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tourist attractions of Kerala

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 by Navneet Kaur

Kerala Revealed

Imagine, driving in your car with the raindrops rolling down your cheeks! Your car is moving amidst a lush-green environment! Sounds heavenly, right? Well, the place is no less than heaven, i.e. God’s own country, Kerala. It is a coastal state in India with an abundance of geographical features such as beautiful backwaters and green hills everywhere. The impeccable beauty of the town, an array of Kerala tourist places, and the scenic view bring in tourists from various parts of the world. Adventure lovers can sweep in and book their flights to Kerala. Why? Because from the boathouse to the treehouse, all sorts of adventures can be experienced here. Kerala is an ideal destination for people who love to explore nature and wildlife. Before planning your trip, check out all the places to visit in Kerala to ensure you don’t miss out on any important locations. 

7 Top Tourist Attractions of Kerala 

Places in AmritsarFamous for
Thekkady LakeWide varieties of wildlife
AlleppeyBoat races, beaches, marine products and coir industry
CochinMost picturesque destinations
WayanadWildlife and its spice plantations
KumarakomFamous for its Backwater tourism
KollamOldest port cities in the Malabar Coast
KozhikodeCity of Spices Or Kozhikode Biriyani

The Land of Coconuts is one of the most looked upon tourist destinations of India. It is because, not only one, but there are a plethora of heart-stealing characteristics associated with it! The spice plantations,  backwaters and touristic wonders to explore here would sway your heart away with their beauty. Make sure your notable Kerala tour packages include all of these commendable places. 

1. Thekkady 


Thekkady is a heaven on earth for nature lovers. The small little place is nestled in between the tower green ranges and untouched beauty. The sunset from the location is a feast to your eyes. One of the hottest hotspots of Kerala is popularly known as the ‘Spice Capital of Kerala’. 

  • Top Attraction: Elephant junction, Rose Park
  • What to do: Periyar National Park is the best place to enjoy Kerala Beauty and wildlife. You can go on ferry rides at Periyar Lake to explore rare birds and elephants.
  • How to reach: You can either catch a flight or train to Kottayam Railway Station to reach Thekkady.
  • Where to stay: Jungle palace and Spice Village are the best resorts. 

2. Alleppey


Kerala’s beautiful places are mostly found in Alleppey because of the backwaters and coconut groves along the shore. The place is famously known as the Venice of the East because of the water streams and floating markets. This heavenly place has a beauty to die for! 

  • Top Attraction: Marari Beach, Pathiramanal Island
  • What to do: You can have one or two peaceful days floating around in the houseboats. Ayurvedic massages are very famous in Alleppey spa resorts. 
  • How to reach: You can book a direct train to Alleppey Railway Station to reach the heart of the city swiftly.
  • Where to stay: Sterling and Palmgroove are the famous lake view resorts in Alleppey. 

3. Cochin 


Cochin Kerala, also popularly known as Kochi, is the main area for the import and export of foreign goods. Fort Cochin is amongst the Kerala famous places since the view and architectural style here is very unique. You can grab your fish and have a feast at Chinese fishing nets. 

  • Top Attraction: Cherai Beach, Mattancherry Palace.
  • What to do: You can go on a long drive along the coast and dive into some trendy shopping. 
  • How to reach: Kochi has both railway and airway terminals, so it will be easy to travel to the city. 
  • Where to stay: Many luxurious hotels are available at the center of Kochi, like Radisson Blu, Holiday Inn, and Novotel.  

4. Wayanad 


Wayanad is the moist, green, lush area in Kerala all around the year. It is one of the top choices of charming destinations for a honeymoon as well as a family get-together. Explore the place by hiring a bicycle to get connected to nature at its best. There are many other adventure sports you can try out at Wayanad.

  • Top Attraction: Edakkal caves, Soochipara falls, Kuruvadweep. 
  • What to do: Spend a day at Kuruva Island and get your adrenaline kicked by going on bamboo rafting.
  • How to reach: Karipur International Airport is the nearest location from where you can reach Wayanad by road.
  • Where to stay:  You can book a resort in the middle of the forest or at a treehouse by jungle beats or the Koomankolly Heritage Resort. 

5. Kumarakom 


Kumarakom is the most serene place to travel and relax. Along the Vembanad Lake, you will find this beautiful small village camouflaged by the beauty of nature. The place is known for its wildlife sanctuaries and its history is a heaven for history buffs. When you visit Kumarakom, don’t forget to stop by at Juma Masjid. 

  • Top Attraction: Bird Sanctuary, Pathiramanal Island
  • What to do: Walk along Bay Island Driftwood Museum to relive the history and to know more about their culture and tradition. 
  • How to reach: Railways, roads, and even the airways are well connected to Kumarakom. Cochin International Airport is not more than 85 km away.
  • Where to stay: Tak, Illikkalam are a few lake view cottages that will be the best to stay at when you are in Kumarakom. 

6. Kollam


Kollam has the most exotic Kerala scenery, and tourists fall in love with the atmosphere and nature the moment they set foot here. There are many lakes and coastal regions at Kollam that will keep you on the hook for at least a couple of days. Animals and a 6D theater at earth center will lure you in. Kollam has a ferry station that will make your travel more interesting. 

  • Top Attraction: Jatayu Earth’s Centre is the top attraction at Kollam with birds. 
  • What to do: You can go on long walks along the coast and enjoy boat rides. 
  • How to reach: The nearest airport will be Trivandrum International Airport. 
  • Where to stay: All seasons are the best resort for spa and relaxation. You can also check out The Quilon. 

7. Kozhikode 


Kozhikode is a coastal town with many famous tourist places. The place is popularly called Calicut located along the Malabar coast. From green hills to fresh rivers the smell of earth will always stick around at Kozhikode. 

  • Top Attraction: The Kozhikode Beach, sanctuary, and museums are the famous tourist spots you have to visit. 
  • What to do: You can watch the sunset from the old lighthouse and enjoy the sea breeze. 
  • How to reach: Book your tickets to Kozhikode Railway Station to easily reach the heart of the city. 
  • Where to stay: The Raviz Calicut, Nextel Inn are famous hotels you can stay at when you visit Calicut. 

Top 6 cultural/historical locations to visit in Kerala

Kerala is a historical destination because a good number of attractions here entail instances from history! Apart from that, you can also witness many hubs illustrating the notable culture of Kerala. 

1. Krishnapuram Palace 

Krishnapuram Palace is one of the famous Kerala tourist places that will help you explore the ancient history of Kerala and its royal kings. The palace is located at Alappuzha. If you ever visit Kerala, make sure to walk around this palace to find some ancient artifacts and possessions. 

  • History: During the 17th Century  King Marthanda Varma built the fort after his victory in Odanad–Travancore War.
  • Popular for: Inside the walls of the fort, you will find the most glimmering pond. You can capture some Magnifique pictures near the water bed. 

There are quite a few famous historic monuments in the Kerala location, but none can come near St. Francis Church. The interiors of the church were very carefully designed with wood. Stop by the church to get the blessing of God almighty. 

  • History: Francis Church is the first-ever church to be built by the Europeans during their invasion.
  • Popular for: The very unique thing about the church is that the famous traveler Vasco Da Gama’s burial site is also located in this church.

3. Edakkal Caves 

From the late 18th century, the caves have been attracting more than 100000+ tourists every year. The place has some kind of magnetic field that lures more travelers every year. You can trek to the bottom of the cave with your friends or family and have the best walk of your life. It will be the door to paradise, and the time you spend is worth it.

  • History: Fred Fawcett discovered the spectacular caves in 1890 along the western ghats of India. 
  • Popular for: The main reason for its popularity is because of the atmosphere, unique rock carvings, and the most suitable location for taking exotic pictures.

4. Poonjar Palace 

Poonjar Palace has the best architecture in the world. You will not be able to take your eyes off the mahal because it will be the most exotic thing you have ever seen. From lamps to weapons, everything is very carefully preserved in this palace for the tourist to look at. You will feel the presence of royal culture when you walk around the Poonjar Palace.

  • History: The Pandya kings relocated from Madurai and began their dynasty by building Poonjar Palace in Kerala. 
  • Popular for: The traditional style of wooden designs and unique carvings were infused in the style and architecture of the palace. 

5. Bekal Fort 

Bekal Fort will bring back all the history of Kerala. Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea with breezy air and very close to nature, the fort is a mixture of history and scenic views. The fort is standing alone, surrounded by waves and trees on all sides. 

  • History: Shivappa Nayaka was the ruler who built the majestic 300 years old fort on the sea coast. 
  • Popular for: In Kerala, Bekal Fort covers around 40 acres of land, making it the biggest fort ever. The fort always stands first when it comes to Kerala’s best places.

6. St Mary’s Forane Church 

St Mary’s Forane Church is a very old relic monument located at the coasts of Malabar. A lot of people stop by at the church to admire the unique designs on the interiors. The church is located just a few kilometers from Iritty. So, you can stop by on your way to The Coorg valley in God’s own country. 

  • History: The church was opened for service in 1946 under the control of the Latin Catholic Diocese of Kozhikode. 
  • Popular for: The place is very pleasant and calm to open your hearts and get connected to the power of God.


Q: What are the famous coastal areas in Kerala? 

Ans: Samudra beach, Alleppey beach, Ezhara Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Kappad Beach are few famous beach spots in Kerala.

Q: What can I buy in Kerala? 

Ans: Tea, Coffee seeds, banana chips, and traditional handlooms are very famous in the coastal city of Kerala. 

Q: Which is the major railway station in Kerala? 

Ans: Thiruvananthapuram Central is the main train terminal that connects all the major routes in and around Kerala. 

Q: Which festival is celebrated in Kerala?

Ans: The most famous festival celebrated is Onam, also known as Thiru Onam.

Q: Which city is the capital of Kerala? 

Ans: Trivandrum, commonly known as Thiruvananthapuram, is a very popular city and capital of Kerala. 

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