Which Are The Best Seats On A Plane & How To Get Them – Tips

Best Seats On A Plane

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Selecting the best seats on a plane can be a bigger science than it might seem at first glance. If you’re looking to get the best place to sit on a plane, then it is important to know where they are and what your options are. There are many factors involved in determining which seat is best for each passenger. Some people prefer aisle seats, others window ones, and still others just like whichever one is available at the time of booking their flight. 

Here’s a guide to how to make the most of where you sit and discover the best place to sit on a plane when you are flying alone, with a partner, or with family, which places are considered the safest, and where no one wants to sit.  

The Best Place To Sit On A Plane

If Flying Alone

If you are flying alone, the best place to sit on a plane for you will be close to the window. In a business or first-class cabin in a 1-2-1 configuration, you will have the window on one side ad the aisle on the other, with no one else next to you, like in Air India 777-300ER Business Class. In economy or premium economy class, you will generally have one or two other people next to you. 

If Flying As A Couple

If you’ve planned a trip with your spouse or lover and booked an international flight, like New York to Delhi flight, and are flying in the economy or premium economy class, you can select the seats closer to the windows. And, in business or first class, you can choose the two center seats (or you can select two window seats, one behind the other). 

If Flying With Family

It completely depends on the size of your family, you may want 3 or 4 center seats to be all together. Or, you may want to spread out over two rows close to the windows. 

If Flying With An Infant

Request a bassinet/skycot seat if you’re flying with a newborn or infant. An airplane bassinet seat is a small bed for babies which is usually fixed to the airplane bulkhead wall, the wall behind the galley, toilets, or another cabin. They can be built into the seat compartment, in some premium cabins. 

If Flying With An Older Baby: Toddler or Child

Firstly, ask the airline crew/ground staff when checking in/boarding to know if the flight is completely full. A half-empty flight is the best and a huge bonus as then you can ask the crew if you could have a row of seats and spread out. Then, you can make a bed for the baby on the seats and take turns over watching them, whilst you or your partner has a sleep. 

Tip – If you want to know the children’s ID requirements for air travel. You can check the detailed guide here. 

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Different Type Of Seats On A Plane

Window Seats

If you like to take a nap during the flight or you want to enjoy the view of the clouds and you need to rest your head on the wall of the plane, a window seat is a clear choice for you. But please avoid the window seats near the wings, which can significantly reduce your view. One of the major disadvantages of window seats is the need to walk over the passenger in case you have forgotten something in the luggage stored in the space above the seats, you need to go to the toilet or you just want to stretch.

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Aisle Seats

The aisle seats are especially appreciated by those who have long legs and need to stretch them during the flight. Another major advantage of opting for an aisle seat is freedom of movement. The biggest disadvantages are that you have to let go of fellow passengers who want to bounce and of course, the fact that you lose the view from the window.  

Middle Seats

Middle seats are the least popular option among travelers. The middle seat combines the drawbacks of sitting by the window and in the aisle and has no major advantages in itself. The only positive thing to notice is that someone on your side is ‘warming’ you. To entice customers into booking the middle seats, airlines keep coming up with initiatives to promote its sale. For example, Virgin Australia (Australia’s leading airline) came up with a middle-seat lottery initiative to make middle seats the preferred seats for passengers.

Seats In The Front Part Of The Aircraft

The major advantages of the front seats of the plane are lower noise, the fact that when you get off the aircraft you get out faster, and also give you snacks sooner (as most of the airlines started serving food and drinks from the front). The disadvantages related to these seats include that the front of the plane is usually the fullest and is considered the most dangerous. However, there is nothing major to fear, the plane is the safest means of transport, and the probability of plane crash and death is about 1 in 4.8 million, according to the reports. 

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Seats In The Middle Part of The Aircraft

If you generally feel sick on the plane, you will appreciate the seats in the middle part of the plane. And, during turbulence, it throws the least in the middle of the plane.

Seats In The Back Of The Aircraft

Seats in the back of the plane are considered the safest, which is confirmed by many studies and crash tests. And, this part tends to be empty in the case of less busy flights, and there are usually not as many families with children sitting there, which are generally seated in the front. The major drawbacks are higher noise and cold. 

Emergency And Bulkhead Seats

Bulkhead seats and seats near emergency seats are considered the best seats on a plane as they offer more legroom. Another advantage of these seats is that you are not in danger of a reclining seat in front of you. But, there are some disadvantages too such as it is not possible to store cabin luggage under the seat in front of you, and some travelers also think that these seats are somehow narrower than the seats in other rows. It is because these seats have solid armrests in which the table is located. 

Note – Minors, pregnant women, the physically handicapped, the obese, and people who cannot speak English should avoid sitting at the escape exits. In the case of an emergency, it is assumed that people at escape routes will be able to help other passengers. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Seat On A Plane 

When traveling on an airplane, there are several things to consider before choosing your seat on a plane.

Read The Airline Rules & Seating Policies Beforehand

Do they have assigned seats? If so, how many rows are there in each row? What happens if you don’t like your assigned seat or want to switch it up? If it’s your first time flying with this airline or if they have a strict seating policy, then it’s best to get familiar with their rules beforehand so that you aren’t surprised when boarding time rolls around. Check the airline’s website for information about their seating policies and make sure everyone is on the same page about where they want to sit.

Your Personal Preferences

Is this your first time flying and do you have any allergies or food restrictions (eats kosher)? Will sleeping comfortably be important for you? Do you need extra space for stowing bags under the seat in front of you (especially helpful if traveling alone)? Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between, your body type has an impact on how comfortable your seat is. If you’re tall and thin, carrying extra weight around may be more difficult than it would be for someone who’s not as tall and/or muscular. Similarly, if you have problems with motion sickness (or even just being claustrophobic), then sitting close to the window might not be an option—your head won’t get enough fresh air!

Physical Ability

Some airlines have specific guidelines regarding whether or not they’ll allow passengers who have certain medical conditions to fly with them; this includes people with disabilities such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy who need assistance getting into/out of their seats during takeoff/landing procedures (elevators are often available). Check ahead with your airline first before booking tickets so that there aren’t any surprises later down the road when trying to board the plane!

Tip – You can check our guide to Airplane food here to know what kind of food you will get in different cabin classes. It’ll help you to select the cabin class for your seats.

How To Get The Best Seats On A Plane? 

Seat Selection On An Aircraft Map

Different airplanes (operated by different airlines) have different numbers of seats, arrangements, and spacings between seats. There are some specialized websites that offer maps of different types of airplanes of some airlines. It can help you choose the best place to sit on a plane. You just need to enter the airline name, date, and flight number and you will get a mock-up of the aircraft with seats marked in colors according to how comfortable they are. 

During Check-In At The Airport

You can try to apply for your favorite seat on the plane at the check-in counter at the airport, but there are chances that your preferable seat will already be taken. So, try to arrive at the airport well in advance of your departure, you have a better chance of a specific seat and of sitting with your loved ones. You can check the guide – ‘How early should I get to the airport?’ here.

Acquire Elite Status

Getting elite status is the easiest way to secure the best possible coach seats. That’s because most of the airlines allow their frequent fliers to sit in their favorite places and in the highly sought-after extra legroom rows for free. To attain elite status, you just need to accumulate a certain number of miles or spend a certain dollar amount in a year on one particular airline or its partners. There are also several credit cards that will help you attain this goal. 

Keep Checking 

If you have booked last-minute flight tickets – even if you’re a frequent traveler – chances are that the golden sears will already be gone. But, don’t fret because the good seats will most likely still open up. The trick is to keep checking your reservation and seat chart every hour or so because the best seats are usually reserved by frequent fliers. In most cases, one or some of them will either be upgraded their seats to first class or they will cancel their trip. 

Be Friendly With Others

One of the best and easiest ways to get a great and your favorite seat for free is, simply enough, to be super-friendly to the gate agents and kindly request if they upgrade any of the frequent fliers, to give you their plush coach seat. P.S. – You can bring them a bag of chocolates to impress them. Hehe!☻

Seating Arrangement Will Be Different For Each Flight

It is important to remember that the seating arrangement will be different for each flight you take. Each airline has different policies about where you can sit on the plane and what you can do if you’re in a window seat. If this happens, ask your flight attendant or crew member if there is any way they can help you out. They may have already had similar requests before and know how best to accommodate them!

Note- If your flight doesn’t have assigned seats (or if there’s not enough room), then asking politely won’t work: Airlines aren’t required by law or regulation (in fact, some airlines will refuse) so they’re free to do whatever they want; however, most people understand that it’s better not make enemies early on during their travels by being overly aggressive about getting what we want!


When traveling on an airplane there are several things to consider before choosing your seat on a plane such as whether or not there’s an extra fee for last-minute bookings or if they have open seating policies in place so that everyone has a fair chance at getting their preferred seats on board. Analyzing personal preferences is also important before choosing a seat. 

Some people prefer aisle seats, others prefer window ones, and some just like whichever one is available at the time of booking their flight. The best seat on a plane depends on what you want to do while you are on it. If you want to sleep during the flight then choose a window seat because it allows more space between your head and the wall than an aisle seat does. On the other hand, if you want to be able to read books or magazines then choose an aisle seat because there will be less disturbance from other passengers around them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the safest seats on an aircraft?

A: The safest seats on a plane are seats in the rear of the aircraft in the middle of the row.

Q: Which are the best flight booking websites?

A: The best flight search engines are Skyscanner, MtTicketsToIndia, and Travelocity.

Q: What are the worse seats on the plane?

A: The worst seats on the plane are middle seats, seats near the toilet (queues form and odors may be present), and the last row of seats, which does not allow the seat to be folded down.

Q: What are the most popular seats on a plane?

A: Seats in the first row are the most popular seats on an airplane.

Q: Which seats are the most comfortable on an airplane?

A: Seats nearby emergency exits or so-called “bulkhead” seats are considered the most comfortable seats on the aircraft.

Q: Which seat should I choose if I am tall?

A: You can choose a bulkhead or exit row seat. Here you’ll have a little more space to move about.

Q: What is the best seat on a plane for motion sickness?

A: The seats over the wings (especially the front of the wings) face the least turbulence. Try to avoid booking seats at the back of the plane.

Q: Which seats have the most legroom in the economy or premium economy class?

A: In economy or premium economy, the bulkhead and emergency exit row seats provide the most space to stretch your legs.

Q: Which seat should I select if I have a tight connection to my next flight?

A: Try to choose the seat closer to the front of the plane, so that you can disembark earlier.

We hope this blog helps you get the best seat on your next flight. Remember, there are many factors that go into determining which seat is best for each passenger. If it’s your first time flying with an airline or if they have a strict seating policy, then it’s best to get familiar with their rules beforehand so that you aren’t surprised when boarding time rolls around!

Let us know in the comments below if these tips helped or if you have any tricks up your sleeve that we missed. We’ll definitely add them to the list. 


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