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Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Heena Ganotra posted on Thursday, May 19th, 2022

“The truth is in the tarot cards,” they say. No wonder tarot reading has taken the world by storm. If you got one done for yourself and are looking for Six of Swords tarot card meaning, we hope this space offers you little sparks of joy. May you receive all the answers you’ve been looking for; and if not, we wish you the strength to make peace with the 6 of Swords tarot guide predictions. Let’s get started. 

6 of Swords Meaning | Tarot Card Description 

Traditional decks show 3 people in the 6 of Swords tarot card. 2 of them (a woman and a child) have their backs facing us. The third person appears to be a stranger who ferries the ship, carrying the other two to the coast. This symbolizes the land of new beginnings. Apart from this, 6 swords that are dug into the boat accompany them.

Six of Swords Tarot Guide – Interpretation 

According to the imagery, the woman and the child nestled close to her are leaving behind a painful situation. It appears that they didn’t want to leave but they had to. With their backs toward their past and their faces toward their future, the Six of Swords tarot showcases a hopeless situation that is soon going to turn hopeful. The six swords in the ship signify the emotional baggage they have to carry until they can release it in the new land.

It showcases a tough phase that is going to ease their lives for the better. Besides, the stranger signifies how someone’s help will come unexpectedly but for all the right reasons. Six of Swords tarot guide, therefore, reveals a lot about the situation one is dealing with or is likely to deal with.

  • Predictive Six of Swords tarot card meaning – Travel, Movement, Journey, Progress, Hope, Relocation
  • Positives Associated with Six of Swords  – Travel opportunity, Progress on the horizon, Mission accomplishment
  • Negatives Associated with Six of Swords – Change that wasn’t asked for, Results that weren’t anticipated, Unasked growth

Upright Six Of Swords Meaning

Positivity and hope are just a few miles away – that’s what the six of swords tarot card meaning is in the broader sense. Life often throws situations at us wherein we are required to let go of the sweetest things in our life. Yes, it is difficult and depressing. But has anyone been able to grow without them? None. This is your time to recognize this fact. The period of pain you are or are going to go through won’t last long. 

You will need to deal with the situation with a positive mindset and things will bloom well. Besides, don’t strain yourself with thoughts of not trying to escape the situation because this is the only way out for you. The essential thing for you is to set the course right and apply logic along with hearing your intuition out. 

Upright Six Of Swords Tarot Guide For Travel

Many tarot card readers interpret Six of Swords as the card that indicates a trip by water. They consider it their “cruise” card and have often been right about their predictions. However, this classic ‘Travel card’ isn’t for recreational purposes. As subtly mentioned, you’ll be forced to take the journey as a result of someone’s loss or to see someone in need. No matter what the reason and the difficulty digesting it be, you’ll come out of this transition phase as a better person. 

Goodness and a sense of belonging will await you on the other side of your journey and it will all make sense. The journey might be reluctant but you’ll grow with it. And this growth will give you unexpected results. So if the angelic powers picked out 6 of Swords for you in your tarot reading, know that a phase that will help you emerge victorious is around the corner. So stay strong! 

Upright 6 Of Swords Meaning For Love

It’s time to move on!

  • In case of a recent heartbreak, make sure you let go of your anxieties along with your emotional baggage. Trust the sign. It asks you to move on. Take that leap of faith for you are destined to find someone better; someone who’ll be more caring. 
  • In case you’re looking for new love, it is important for you to dump all the feelings you had in the past for someone else. Without that, the path of finding a new love for you will remain stuck. Let the new energies flow by letting bygones be bygones. 
  • If you’re in a committed relationship, know that your future is brighter than you can imagine. However, you might ruin it by sulking in your past. Practice forgiveness. Don’t hold grudges against anyone, especially your previous beloved. 

Upright 6 Of Swords Meaning For Career

You might have lost your job or are going through a transition. If not, a situation similar to this will arise. But you don’t have to worry one bit. It’s all for your betterment. Getting laid off just to get a higher package is great, right? Losing a client only to earn a better one is relaxing, right? Absolutely! Universe has its own plans when it comes to an individual’s life. Our Six of Swords advice is to keep your patience high and believe that nothing wrong can happen in your life. This will keep you sorted. Make sure you keep a vigil eye on the other signs you receive from your guardian angels. For example, if you see angel number 222 or 1212 or likewise, things are bound to move in the right direction. However, the highest-vibration number is 1111. Know the 1111 angel number meaning. Whenever seen, take your chakras to be perfectly aligned and your life on track.

Six of Swords Reversed Card Meaning

Have you been trying to make the transitions but are failing to do so? Or have you been avoiding the path that is forcing you to come out of your comfort zone? If yes, the Six of Swords is the right card that popped out for you. You will, by all means, try to make advancements but nothing will become of it for a long while. Here, you need to keep peace with life. It is all happening for a reason – for you to be stronger. Let the situation make you tougher. This is the storm before the calm we all keep talking about. This is the Six of Swords advice most tarot card readers have for their clients. 

Six Of Swords Reversed Meaning For Travel

For travel, the reversed 6 of swords indicate that you resisting the situation with full power. You feel you can avoid escaping the situation by trying a little harder. However, you need to understand that trying hard won’t yield the results you are hoping it will. Sometimes, things fall upside down. Avoid that by giving in to the situation and going with the flow. Trust the process. You are being guided toward the right path. 

6 Of Swords Reversed Meaning For Love 

The reversed 6 of Swords card indicates that you have been trying really hard to move on in life but you haven’t been successful. It shows that the past still has you in its shackles. You take a step back but are pulled back again. In this situation, the need of the hour for you to examine is what holds you back and work on it. 

6 Of Swords Reversed Meaning For Career

If you happen to get Six of Swords in reversed position while getting your career reading done, it showcases stress. Your work life is or is about to be filled with unpleasant situations. But you need to know that these problems might be more because of you than anyone else. You could make a switch but the same problems will arise. Therefore, you need to work on yourself by asking some difficult questions as you why you do what you do or why you react how you do. 

Six of Swords Yes or No Guide

At times, in your tarot card reading, you might delve into yes or no questions. Or you might have clubbed your tarot readings with crystal readings. In this situation, 6 of swords yes or no tarot guide comes handy. In case you had questions for which you needed a black and white answer, Six of Swords popping out in an upright position means a “No”. Whatever your questions in your heart be, the answer is always inclined towards a no. However, if the card pops out in the reversed position, it is a “yes”. Sneak Peek – Another travel card that indicates “Yes” as an answer is The World tarot card.

While seeking Six of Swords yes or no answers, be sure to ask specific questions. Your questions have to be on-point and must come from a place of positivity. There’s a reason why angelic signs don’t show up every now and then. They come naturally to people who have high aura and vibrations. If you keep up with that pace, your 6 of Swords yes or no answers are going to be extremely accurate.

Well, that’s pretty much everything about the Six of Swords tarot card meaning in different domains of life.

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May love and light always find their way to you!

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