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Affordable Kullu Manali Tour Packages

Searching for heaven on this globe? You can get it at Kullu Manali. It is a dreamy hill station that is covered in snow and situated in the lap of the majestic mountainous range. Its mesmerizing and scenic views make Manali tour packages very popular among travelers. With sunny skies, alpine mountains and the mighty Beas flowing through the city – Manali tourism has undergone a huge change in the last few years. And, with an affordable and fun Kullu Manali tour package, you can explore this peaceful and magical hill station.Read more


Things To Do In Manali

Manali is considered one of the perfect destinations to be at if you are an adventure seeker and enthusiast. Here’s the list of exciting activities and things to do in Kullu Manali – 

places To Visit In Manali

There are a number of world-famous places to visit in Manali that will make your heart throb. Check out now!

Festivals Celebrated In Manali

Manali has a rich cultural legacy with some famous fairs and festivals in Manali attracting both national & international travelers.

Why Choose MyTicketsToIndia To Book Kullu Manali Tour Packages?

Looking for affordable Kully Manali tour packages? Great, you’ve landed at the right place. MyTicketsToIndia is a leading travel agency that offers amazing customized tour packages to various destinations. To help you plan your Manali trip, we have made some tailor-made Manali packages considering your budget and choices. And, our carefully curated Manali holiday packages include all the main highlights of Kullu Manali. Explore our most popular Manali itineraries and book now for huge savings. 

Want a personalized itinerary for Manali travel packages? Do let us know. Our travel experts will get you a cheap personalized/customized itinerary based on your requirements. Just book your flights to Manali and enjoy the best trip of your life with our packages. Talk to our tour experts today! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many days are enough to visit Manali?

A: 4-5 days are enough to explore the famous tourist attractions of Manali and indulge in exciting water sports. 

Q: How to book an affordable Manali tour package?

A: Search for Manali holiday packages on reputed travel platforms like MyTicketsToIndia and choose the best one. You will find amazing tailor-made Manali vacation packages on our website. 

Q: What language is spoken in Manali? 

A: Hindi, English, and Punjabi are understood and widely spoken in Manali among tourists and locals. Some other languages spoken in Manali are Pahari, Dogri, and Kangri. 

Q: Is it safe to do paragliding in Manali?

A: Yes, the paragliding adventure sport is absolutely safe in Manali. It is assisted by the authorized adventure sports club of Manali. 

Q: Is Manali a safe place for solo woman tourists?

A: Yes, Manali is the safest place to tour by a solo woman. It is advisable to book your Manali travel package with a reputed travel agency.