Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa

Posted on Friday, January 13th, 2023 by Renu Dahiya

The Sanchi Stupa is a beautiful and important Buddhist monument located in the Madhya Pradesh region of India. It is a symbol of ancient Buddhist culture. Situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the Stupa is a testament to the ancient Indian civilization and its rich cultural heritage. It was built by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE to enshrine the relics of the Buddha.

History Of Sanchi Stupa 

The Great Stupa is said to have been built to enshrine the relics of the Buddha. In fact, the term ‘Sanchi’ itself is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘relic’. The Great Stupa is believed to contain the relics of the Buddha and is thus a place of great reverence for Buddhists all over the world. It is an impressive sight to behold and one of the must-visit temples in India for anyone looking to explore the country’s rich spiritual history.

Architecture Of Sanchi Stupa

The Sanchi Stupa is considered to be one of the oldest Buddhist monuments in the world. It was built on a hilltop and is surrounded by a series of smaller stupas. The Great Stupa, which stands at the summit, is the most elaborate and grandest of all the stupas. The structure is made of brick, stone, and timber, and is decorated with intricate carvings, sculptures, and paintings. So, just stop waiting and book your India tour packages today to explore this incredible place.

Best Time To Visit  Sanchi Stupa

The best time to visit the Sanchi Stupa is during the winter months, from November to February. During this period, the weather is pleasant and the temperature is comfortable. The nights are cold, but the days are sunny and bright. This makes for an ideal time to explore the monument and its surrounding area.

The Sanchi Stupa is a great place to visit no matter what season you choose to visit. During the summer months, from March to May, the temperature is hot but bearable. This is the time when the Stupa is most crowded with people coming to pay their respects and take in the beauty of the monument.

Things To Do In Sanchi Stupa

Visiting Sanchi Stupa, one of the famous tourist attractions in India, is an unforgettable experience, and there are a number of activities that one can do while visiting this sacred site. Here are the top things to do in Sanchi Stupa:

1. Explore the Stupa: Sanchi Stupa is a remarkable example of ancient Indian architecture, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the oldest stone structures in India, and it is worth exploring its grandeur.

2. Visit the Great Stupa: The Great Stupa is the largest and most impressive of the three Stupas at Sanchi. It was built by the great emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century B.C. and has four gates facing the four cardinal directions.

3. See the Ashoka Pillar: The Ashoka Pillar is one of the major attractions of Sanchi Stupa. It was erected by Ashoka in the 3rd century B.C. to mark the spot where the Buddha set his foot.

4. Visit the Monasteries: The monasteries at Sanchi are an important part of the Buddhist culture. These monasteries were built by Ashoka’s daughter, Sanghamitra, and are home to Buddhist monks.

5. Visit the Temples: The temples of Sanchi Stupa are some of the most impressive sights at Sanchi. These temples are dedicated to the gods and goddesses of Hinduism and Buddhism.

6. Explore the Museum: The Sanchi Museum is home to a variety of artifacts and sculptures from the ancient site. It is an ideal place to learn more about the history and culture of Sanchi.

7. Visit the Monuments: The monuments at Sanchi are some of the most impressive monuments in India. These monuments were built by Ashoka in the 3rd century and are some of the most beautiful monuments in India.

8. Take a Guided Tour: A guided tour of Sanchi Stupa is an ideal way to explore the site. These tours are conducted by experienced guides who can provide valuable historical information regarding the site.

How To Reach Sanchi Stupa

If you’re keen to explore this ancient structure and its many wonders, then here’s how to reach Sanchi Stupa:

  • By Air: The nearest airport to Sanchi Stupa is the Raja Bhoj International Airport, which is located about 40 kilometers away from the site. From the airport, you can take a taxi or private vehicle to the Stupa.
  • By Train: You can take a train to the Sanchi Railway Station, which is located about 7 kilometers away from the Stupa. From the station, you can hire a taxi or other private vehicle to reach the site.
  • By Road: You can also reach Sanchi Stupa by road. The site is easily accessible from several major cities in Madhya Pradesh, including Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, and Ujjain. There are several buses and cabs available from these cities to Sanchi.

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Other Temples In Madhya Pradesh 

Madhya Pradesh is a place that attracts umpteen pilgrims and tourists every year because of the beautiful temples situated in the state. So, here let’s know about some other famous temples in Madhya Pradesh you should visit once in a lifetime – 

  • Khajuraho Temple –  A cluster of Hindu and Jain temples, the Khajuraho Temple Complex stands as a testament to a distinct and ancient form of Hindu architecture.
  • Pashupatinath Temple – Believed to have been built in the 5th century AD, Pashupatinath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is the presiding deity in this temple.
  • Chausath Yogini Temple – Witness the beautiful 64 chambers in the interior of Chausath Yogini Temple, each dedicated to a Yogini or Bharavi.
  • Kandariya Mahadev Temple – Built by the Chandela dynasty in the 10th century, the Kandariya Mahadev Temple stands out for its incredible architecture and size.

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