Cheers To New Year 2024 – Toasting Moments With Your Closest Ones!

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The countdown begins for NEW YEAR 2024! It’s time for fresh beginnings and exciting journeys. So, what are you waiting for? Get your flight tickets to India booked today and welcome the new year with love and joy with your dearest ones. And, we, at MyTicketsToIndia, are thrilled to kickstart this new chapter with you by offering incredible flight deals and discounts. Let’s make this new year’s adventures truly memorable!

When Is New Year Celebrated?

New Year’s Day is observed on January 1st each year. It marks the beginning of the new calendar year and is celebrated worldwide with various customs and traditions.

It’s a time for reflection, resolutions, and hope for a promising future.

Why Is New Year Celebrated on 1st January?

For over four thousand years, civilizations globally have marked the beginning of a new year. Presently, most New Year’s celebrations kick off on December 31, known as New Year’s Eve, and carry on into the early hours of January 1, New Year’s Day. Traditional customs involve attending gatherings, enjoying special foods, setting resolutions, and delighting in fireworks displays.

New Year’s Day wasn’t always on January 1.

Historically, certain New Year’s festivities occurred during an equinox, a day when the sun aligns with Earth’s equator, offering equal lengths of night and day. Across various cultures, the March or vernal equinox symbolized transitions and fresh starts, making it a natural choice for cultural celebrations welcoming the new year.

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Celebrate New Year 2024 With Your Family & Friends

Make the celebration of Christmas 2023 and New Year a memorable and joyous affair with those who matter most. Welcome 2024 amidst laughter, shared stories, and love. Cheers to making family time a priority this holiday season!

Plan Your Visit With MyTicketsToIndia 

Book your flights from USA to India with MyTicketsToIndia for New Year’s celebrations. Our team of travel experts knows all the hacks and will provide you with the best deals and discounts available. So, why wait? Explore our New Year deals and discounts today and make BIG savings!

Popular Routes From USA to India 

Here are some of the famous USA-India routes you can consider – 

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Happy New Year! 😊✨🎉

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