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Seattle to Chennai Flights @ Best Prices

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Flights From Seattle To Chennai

If you are facing difficulty in booking cheap Seattle to Chennai flights or find it confusing, then you must visit MyTicketsToIndia where we take care of flight bookings for your trips completely. Take help from our travel experts who use their network of multiple airline service providers to get you the best options for SEA to Chennai flights. Our team of experts helps you keep the expenses to a minimum by offering you the most exciting offers that lower booking expenses and help you get the cheapest Seattle to Chennai tickets. This is why we are the best solution to all the pangs of planning and careful searching that is required to book a good flight at a cost-effective price. 

Top Airlines Operating Flights From SEA To MAA

Major airlines such as Lufthansa, United Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Air India, Qatar Airways, KLM Royal Dutch, Emirates, Etihad, and American Airlines, all operate flights from Seattle to Chennai on a regular basis. Please note that you won’t find nonstop flights on this route, you need to book your tickets with atleast one stopover. 

Seattle To Chennai Flight Route Information

Seattle To Chennai Distance12, 906 km or 8, 020 mi
Shortest time duration20h 50m
Cheapest Month to Fly
Departure FromSeattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
Destination AirportChennai International Airport
1:08 AM
Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

We bring you the current time in Chennai so you can plan your trip well.

Other Popular Routes from Seattle to India

You can check out the routes below for other options regarding cheap tickets to India from Seattle

Tips To Book The Cheapest Seattle To Chennai Flights

FAQs on Flights to Chennai from Seattle

Q: Are there any Seattle to Chennai direct flights or nonstop flights?

A: No, there are no nonstop or direct flights from Seattle to Chennai available. You need to book your air tickets with atleast one or more layovers.

Q: Which are the best airports for a layover between Seattle and Chennai?

A: When you travel on a SEA to Chennai flight, the best options for a layover are Canada, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Chicago, and many more. However, which of these options will be available to you will depend on the airline you choose.

Q: Can I also get Chennai to Seattle flights?

A: Yes, we also offer Chennai to Seattle flights along with one-way flights.

Q: Which airlines offer flights from Seattle to Chennai, India?

A: Lufthansa, United Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Air India, Qatar Airways, KLM Royal Dutch, Emirates, Etihad, and American Airlines provide some of the best options for flights from SEA to MAA, India.

Q: How far ahead should I make my reservations to get cheap flights from Seattle to Chennai (SEA to MAA)?

A: Making your reservations at least 6-8 weeks in advance will ensure that you bag cheap flights from SEA to MAA.

Q: Can I book SEA to Chennai flights for less than $1200?

A: Booking Seattle to Chennai flights for less than $1200 is possible. You can explore our deals and snag the cheapest one.

Q: What’s the total distance traveled in a Seattle to Chennai flight?

A: The SEA to Chennai flight covers a total aerial distance of 12,906 kilometers.

Q: What’s the expected duration to travel to Chennai from Seattle via air?

A: For the journey from Seattle to Chennai, the flight time is roughly 20 hours and 50 minutes.

Q: Is it possible to find inexpensive last-minute flights from Seattle to Chennai?

A: You can explore our user-friendly website for affordable last-minute flights, including options from SEA to Chennai. Our team is skilled at finding great deals & offers.

Q: When should I consider booking business-class flights to Chennai from Seattle?

A: Booking about 1-2 months prior is optimal to secure pocket-friendly business class flights to India.

Q: What month provides the cheapest deals for Seattle to MAA flights?

A: For the most cost-effective options, consider booking flights from Seattle to Chennai in March.

Other Famous Routes from the USA to Chennai

In search of different routes for flights from USA to Chennai? Here are a few more options to help you decide –

About Chennai

Chennai has a history of being ruled by numerous dynasties such as the Chola dynasty, the Pandya dynasty, and the Pallava dynasty. Chennai was ruled by the Portuguese and Frenchmen from the 16th to 18th centuries. The city gained trading routes with other cities such as Mumbai and Kolkata in the 19th century when the railways were started. The British consolidated their power in the city quite gradually. What started as a minor land investment in the year 1639 by the British East India Company soon turned into the building of a warehouse, a factory, and eventually the extremely famous and significant Fort St. George. Thus, the city has impressions of innumerable invasions throughout its history which have also deeply influenced its culture and architecture. To witness the glorious and diverse history of the city, you must start looking for cheap USA to Chennai flights soon!

Top 5 Destinations in Chennai

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