AP Dhillon Concert – USA – Know The Details Here

AP Dhillon Concert in USA

Heena Ganotra posted on Thursday, Nov 10th, 2022

It hit hard when AP Dhillon said, “Ehna Ne Jhali Kar Jana, Lokan Vich Kalli Kar Jana,

Satt Tethon Jar Kithe Honi Bin Piteyan Tali Kar Jana,” which translates to – 

They’d drive you mad and abandon you in the midst of the crowd. You’ll not be able to bear the wounds. They’d make you feel drunk even if you aren’t drunk. (Insight – ‘They’d’ in the translation is the lover’s beloved. So, yes, it’s a song about unrequited love.)

And who hasn’t experienced this emotion? 95% of us have and it brings excruciating pain, the same which we can witness in AP Dhillon’s eyes when he performs his songs. Precisely why AP Dhillon concerts are an all-time hit!

And now that he is on a US tour, you can’t (just CAN’T) miss one of the most anticipated Indian events in USA.


AP Dhillon

About AP Dhillon

Amritpal Dhillon or AP Dhillon is an Indo-Canadian singer, rapper, music producer, and writer. He rose to immense fame with his song “Brown Munde” which was released in 2020. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. Release after release his popularity soared and is now the heartthrob of many. During his concerts, people are known to go gaga over his eye contact and little artistic gestures. While he did a tour for the first time in India in 2021 (live concerts), he has his concerts currently lined up in USA (2022). And we, at IndianVibes, couldn’t wait to share this with you! 

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AP Dhillon Concert | USA Show Schedule 

Dec 11, 22

Sun, 7:00 PM  (EST)

Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA, USA

AP Dhillon- Out of this World Tour; Rescheduled from Nov 04, 2022

Dec 13, 22

Tue, 8:00 PM  (EST)

The Masonic San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Rescheduled from Nov 01, 2022

Dec 14, 22

Wed, 8:00 PM  (EST)

The Masonic San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Rescheduled from Nov 02, 2022

AP Dhillon Concert Tickets – Price

The price of the ticket varies as per the seat you choose to take. It ranges between $89 and $321. While booking the tickets, you’d be asked which area of the hall you want to book it for. Corresponding to the area, the price will increase or decrease as follows –

General Admission Standing

  • Standard Ticket
  • $149.50 

VIP Balcony Standing Room

  • Standard Ticket
  • $149.50 

General Admission Standing

  • Verified Resale Ticket
  • $92.00 

Sec PLAT1, Row C

  • Official Platinum
  • $235.00

Sec PLAT3, Row B

  • Official Platinum
  • $255.00 

Sec PLAT1, Row C

  • Official Platinum
  • $255.00

Sec PLAT1, Row A

  • Official Platinum
  • $275.00

Sec PLAT1, Row B

  • Official Platinum
  • $285.00

General Admission Standing

  • VIP Meet and Greet Package
  • $294.50 

Sec PLAT3, Row A

  • Official Platinum
  • $315.00 

Sec PLAT2, Row A

  • Official Platinum
  • $325.00 

Sec PLAT3, Row A

  • Official Platinum
  • $335.00

Where Can The Tickets Be Purchased?

  • VividSeats
  • Stubhub
  • Viagogo
  • Ticketsmaster
  • Ticketnetwork
  • Ticketsonsale, etc.

FAQs About AP Dhillon’s Concert

Q: Is AP Dhillon’s concern happening for the first time in USA?

Ans: Yes, this is the first time AP Dhillon is going live in USA.

Q: Is it worth attending the AP Dhillon concert?

Ans: Oh, absolutely! If your love for good words (lyrics) or music, in general, knows no bounds or you just want to witness some craziness, the AP Dhillon tour is something you shouldn’t miss. 

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