Exploring The Shimmers Of Silver Beach

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Where Is Silver Beach Located?

The soft, silver sands with a golden touch of sunlight make Silver Beach look no less than glitters on the floor. Silver Beach India is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and is one of the longest beaches in Asia and the second longest on the Coromandel Coast. According to Wikipedia, the 57 kilometres of the beach are rapidly deteriorating along the seafront. However, the calm environment mixed with the adventures of sports makes Silver Sands Beach a popular tourist destination. 

Complete Overview –

NameSilver Beach Chennai
LocationChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
LengthApproximately 57 kilometres
TypeUrban beach
ActivitiesWalking, jogging, sunbathing, swimming, beach volleyball, and enjoying local street food
Notable FeaturesLong sandy shoreline, clear blue waters, and views of the Bay of Bengal
AttractionsMarina Beach, Santhome Cathedral Basilica, Government Museum
AccessibilityEasily accessible by road from various parts of Chennai; the nearest railway station is Cuddalore Port Junction
TimingsOpen year-round; preferred time for visiting is during daylight hours
Entry FeeFree

History of Silver Beach Tamil Nadu (Chennai)

Silver Beach has a long history that traces back to the rule of the British Empire in India. Fort St. David, one of the three significant forts constructed by the Britishers reflects the historical importance of the beach as an important symbol of the colonial past. During this time the Pallavas and Medieval Cholas were in power. The Silver Beach has Periyar College of Arts and Science (1964) situated near it.

How to Reach Silver Beach?

  • By Road: You can easily take a bus from the bus station, or travel by local bus to reach the beach. In the Cuddalore District, road transportation is excellent. The NH45 and NH45A national highways pass through Cuddalore. Cuddalore District is also connected by State Highways 32 and 36. Cuddalore is 200 kilometres away from the state headquarters by road.
  • By Flight: You can take a flight to Chennai and reach the Chennai International Airport, which is located 200km from the beach. 
  • By Train: The nearest railway station to Silver Bay Beach is Cuddalore Port Junction which is a very well-connected station with all the major cities in Tamil Nadu. 

Best Time to Visit Silver Beach

The best time to visit Silver Beach is between October and March since the weather is pleasant and the sea is also calm. Chennai is famous for its tropical close and hence, these months are less humid compared to the rest of the year. The best time of the day to visit the beach is either early morning to witness the beautiful sunrise or evening at 6 pm since the atmosphere gets very vibrant. 

However, it is not recommended to visit the Silver Sands beach in monsoon months, that is, between June and September due to rough seas and heavy rainfall.

Recreational Activities

Silver Beach is famous for various water sports like swimming, surfing and boating. Visitors can rent the required equipment and enjoy it to the fullest. Not only this, the soft sands of the beach are perfect for building sandcastles and memories that last a lifetime. The beach is surrounded by various small shops and restaurants that serve desi street food and delicious cuisine you must try. 

Besides this, the perfect view of Silver Beach provides a perfect opportunity for photographers to capture the moments endlessly. 

Dining Options Near Silver Beach 

There are many dining options near Silver Beach worth exploring. These include- 

  • Abiram Vegetarian Restaurant12 km from Silver Beach
  • Noodle House – 11.4 km from Silver Beach
  • Thirumana Briyani – 9.8 km from Silver Beach
  • Kubera Vilas – 10.1 km from Silver Beach
  • Adyar Ananda Bhavan – 11.9 km from Silver Beach

Packing Tips for a Beach Vacation

Packing for Silver Beach? Here’s a checklist- 

  • Keep at least 2 pairs of swimsuits for each person.
  • Carry loose-fitting, light clothes like shirts, shorts and skirts.
  • Carry sunscreen and SPF Lip balm.
  • Don’t forget to pack your cute flip-flops! 
  • Bring your own water bottle to prevent dehydration. 
  • Carry entertainment and leisure time essentials like a book, camera, ball, beach chair etc. 

Nearby Attractions in the Silver Beach 

  • Marina Beach –  A very beautiful beach with a nightlife that feels no less than heaven, Marina Beach is a must-visit. 
  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple – A very beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has immense religious significance among the devotees. 
  • Santhome Cathedral Basilica – A Roman Catholic Church, Santhome Cathedral Basilica is known for its amazing architectural style and is worth visiting. 
  • Fort St. George – A historic fort built during the British era, Fort St. George takes you back into the time, helping you have a glimpse of the colonial past. 
  • Government Museum – Also known as the Madras Museum, the Government Museum is one of the oldest and prominent museums in India. 
  • Kapaleeswarar Nagar – Reflecting the cultural heritage of Chennai, Kapaleeswarar Nagar is known for its social gatherings and religious ceremonies. 
  • Elliots Beach (Besant Nagar Beach)– The scenic beauty of Elliots Beach coupled with games like cricket and volleyball make this beach a fun visit.

Safety Tips & Guidelines

Here are some safety tips and visitor guidelines to keep in mind- 

  • Don’t forget to carry your water bottle as staying hydrated is very important.
  • Pay special attention to beach flags to avoid any mishappenings.
  • Never swim alone to ensure you have somebody to help in case of emergency.
  • Always carry a sunscreen with you.
  • Choose a lifeguarded area. 

Other Popular Places in Chennai (50 words)

Here are some other wonderful places to visit in Chennai for you- 

  1. Brihadeeswarar Temple –  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brihadeeswarar Temple is known for its beautiful architecture, large courtyard and shrines dedicated to various deities. 
  2. Ekambareswarar Temple – The most ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ekambareswarar Temple dates back to over 1200 years and has immense religious significance.
  3. Golden Beach – The golden sands, warm rays of sun, light breeze and calm atmosphere of Golden Beach sets it apart from all the other beaches in India.
  4. Jambukeswarar Temple – One of the Pancha Bhoota Stalas, the very pretty gopurams and mandapams of Jambukeswarar Temple are worth every visit. 
  5. Kovalam Beach – If you are a fan of natural beauty then the clear blue waters and swinging palm trees of Kovalam Beach are waiting for you.
  6. Meenakshi Amman Temple – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Meenakshi Amman Temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
  7. Ramanathaswamy Temple – A very famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ramanathaswamy Temple has a sacred atmosphere reflecting the presence of Lord Shiva.
  8. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple – With a rich history, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple has Dravadin-style architecture, beautiful sculptures and sacred water tanks. 
  9. Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park – One of the richest marine biodiversity hotspots in the world Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park is all about dolphin watching, scuba diving and glass bottom boat rides. 

Other Popular Beaches in India

And Silver Beach is not the only wonder beach in India. Many other beaches in India are worth every visit. Want to see for yourself? Find the details below – 

  1. Maravanthe Beach
  2. Juhu Beach
  3. Versova Beach
  4. Golden Beach
  5. Kovalam Beach
  6. Silver Beach
  7. Marina Beach

Other Popular Attractions in India

Want to explore more of it? Here’s a compiled list of tourism in India options for you-

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Silver Beach open?

A: Yes, Silver Beach is open throughout the year.

Q: Are dogs allowed at Silver Beach?

A: Yes, Silver Beach is dog-friendly.

Q: Is old Silver Beach open?

A: Yes, old Silver Beach is open from 9 AM to 10 PM.

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