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Holi Flight Deals

Have you ever seen a rainbow give up the heavens and descend to the earth, to sprinkle the life of the commoners with the hues of happiness, magic, and love? If not, you can do that right away by booking your Holi flights! Holi, along with Diwali, is the major festival of the Hindus and is celebrated all across the country with just as much thrill and energy. While there may be several regional variants of celebrating the Festival of Colours, the central idea remains the same - to worship Goddess Holika.

Little ones love Holi the most. Running out of the house early in the morning and returning home soaked in water and colors from head to toe is a common sight during the festival. While, on the other hand, grown-ups partake in the festivities by smearing gulaal onto the faces of friends and family, drinking bhaang, and hogging on the traditional Holi sweet of Gujiyas! If you have come across images of people celebrating the festival, you can already feel the energy we are talking about. If not, what could be a better time than now, to witness the exhilaration yourself? So, let's get going, browse Holi flight deals, and celebrate Holi with your childhood pals after eons!

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Holi Flight Deals 2023

Check out our Holi USA to India flight ticket prices and book them at unbelievably low airfares (starting from $588) with MyTicketsToIndia. We offer unbeatable discounts on India ticket prices.

Which Airlines Offer Holi Flight Deals?

IndiGo, GoAir, Jet Airways, and Spicejet.

Popular Destinations to Travel on Holi

Doha, Dubai, Phuket, Mumbai, Surat, Pune, Male, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, and Pune.

Tips for Saving on Holi Airline Deals

We are all about tips to save yourself from bearing the brunt of an expensive international trip. Here is what you can do to grab Holi flights' deals:

As investigative as it sounds, clearing your browser history goes a long, long way. Hence, when you refresh the page you will be surprised to see the noticeable dip in airfares! Maybe the search engine figures out that you need cheap flights (from the constant searches) and deliberately pops up links to costlier flights. Very smart. 

There, we said it. It is a golden rule while booking your international flight seats. If you can, always book the tickets for a complete trip. Prices tend to lower down when the trips are longer. Also, you get to stay at your favorite place for a longer time. It is win-win both ways. 

We know we recommended the opposite in the previous point. But, the thing is that landing on economical air deals is not a one size fits all situation. We need to figure out what works best for which traveler. Hence, while a round trip may work wonders for some, it may not for others. Hence, use different airlines while booking the legs of your journey.

Why Choose MyTicketsToIndia as your Preferred Travel Partner?

How about we tell you that you will no longer have to shuffle through a million sites to eventually land on the deal that matches your needs? Amazing, isn't it? The world already appears to be a nicer place, ain't it! And, after flying with MyTicketsToIndia, you will also get a spectacular bird's eye view of the world!

Our team at MyTicketsToIndia firmly believes that travel is an essential component of a happy life. But in today's times where inflation is the regime, how do you come across affordable air travel? That's right, via MyTicketsToIndia. While the festive season may call for reserving Holi flights, you can book your flights for any season or month any time through the year. Since travel pangs come uninformed, we are always ready to help you pack your bags and throw you in the land of your dreams whilst making sure that you don't bust your monthly travel allowance!

Also, the perfect time to go on a trip is now. And, with MyTicketsToIndia's 24*7 customer care assistance, you have got nothing to worry about. We will make sure that your trip to India is a fun flight, and for that, we will take into consideration every single need of yours. Moreover, our team is equipped with uncountable hacks and tricks that will inch you closer to Holi flight deals.

FAQs on Flights to India from USA

Q: When is the festival of Holi celebrated?

A: According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Holi falls on the last full moon night of the Hindu month of Phalguna which generally occurs during February and March in the Gregorian calendar. On the night before, a bonfire is lit signifying the incineration of Goddess Holika. In 2021, Holi will fall on the 28th and 29th of March.

Q: How is Holi celebrated across India?

A: Given the diversity present in India, Holi is commemorated with distinct rituals and methods all across the country. While the festival is infused with vibrancy, regional variations make the celebration even more colorful! In Delhi and Rajasthan, you can see people decked up in an all-white attire and smeared with gulaal from head to toe. Mathura fashions a unique tradition called Lathmaar Holi in which men sing songs and tease women, while the latter runs around hitting them with wooden sticks. In some places, like Agra, Varanasi, and Mathura ditch colors and instead, play Holi with flowers. You can legit stand under a shower of rose petals on your Holi flights!

Q: How long does it take to fly from the USA to India?

A: Your USA to India flight will take approximately 15 hours and 29 minutes to complete. However, the duration can change depending on your place of origin and the destination.

Q: When is the best time to bag flights from the USA to India?

A: October is considered an ideal period to make the most of your Holi travel to India - starting from reserving your flight seats. Since Holi falls around five months later, you will get additional discounts and offers too!

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