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Sakshi Goyal posted on Thursday, Jan 25th, 2024

If you love your better half to the moon and back, this one’s for you. The day of love and romance, popularly known as Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14th. And, we’re pretty sure, we need not tell you why. Or, maybe we do? Here, let’s know about Valentine’s Day 2024 – why is it celebrated, the best things to do, events & more. 

Why Is Valentine’s Day Celebrated? 

This very sweet day of red roses, pink blushes, and dark chocolates has been aptly named after Saint Valentine, who was charged with the serious crime of getting Roman soldiers married ‘in secret’! Why were these secret marriages – a secret? This was simply because as per the emperor, young Roman soldiers wouldn’t be able to serve the empire properly and focus on their service if they got married. Hence, St. Valentine conducted these marriages against the emperor’s wish and was considered a criminal. Not only this, he fell in love with a young girl. Amazingly, he wrote letters to her while in prison and used to sign them as “From Your Valentine”! 

So, if you plan to write a letter to your piece of heart, don’t forget to sign it at the end! 

Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day is not just a one-day thing. The celebration starts a week before the actual date! Here’s a complete calendar for you along with some lovely celebration ideas.

February 7 – Rose Day 

Very clear from the name itself, “Rose Day” is the day of passionate love, desire, admiration, and romance. The most important thing to do for your partner or anyone you genuinely love and admire on a rose day is – TO GIVE THEM A ROSE! Depending upon your relationship you can give other roses such as a yellow rose which is usually given to friends, and a pink rose if you have a crush whom you genuinely admire. 

February 8 – Propose Day 

Propose Day is one of the most important days of Valentine’s week where confessions are made to your crush or partner expressing how much you love them and making them realize the importance they have in your life. If you want your proposal to have that desi touch, the temple is the best place! Visit famous temples in USA with them and seek blessings together. 

February 9 – Chocolate Day 

Chocolates here symbolize the end of bitterness in relationships and mark new beginnings. Give chocolates to anyone and everyone with whom you wish to have a good relationship in the future. If you are aware of what chocolate is another person’s favorite, it is obvious to gift them that particular flavor. 

February 10 – Teddy Day 

To express your love towards your favorite human, this day is celebrated to bring a cute smile to their face by sending soft toys, especially teddy bears. These gifts are sent as a comforter and de-stressor, especially in situations when one partner is not available for the other.

February 11 – Promise Day 

Valentine’s celebration is incomplete if you don’t make promises to your partner that you are willing to keep for the rest of your life. Rather than just saying out your promises, write them! Send them a letter stating how much you love them and what promises are you willing to make to have a healthy relationship in the near future. 

February 12 – Hug Day 

Hugs are a sign of comfort and genuine care. Not just your partners, but hug anyone and everyone you care for. This language of physical affection works wonders if the other person is sad, anxious, or going through any emotional upheaval. Who knows, maybe it helps activate your Heart Chakra! Don’t know what Chakras are? Visit our guide on 7 chakras in the body to have a glimpse of them.

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February 13 – Kiss Day 

To show affection towards one another, people usually celebrate kiss day by kissing each other – as a symbol of sticking together. Kiss day + a romantic movie night = PERFECTION! Keep this day as cozy as possible. Stay at home if you wish to, eat good hot food, watch your favorite shows, and spend time together. 

February 14 – Valentine’s Day 

Finally, comes the day of love! From spending time together to giving gifts to going on romantic dates – this day is made for everything and anything that helps love bloom, VALENTINE’S DAY!

Best Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Here’s a complete list of some amazing ideas for Valentine’s Day – 

  • Be creative and crafty: You can craft DIY items together like lamps, create a Polaroid picture wall with threads,  decorate your gallery with vintage pictures of yours, and even paint your walls!
  • Sit free: You can stay cozy inside your home, in your pajamas, have a bubble bath together, and then have a relaxing sleep time together.
  • Couples bucket list: Take note of all the things you wish to do as a couple like going on camping or maybe exploring new wines together. Don’t forget to click pictures! 
  • Bake hearts: Do baking at home, bake heart cookies, eat heart-shaped chocolates, bake a cake, and treat yourself and your relationship with sweets!
  • Attend a show or concert: If you belong to that bubbly group of couples, you definitely cannot miss attending a good show or concert happening in your area.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day In The USA

So, if you are planning to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the USA, here’s something for you – 

Valentine’s Day In New York

If you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in New York, then the heart of New York – Times Square is the best place to celebrate love!  However, nothing can be as romantic as doing ice skating while holding hands. So, get your flights to New York booked today and enjoy. Here are the popular routes – 

Valentine’s Day In San Fransisco 

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day in San Francisco by having delicious Indian food together. If Here, check out our guide on Indian restaurants in San Fransisco to have a perfect wholesome dinner. 

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Valentine’s Day In Atlanta

If you are thinking of things to do in Atlanta on Valentine’s Day, then you either visit the Valentine’s Day event or enjoy the sights of the Georgia Aquarium. Book your flights to Atlanta today and enjoy it to the fullest. Go through the popular routes below – 

Valentine’s Day In Chicago

If you plan to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in Chicago, don’t forget to visit the Skydeck Chicago ( top of Wills Tower). Now, just reserve your flights to Chicago. Consider the below-mentioned flight routes –

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is there an off on Valentine’s Day?

A: Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is not an official off at working places. However, if allowed you can always take an off to celebrate with your partner.

Q. Are there any Indian restaurants in NY to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

A: Yes. There are umpteen famous Indian restaurants in NY to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner.

Q. What are some things to do on Valentine’s Day if you are single?

A: If you are single, you can consider taking a day off and spending some time with your friends and family. You can even go camping, trekking, or even treat yourself to a good dinner night. 

That’s it from our side! Valentine’s Day is the best day to spend some quality time with the love of your life. So, spend it wisely! 

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