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Singapore is a vibrant city in Asia with tall buildings and green parks. You can go to places like Chinatown, Universal Studio, & Gardens by the Bay. The food is yummy, from street stalls to fancy restaurants. People have fun at festivals and markets. Singapore is a fun place with lots to see! Explore our Singapore Tour Packages for awesome deals! Read more


Top 4 Attractions of Singapore 

Here are the top 4 places to visit in Singapore let’s check them – 

  • Gardens by the Bay – Nature park with Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, blending nature and technology.
  • Sentosa Island – Resort island with Universal Studios, beaches, and dining options.
  • Marina Bay Sands – Iconic hotel with a rooftop pool, luxury shops, and casino.
  • Singapore Zoo and Night Safari – Zoo where you can see animals up close, and Night Safari for a nocturnal wildlife experience.
Places in India

India has some of the best places to visit in Kerala . It has something to offer to everyone. Check out what it has to offer you.

Beaches in India

Explore some of the most popular beaches in Kerala to have a gala time during your trip to the God’s own country.

Temples in India

There are a number of religious places, including temples in Kerala which are visited throughout the year.

Hotels in India

If you wish to visit Kerala as a localite and not a tourist, booking hotels in Kerala is a must. Explore the option now.

Restaurants in India

With several restaurants in Kerala, you will never fall short of options when it comes to tasting the local food.

Festivals in India

The crowd hops on cloud nine & goes crazy when festivals in Kerala are celebrated. Once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many languages are spoken in Singapore?

A: In Singapore, people speak four main languages – English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil.

Q: Is Singapore a big country?

A: No, Singapore is a small country. Its one of the smallest countries in the world.

Q: What is the weather like in Singapore?

A: Singapore has a tropical climate, which means its hot and humid all year round.

Q: Can you swim in the sea in Singapore?

A: Yes, you can swim in the sea at beaches like Sentosa Island and East Coast Park.

Q: What is the national dish of Singapore?

A: The national dish of Singapore is Hainanese chicken rice. Its a yummy dish with chicken and rice cooked in flavorful broth.