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Lohri 2024

Renu Dahiya posted on Monday, Jan 1st, 2024

Lohri is a traditional festival celebrated mainly in Northern India, signaling the start of the harvest season. It is significant for both Hindu and Sikh communities. The main ritual includes lighting a sacred bonfire that depicts the end of winter and the beginning of longer days as the sun moves northward. Learn more about the Lohri festival, including the date, celebrations, reasons for celebration, and more.

When Is Lohri Celebrated? 

Lohri is celebrated on January 13th each year, according to the Georgian Calendar, in the Hindu month of Pausha. This day marks the sun’s movement northward, depicting the end of long winter nights and the arrival of longer summer days. 

Why Celebrate Lohri Festival? | Meaning Of Lohri

Lohri is celebrated to show gratitude to the Sun God for his presence. During the main Lohri Puja ritual, a sacred bonfire symbolizing the God of Fire, Agni, is lit. People come together around the fire, offering prayers and food to seek blessings for a prosperous year.

A crucial aspect of Lohri involves the storytelling tradition linked to the folk legend of Dulha Bhatti and two Punjabi girls, Sundari and Mundari, dating back to the 16th century. Dulha Bhatti, a compassionate rebel, was known for assisting the less fortunate. Lohri is believed to honor his courage and resistance against Mughal oppression through bonfires, sweets, and traditional Punjabi songs and dances.

Importance Of Lohri Celebration

Lohri carries special significance in Punjab, often referred to as the breadbasket of India, where the festival celebrates the winter wheat crop. It precedes the harvesting season, coinciding with the Earth’s shift closer to the sun. This marks the end of the coldest months (Paush) and the onset of the auspicious Magh period. In Hinduism, this period, leading up to Uttarayan, is noteworthy, as it aligns with Lord Krishna’s revelation according to the Bhagavad Gita. Hindus also view this time as auspicious for a spiritual purification dip in the Ganges River.

Lohri Celebrations In India


Lohri celebrations in Punjab are lively, focusing on a big evening bonfire. Families and communities come together to dance, sing folk songs, and offer traditional treats like peanuts, popcorn, and sesame seeds to the fire. The atmosphere is festive with the rhythm of dhol drums and the cozy glow of the bonfire. Book your flight to North India now to experience these colorful celebrations. 


In the neighboring state of Haryana, Lohri is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People gather around bonfires and both young and old join in the festivities with dance and music. The celebration is enhanced with special Lohri sweets like Sesame jaggery and Til Patti.


The capital city, with its diverse population, wholeheartedly embraces Lohri. Communities from Punjab and other regions come together for celebrations that include bonfires, traditional foods, and lively music and dance performances.

Himachal Pradesh 

In Himachal Pradesh, Lohri marks the near end of winter. Families and friends come together to celebrate, lighting bonfires and enjoying the stunning views of snow-covered mountains. They share local delicacies and engage in traditional dance forms.

Jammu and Kashmir 

In the northernmost part of India, Lohri is celebrated with enthusiasm. Traditional customs like bonfires and folk songs take place against the backdrop of snow-covered landscapes, adding a unique charm to Lohri.


Lohri celebrations in the deserts of Rajasthan are filled with local flavors. People light bonfires, present grains, and dance to traditional folk tunes. The festivities here combine Rajasthani and Punjabi customs, creating a unique cultural fusion. Reserve your flight to Rajasthan today by exploring these popular routes – 

Uttar Pradesh 

Lohri is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh with a blend of traditions from various parts of the state. Bonfires are lit, and people gather to sing and dance. Families share sweets and offer blessings for a prosperous year. Book your flights to Uttar Pradesh today! Explore the popular routes listed below – 


While less widely observed than in the North, Lohri is becoming more popular in Maharashtra. People light bonfires and spend the evening savoring traditional Maharashtrian and Punjabi dishes. Check out these well-known routes and book your flight tickets to Maharashtra. 


Lohri in Gujarat is celebrated with the lively essence of the state’s culture. Families light bonfires, share sesame sweets and participate in garba and dandiya dances. It’s a joyful blend of traditions. To experience this, book your flights to Gujarat today using these well-known routes. 

Tamil Nadu 

In Tamil Nadu, the Punjabi community celebrates Lohri with enthusiasm. They come together to light bonfires, sing Punjabi songs, and share traditional foods with friends and neighbors. To experience this unique Lohri celebration, consider booking your flights to South India. Check out the popular routes listed below –

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