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Formerly known as Calicut, Kozhikode is known as the ‘land of spices’ owing to the fact that it is a major trading centre for spices in India. The city was discovered by the Portuguese navigator Vasco De Gama in 1498 when he was trying to figure out the sea route to India. Tourists from across the globe book cheap business class flight tickets to Calicut International Airport to visit the exquisite museums, pristine beaches, beautiful waterfalls, vibrant wildlife sanctuaries and to find peace in the religious structures in the city. The cuisine of the city is also quite popular and unique in the sense that it is a blend of various cultures.

Tourists from any demography can travel to Kozhikode. Tourists travel to this part of India on their own, sometimes with their spouse or love interest or with their friends or family. The city is quite safe and is a couple of kilometres away from the Calicut International Airport. Upon landing, you can use public transports like buses, taxis or car rentals which are available on the premises of the Calicut International Airport. Set up in the tranquil background of the Arabian Sea on one end and the majestic peaks of the Wayanad hills on the other, Kozhikode is a region in Malabar which is brimming with upbeat energy and the warmth of the locals makes it a popular vacation destination for the tourists. So, without any delay plan your next trip to this beautiful locale by booking business class tickets to India.

Want to visit Calicut  but are unaware as to how you should go about it? At the very onset, you must choose the month when you wish to travel to the Calicut International Airport and keep the dates and time flexible so as to get the best deal. Once you have made up your mind to obtain business class tickets to Kozhikode, the next obvious step is to get the best possible airlines and fares so that your trip to Kozhikode becomes memorable and you don’t end up getting agitated with the entire process of booking the best flight with low fares. The airline you choose will depend upon where you wish to depart from. However, to make it a little easy for you, we have listed some of the top airlines that fly business class to Kozhikode hereinafter – 

Best time to Fly Business Class Flights to Calicut, CCJ Kozhikode

Each season contributes to bringing out a different beautiful feature of this amazing city of Kozhikode. Having said that, the months between October to March are the best months to travel to the city owing to the pleasant weather. Winter is not too chilly in this area and tourists can travel around very easily and enjoy their stay. Being a peak tourist season, it is advisable to  flight tickets as well as the accommodation on time to get the advantage of low fares. This must be done at least six months before the date of arrival at the Calicut International Airport. However, if you wish to visit the region during the non-tourist season, the, rain lovers can choose the months from July to September and those who don’t mind a moderately warm temperature can choose to visit Kozhikode in any month from April to July.

Places to Visit In and Around Kozhikode

Let us now get into the ‘why’ aspect of travelling to Kozhikode and trust us the reasons are plenty! The region has some of the best tourist attraction destinations in India and hence, whenever you do plan to visit Kozhikode, make sure that you have enough time to visit and enjoy each one of them. Enlisted below are some of the places that you must go to after reaching Kozhikode by booking discount airfares to Calicut International Airport – 

  • Backwaters – The backwaters have an abundance of greenery, natural beauty and exotic flora and fauna. Backwaters are a part of the river that have little or no current. Hence, boating in the backwaters allows you to move against the natural current which isn’t possible in other parts of the river which always flows towards the direction of the seas. The Canoli River and Kallai River of Kozhikode has backwater streams. Tourists usually book cheap flight tickets to the Calicut International Airport to do boating in these backwaters and enjoy with their friends or family while eating great seafood and enjoying the scenic beauty around them.
  • Kozhippara Falls – This is situated on the borders of Kakkadampoyil on the Malappuram – Calicut district. It provides scintillating views and these falls are used by tourists for various activities like swimming, jungle trekking and many others.
  • Thusharagiri Waterfall – This fall cascades into three waterfalls. Tourists book cheap flight tickets to the Calicut International Airport to visit this waterfall to enjoy rock climbing and trekking. The greenery and serene view of the tribal villages attract the tourists from all over the globe.
  • Thikkoti Light House – This particular lighthouse is built upon the remains of a shipwreck according to local stories. It is a haven for several species of nomadic birds. The picturesque view is a perfect destination for romantic partners and friends looking for a peaceful locality.
  • Beypore – This is an ancient port of Kozhikode and it was historically popular for trading with the Middle East. The serene view of this cozy town is quite famous amongst the tourists. There are exceptionally skillful craftsmen in this town. The wooden barges sailed across the Suez Canal during the reign of Cleopatra are said to have been made at Beypore.
  • Kakkayam – This is a dam surrounded by the wonderful wilderness of Kozhikode. A permission from the forest officer is needed to visit this dam. It provides a serene environment with a lot of animals like elephants, bisons and others. Tourists come to Calicut International Airport here to enjoy the flora and fauna of the locality.
  • Lion’s Park – This lighthouse is located on the beach of Kozhikode and it is an amusement park for children and is known for its exciting rides which are enjoyed by children and youth alike.
  • Mithai Theravu (Sweet Street) – No trip can be over without gorging upon some sweet delicacies of that area. This street is a must for every tourist and you won't be disappointed by visiting this place and enjoying its delicacies. Kozhikode is known in India for its exquisite cuisine and is even more popular for its sweets. So plan your trip today and enjoy the beauty and taste of Kozhikode.

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