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Have you ever wondered what are some of the world’s longest flights? Would the longest flight for you be ten hours? How about 15 hours? The longest flights in the world are actually a few hours longer than that. Non-stop flights are getting longer and longer nowadays. The world is becoming more interconnected, as many major airlines test out flights between increasingly farther destinations. Non-stop flights are ideal for getting to your destination with as little hassle as possible, but it leads to some seriously long times in the air. 

So, if you want to know about the longest flights in the world, here is the list of the 10 world’s longest flights that give ‘long haul’ a whole new meaning, with a little information about the airlines, flights, and destinations along the way. 

10 Longest Flight In The World By Distance

New York To Singapore Flight

  • Distance – 9, 537 miles (15,349 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration –  18 hours and 40 minutes approx.
  • Airlines – Singapore Airlines

With a distance of around 9537 miles, the New York to Singapore non-stop flight is the longest flight in the world, and it is operated by Singapore Airlines. Airbus A350, a long-range and wide-bodied aircraft, is used by the airline to run flights on this route. The airline has a fully loaded business first section, with comfortable flat beds, plus-size video screens with an amazing collection of shows, power ports, and USB chargers.  

Newark To Singapore Flight

  • Distance – 9, 529 miles (15,335 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration –  18 hours and 30 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – Singapore Airlines

The Newark to Singapore flight, one of the world’s longest flights, is operated by Singapore Airlines. This flight crosses 10 time zones during its nearly 18.5 hours journey all the way from Singapore which sits at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in South East Asia to Newark settled on the East Coast of the USA. This flight also holds the title of the second-longest flight in the world, which means both the top 2 longest flights are operated by Singapore Airlines. 

Perth To London Flight

  • Distance – 9,009 miles (14,499 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration – 17 hours and 45 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – Qantas

Qantas’s long-haul flight from Perth to London Heathrow resumed in late May after a two-year shutdown during the pandemic. This is the longest route that Qantas operates on. The airline uses Borin 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft for this route, its seat capacity in the three classes is 236. Qantas also plans to launch the longest flight in the world Sydney to London by 2025. 

Melbourne To Dallas Flight

  • Distance – 8,995miles (14,476 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration – 17 hours and 35 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – Qantas

The Melbourne to Dallas flight is the second-longest flight operated by Qantas. At just over 8,990 miles, it also counts among the world’s ten longest flights that you can currently take without having to make a stopover. Currently, the non-stop flights on this route are not operating, the airline has stopped operating these flights during the global pandemic of COVID-19. But, the airline has announced that it would begin operation on this route on December 2, 2022. 

New York To Auckland Flight

  • Distance – 8,828 miles (14,207 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration –  17 hours 50 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – Air New Zealand

Announced in 2019 but delayed until 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Air New Zealand’s east coast US link to their home base in Auckland first took off on September 17, 2022. But, just a week in, the route has already suffered some teething problems due to strong winds, airline management said these flights had been much more challenging than anticipated during months of data modeling. 

Dubai to Auckland Flight 

  • Distance – 8,825 miles (14, 202 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration –  17 hours and 20 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – Emirates

Dubai to Auckland flights is the longest flights operated by Emirates. The airline has stopped operating these flights during the Covid-19 global pandemic. But, the Emirates is planning to resume these flights, which are among the world’s longest flights, from December 2, 2022. So, you will soon be able to fly non-stop to Auckland from Dubai. 

Los Angeles To Singapore Flight

  • Distance – 8,825 miles (14, 202 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration –  17 hours and 45 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines launched its Los Angeles to Singapore in November 2018, with the CEO of SIA Mr. Goh Choon Phong saying they wanted to redefine the convenience of traveling between Singapore and the United States. The airline operates these routes with its all-premium flagship plane – the A350-900ULR. 

Bangalore to San Francisco Flight 

  • Distance – 8,701 miles (14,002 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration – 17 hours and 40 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – Air India 

The Bangalore to San Francisco flight, operated by Air India, is one of the longest non-stop flights in the world. At just over 8,700 miles, it’s a long flight – but it’s made a bit easier by the fact that you’ll be flying over some of the most stunning scenery in the world. These nonstop flights between India’s Silicon Valley and the world’s Silicon Valley are always in demand among business and leisure travelers alike. Currently, there is no availability of nonstop flights on this route, but the airline will resume operating these flights on December 2, 2022. You can even make bookings for the same. United Airlines is also likely to introduce its nonstop SFO-BLR flights by next year. 

Note – You can also check the updated list of other USA-India non-stop flights here.


Darwin To London Flight

  • Distance – 8620 miles (13,873 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration – 17 hours and 55 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – Qantas

Qantas Airlines also operates Darwin to London flight, another longest flight. The airline started operating flights on this route when its Perth to London nonstop flights were suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in 2020. Currently, there are no nonstop flights available on this route. But, the airline will resume its Darwin-London nonstop flights very soon. 

Houston to Sydney Flight

  • Distance – 8,596 miles (13,834 km) approx.
  • Flight time/duration –  17 hours and 45 minutes approx. 
  • Airlines – United Airlines

The Houston to Sydney non-stop flight is operated by United Airlines only which is launched in January 2018. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline has stopped its services on this route. But, the good news is that United airlines again started its operations on this route in October 2022 which means now you can book Houston to Sydney non-stop flights and save time. 

Note: Please know that the Non-stop and direct flights are different. To know the difference between Non-stop flights and Direct flights, check out our guide!

Conclusion – These are the world’s longest flights, measured by distance. The longest flight in the world is from New York to Singapore, at a distance of 9,535 miles. The second longest flight is Newark to Singapore, at a distance of 9529 miles. But with new routes being added all the time, this list is subject to change. So, keep your eyes peeled for any updates. An extra-long-haul flight typically entails a significant time change. In fact, those undertaking the New York (JFK) to Singapore (SIN route) will find the date has changed by two days by the time they land. Talk about jet lag! Since you already know what the time difference will be, it can be helpful to go ahead and act like you are in the new time zone. You can check our guide to how to recover from jet lag, it will help you for sure!

Get Ready For Ultra Long Distance Flight By Qantas

Singapore Airlines may not own the world’s longest flight for long. Australia’s airline Qantas is planning to launch a non-stop route from Sydney to London by 2025 which would travel 9,200 nautical miles. These Sydney to London flights, the longest in the world, are within Project Sunrise and are based on the investigation of the changes in our bodies after spending a lot of time inside an aircraft. The first trial of the flight was done in 219 but research was stopped due to COVID19 Pandemic and now the airline has restarted the project. 

This new flight will break the world record, as it will be the longest flight in the world, both in duration and distance, with 17038 km and over 20 hours long. During the flight journey, it will be possible to see two different sunrises on different days, something never seen before in aviation history. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the longest flight in the world by distance (non-stop flight)?

A: The world’s longest flight by distance is from New York to Singapore at 15,349 km or 9.537 miles. 

Q: What is the world’s longest flight with stops?

A: The longest flight with stops is operated by British Airways which takes off from Sydney and lands in London, stopping at Singapore. This flight covers 17,016 km or 10,573 miles in around 22 hours. 

Q: What aircraft are used for very long flights?

A: Airbus primarily uses three planes for ultra-long-haul flights – Airbus A350 XWB, A380, and A350. Boeing provides 777-200LR, 777-8X, and 787-9 planes for long-distance flights. 

Q: Which flight will be the longest flight in the future?

A: Multiple planned non-stop flights from cities like London and New York to places like Hong Kong, and Sydney could be the longest non-stop flights in the future. For example, Qantas is planning to launch a 20-hour (approx.) non-stop flight between Sydney and London.

Q: What is the shortest flight in the world? 

A: The world’s shortest flight is run by a scheduled airline service between Westray and Papa Westray in Scotland. This flight lasts only 47 seconds during good wind flow and covers a distance of 1.7 miles. 

Whether you’re looking to travel for business or pleasure, these are the longest flights in the world that you can take. If you’re looking to travel to far-flung destinations, you’ll want to consider one of these options to get there. If you want to ask anything further, you can contact us anytime. Our team will clear all your doubts within minutes. 

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