tarot cards, the Devil represents a person who is controlled by their desires and fears, or a situation that seems hopeless. The card can also represent addiction, sexuality, obsession, and power. If you face a difficult situation in your life, it may appear to warn you of the potential for danger or temptation. This card suggests that you be cautious of what you wish for, as it may come at a price.

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsDesperation in finding love and settling with a wrong partner/ Loss of freedom and interest in a relationshipMay step back from finding love and enjoy your own freedom/ indicates relationship damage due to abuse or extra affair
Money/CareerTight on money due to out of control spendings/ Be careful with people you trust at workIndicates regaining control over finances/ Take a little step everyday from where you want to be
HealthHeal your health issues by taking professional helpDon’t trap yourself again in harmful habits and addictions (if any)

The Tower – “16th Trump of Tarot Decks

While the Tower can be a difficult card to interpret, it is important to remember that it is also a symbol of hope and rebirth. After the storm has passed, we can rebuild our lives and create something even better than before. The image on this major arcana tarot is often interpreted as a tower being struck by lightning, with people falling from it. This can represent sudden changes that occur in our lives, which can be both good and bad. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsEgo in the way of coming into a relationship/ Be open and truthful to your partner to protect the relationshipAvoiding relationship due to the painful breakup/ Do not let the relationship go back to a bad face
Money/CareerUnexpected financial loss can occur/Sign of job loss or job securityGo with the flow even if you are tight on money/ job disturbances can actually lead you to a better way if you trust the process
HealthFertility issues, mental health problems may affect your healthHigh time to be considerate about your issues

The Star – “Tarot Cards Number 17 Of Hope

A sign of positivity, hope, renewal, and inspiration, the 17th tarot card is an ideal time to make positive changes in your life or to start new projects. If this major arcana card appears in your reading today, it simply means that you are currently experiencing a period of good luck. Things will definitely go your way, so take advantage of this auspicious time. Trust your intuition and follow your heart, this will guide you to your highest potential.

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsChances to fall in love with an Aquarius/ Relationship issues will be healed Overcome your fears and wash off the negative energy from your head
Money/CareerRight time to make investments/ career opportunities on the wayGood time to re-evaluate your financial decisions/ Change your attitude towards work and focus on the positive outcomes
HealthA time of great healing is on your wayEliminating negative energy can lead to better health

The Moon – “18th Tarot Card Of Major Arcana

A card of mystery and hidden knowledge, the Moon is the eighteenth trump that reflects both positive and negative energies in one’s life. On the positive side, this major arcana can bring fertility, creativity, and new beginnings. While on the negative side, the reading of this 18th tarot card can bring fear, depression, and confusion. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsPeople might not be what they pretend/ do not let miscommunications lead you in the wrong directionNotice the signs of disloyalty in a person you love or dating
Money/CareerBe careful of investment decisions/ Unclarity on what to do with the careerListen to your intuition when it comes to making investment decisioms/ Issues regarding career will start to stabilize
HealthIndicates hormonal issues in women and mental health problems in menPositivity and better health 

The Sun – “19th Major Arcana Card Reading

The nineteenth major arcana brings the sunshine and simply means that things are going well for you. It is a positive card that shows happiness, success, and satisfaction. This is a time to celebrate your achievements and to enjoy your good fortune as the major arcana reading shows that you are in a good place emotionally and spiritually. The Sun is a reminder to enjoy the moment and appreciate all you have been blessed with. If you want to know more, The Sun tarot card meaning can help you with details. 

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsTrue love can come your way/ positivity can be seen in a relationshipImpressing potential partners can bring negative effects/ sign of wedding cancellation
Money/CareerAny sort of investments will do well for you/ new opportunities on the wayNot a good time to make investments/ Might miss opportunities because you lack confidence
HealthSign of good omen when it comes to healthPregnancy difficulties 

The Judgement – “Number 20th Major Arcana” 

One of the most powerful tarot decks, the Judgement brings life-changing decisions, rebirth, and inner transformation. This card shows the time when you are called to make an important choice that will have a long-lasting impact on your life. This major arcana can also suggest that you are going through a period of major change or transition.  

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsDo no haste in making partner decisions/ Transcend the judgments if you are from getting any in your relationshipDon’t let your confidence hold you back/ Learn from the past mistakes
Money/CareerLoss from lawsuit/ Be careful about your behavior at work, you are being watchedGood time to buy something/ Do not miss out wonderful opportunities
HealthIndicates the time of healingDrop negativity to improve health

The World – “21st Tarot Card Of Major Arcana

The World is one of the most positive cards in the major arcana tarot cards list signifying success and execution. It also shows that you have a strong sense of self-awareness and are confident in your abilities. You are able to see the larger picture and have a clear vision for your future. This is definitely a time of personal growth and expansion. Check out more details on The World tarot card meaning here.  

Life StagesUprightReversed
Love/RelationshipsRomantic things on the way/ sign of a happy relationshipPut yourself put to meet the right person or make your relationship better
Money/CareerUnexpected money will flow/ seize the opportunity of work travelAvoid shortcuts and risky investments/ Think outside the box
HealthSign of recovering from a health illnessChoose alternative treatments

We hope the above-mentioned details on major arcana tarot cards were helpful to you. Following the major arcana, the tarot card list is incredibly powerful for personal growth and knowing your inner self. You can find 

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it dangerous to follow major arcana tarot cards?

There is nothing dangerous about tarot cards or major arcana if in the right hands like a certified expert. Major arcana meanings show us clarity and hope for the future.

Q: How accurate are the readings in major arcana cards?

Tarot cards never guarantee 100% accuracy but they are sure to guide you with the right thing to do. Picking anyone from the order of tarot cards will interpret the future and how one should remain focused on goals.

Q: Which tarot card number in major arcana can interpret death?

Major arcana tarot cards cannot really interpret deaths or births. However, these can represent different aspects of our personality or different archetypal energies that we all have within us.

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