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Posted on Friday, June 28th, 2024 by Sakshi Goyal

What Is Purana Qila?

The Purana Qila made by Emperor Humanyu is one of the greatest historical forts. Wondering where is Purana Qila built? 

Built-in Delhi, India, Delhi’s Purana Qila, also known as the Old Fort, is a unique tourist destination that combines history, tradition, and the beauty of the past. This Mughal-era structure is one of Delhi’s oldest forts and has continued to witness the city’s vibrant past. This fort has plenty to captivate you whether or not you are interested in history. Let’s explore it in detail below- 

How Old Is Purana Qila?

Built around the 16th century, the Purana Qila has a long history. 

NamePurana Qila
LocationDelhi, India
PurposeDefensive structure
Construction Year16th century (possibly earlier)
FeaturesMassive walls, gates, architecture
Historical SignificanceOne of the oldest forts in Delhi

Purana Qila History 

Being one of the oldest forts in India, Purana Qila has great historical significance. The general consensus is that this fort was constructed in the early 16th century by Emperor Humayun, who also included enormous entrances as a part of its architecture. Additionally, the groundwork for Din Panah, the king’s new capital was done here. 

The building was renamed Shergarh when Sher Shah Suri took control of it in 1540 following his victory over Humayun. He significantly expanded the fort complex’s structural makeup while in power.

Numerous short-lived villages have been established at the fort over time. During World War II, some 3000 Japanese people used this fort as a camp. Thousands of Delhi migrants seeking refuge in Pakistan during the country’s independence and partition were helped by the fort.  

Purana Qila New Delhi Architecture 

Purana Qila (Old Fort) in Delhi showcases a unique blend of architectural styles spanning different periods:

  1. Ancient Architecture: The fort’s origins date back to ancient times, possibly connected to the legendary city of Indraprastha from the Mahabharata.
  2. Medieval Features: Built and renovated by various rulers, including Sher Shah Suri and Humayun, it integrates Afghan and Islamic architectural elements.
  3. Mughal Influence: Emperor Humayun’s additions and renovations added Mughal architectural elements, such as large gates, mosques, and gardens.
  4. Defensive Structures: The fort includes massive walls and bastions typical of medieval forts, designed for defense.
  5. Sher Mandal: A notable structure within the fort, Sher Mandal is an octagonal tower built by Sher Shah Suri, reflecting the Afghan architectural style.
  6. Gateways: The fort has several impressive gateways, including the main entrance, which reflects both Afghan and Mughal architectural motifs.
  7. Water Channels and Gardens: The fort includes water channels (baolis) and gardens, adding to its aesthetic and functional appeal.

Purana Qila’s architecture thus represents a rich blend of historical influences, making it a significant cultural heritage site in Delhi.

How to Reach Purana Qila?

You can make use of the Purana Qila metro route, flights and buses to reach the location. Here’s a detailed list of modes of transportation –

  • By Metro – The Purana Qila nearest metro station, that is, Pragati Maidan Metro can be made use of. The distance from this nearest metro station to Purana Qila can be covered via an autorickshaw or cab. 
  • By Flight- After taking a flight to Delhi you can either reach the nearest metro station or directly book a cab or get an autorickshaw to your destination. 

Best Time To Visit Purana Qila

Ideally, the best time to visit Purana Qila built by Humayun and Sher Shah Suri is between October and March since the weather is pleasant during these months, making them ideal for travelling to Delhi in general. 

Further, we would suggest you visit the Qila in the evening to enjoy more and even have glimpses of the Purana Qila light and sound show. 

Pura Qila – Facts & More 

Purana Qila was built by Emperor Humayun. Let’s have a glimpse of some horrific and interesting unknown facts about this historical building by the Mughal king. 

  • Ancient Origins: From the texts of Mahabharata, the site of Indraprastha is where is Purana Qila situated. 
  • Architectural Blend: Features a mix of Mughal, Hindu, and Afghan architectural styles.
  • Haunted Reputation: Known for rumoured ghost sightings and paranormal experiences.
  • Sher Mandal Tragedy: Emperor Humayun met his accident at Sher Mandal, a tower within the fort that led to his death.
  • Zoo Within: Houses the Delhi Zoo, adding to its diverse attractions.
  • Alignment with Rajpath: Strategically aligned with Delhi’s ceremonial boulevard, Rajpath.
  • Film Location: Frequently used as a filming location for Bollywood movies.

What Are The Purana Qila Timings & Entry Fee?

The Purana Qila opening time is 7 AM to 5 PM on all days. The Qila remains open throughout the week.

The Purana Qila ticket price varies for Indians and foreigners. Here is the Purana Qila entry fee list for your reference- 

  • Fee For Indians – Rs. 20 per person 
  • Fee For Foreign Tourists – Rs. 200 per person

Entertainment Options At Purana Qila 

Here’s what Purana Qila in New Delhi is most famous for – 

  • Purana Qila Museum- Taking you back into the historical times, the museum is all about the vast empires of India like the Mauryas, Guptas and Kushanas. 
  • Purana Qila light and sound show- The light and sound show is one of the best parts of the Qila. Conducted for 60 minutes, the ticket price for adults is Rs.100 and for children and senior citizens, it is Rs. 50.
  • Purana Qila boating-  Boating is a fun activity, available during your Purana Qila open timing. The Purana Qila boating price starts from approximately Rs.120 per boat. 

Purana Qila Nearby Attractions

Here’s a list of some amazing tourist spots to visit after discovering the Purana Qila Museum- 

  • India Gate – 3 km: A war memorial located in Delhi, India Gate stands as a symbol of national pride and sacrifice.
  • National Zoological Park – 0.5 km: Situated near India Gate, the National Zoological Park is home to a range of wildlife species, offering a safari experience and perfect for family outings and nature enthusiasts.
  • Humayun’s Tomb – 6 km: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Humayun’s Tomb is an amazing example of Mughal architecture reflecting the architectural styles of the past. 
  • Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah – 4 km: A Sufi shrine, Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is known for its spiritual ambience and qawwali performances.
  • Lodhi Gardens – 4.5 km: A historical park with tombs of the Lodhi dynasty rulers, Lodhi Gardens is all about spending some peaceful time in nature. 

Visitor Guidelines For Puran Qila Location 

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when visiting the Purana Qila – 

  1. Don’t forget to take your camera to the location. If you want to shoot in Purana Qila Delhi, there is no fee for a still camera but for a video camera, you need to pay Rs. 25.
  2. Even though restrooms and drinking facilities are available inside the Purana Qila, you are advised to carry your own water bottles, medicine and other essentials. 
  3. It is advised to opt for a guided tour for a better understanding of the history and place.
  4. Dress comfortably and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen at all times. 

Other Activities To Do in Delhi 

Want to make the most out of our tourism in Delhi? Here are some best tourist places in Delhi you should definitely pay a visit to

  1. Red Fort
  2. Explore Humayun’s Tomb
  3. Explore the markets at Connaught Place
  4. Lotus Temple
  5. Qutub Minar
  6. Wander through the streets of Old Delhi
  7. National Museum
  8. Enjoy a rickshaw ride in Old Delhi
  9. Jama Masjid
  10. Explore the vibrant nightlife at Hauz Khas Village
  11. Take a heritage walk in Mehrauli Archaeological Park
  12. Chandni Chowk

Other Popular Attractions in India 

India has a limitless of popular attractions that showcase its rich cultural heritage & natural beauty, making it a prime destination for tourism in India. From the amazing Taj Mahal in Agra & the vibrant city of Jaipur, known as the Pink City, to the serene backwaters of Kerala & the breathtaking landscapes of Ladakh, India offers unforgettable experiences for travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who built Purana Qila in Delhi?

A: The Purana Qila in Delhi was built by the Mughal king Humanyu around the 16th century.

Q: Which is the nearest Purana Qila metro station?

A: The metro station near Purana Qila is Pragati Maidan situated on the Blue Line.

Q: Is Purana Qila safe for couples?

A: If you guys are lovers of history and like to explore, Purana Qila is absolutely safe for you.

Q: Is Purana Qila open throughout the week?

A: Yes, Purana Qila is open from 7 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week.

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