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Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 by Sakshi Goyal

Glimpse Into The Beauty Of Jog Falls

Jog Falls Karnataka originates from the Sharavathi River. Jog Falls height is 830 feet and it flows over a rocky bed approximately 250 yards wide and plunges 253 meters deep as per the information on Wikipedia. This seasonal Jog Fall is divided into four segments—Raja, Rocket, Rani, and Roarer. The surrounding natural beauty further enhances the beauty of pearl-like falls, attracting filmmakers and visitors alike. Spending some time around the Jog Fall helps one feel refreshed, acting as a perfect escape from the hassles of city life, and relaxing the mind and heart. 

Important Information On Jog Water Falls Karnataka 

LocationKarnataka, India
TypePlunge waterfall
HeightApproximately 253 meters (830 feet)
WidthVaries depending on the season, typically around 472 meters (1,550 feet) during monsoon
RiverSharavathi River
Total Cascades4 major cascades: Raja, Roarer, Rocket, and Rani
AccessibilityAccessible by road, parking available nearby
Best Time to VisitMonsoon season (July to September) for highest water flow, post-monsoon season for clear views and ease of access
SurroundingsDense forests, lush greenery, scenic viewpoints
Nearby CitiesSagara (30 km), Shimoga (105 km)
ActivitiesSightseeing, photography, nature walks, trekking
Notable FeatureOne of the highest plunge waterfalls in India

Jog Water Falls Karnataka – History & Origin

Originally known as the Gerusoppa Falls, Britishers discovered, the Jog Falls during their rule in India. The falls derive their name from a nearby village called “Jog”. Some say that a British colonel named Jog was the first one to fall on the rocks of the waterfall hence the name “Jog Falls”. A British ship that sank while it was on its way to India during the Second World War, was recently recovered from the ocean. Jog Falls Karnataka has been in use since 1948 and is a major source of electricity in the state. 

How to Reach Jog Falls?

  • By Bus (From the Bangalore airport, you can reach the falls via state-run buses which run from Mangalore, Shimoga, and Bangalore to Jog Falls).
  • By Flight (The Bangalore to Jog Falls distance is around 8 to 9 hours. You can take a flight to Bangalore and reach the nearest airport which is Mangalore International Airport (IXE)).
  • By Train ( Shimoga is the nearest railway station and trains from Bangalore, Mysore, and Chennai halt here. You can hire a cab to reach the Jog Falls location.)

What Is The Best Time To Visit Jog Falls?

Wondering what’s the best time to enjoy near Shimoga Jog Falls? Here’s a compilation for you- 

JuneBest time1735
JulyBest time1735
AugustBest time1735
SeptemberBest time1735
OctoberBest time1735
NovemberBest time1533
DecemberBest time1533 

Best Eating Spots Near Jog Waterfalls – 

Here are the best eating options near Jog Falls Shimoga- 

  1. Brahmins Bhojanalaya
  2. Sri Kumarram Veg & Non Veg Restaurant
  3. Hotel Sachin
  4. Haya Restaurant
  5. Hotel Hallimane

Here are some dishes worth trying when in Bangalore- 

  1. Bisi Bele Bath
  2. Idli Vada
  3. Mysore Pak
  4. Mangalorean Fish Curry 
  5. Chow Chow Bath 

Wonders Beyond Jog Falls

Here are some nearby attractions to explore when on a vacay to Jog Falls India- 

  1. Linganamakki Dam – A famous tourist attraction, Linganamakki Dam is famous for its scenic beauty and activities like boating.
  2. Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple – A Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga,  Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple holds immense spiritual significance. 
  3. Honnemaradu (Backwaters of Sharavathi)  – Known for its calm and pristine waters, Honnemaradu is a must-visit.
  4. Sagara (Hole Anjaneya Temple) – Known for its unique location within the natural caves, Sagara is very famous, especially among the followers of Lord Hanuman.
  5. Kunchikal Falls (Tallest waterfall in India)- All about dense forests, clear waterfalls, and beautiful views, Kunchikal Falls is the tallest waterfall in India.
  6. Ikkeri (Aghoreshvara Temple) – Dedicated to Lord Aghoreshwara, Ikkeri is full of intricate carvings and beautiful sculptures. 

Safety Tips & Visitor Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while visiting the falls- 

  • Do not go near the bottom of the falls.
  • Avoid wearing slippery footwear and sandals. Shoes are the best go-to option! 
  • Carry an umbrella with you all the time.
  • Don’t forget to carry a medical kit for emergencies. 
  • Stay on developed trails and keep a check on the warning signs. 
  • Avoid taking images of Jog Falls from the top.
  • Keep an eye on the elderly, kids and pets. 

Other Fun Activities To Do in Bangalore

Also known as the “Silicon Valley Of India”, Bangalore is a famous hub full of entertainment and exploration options. The tourism in Bangalore ranges from visiting parks like Bandipur National Park to relaxing at Maravanthe Beach and seeking blessings at Hampi Temple. Let’s explore these lovely options that you can consider along with Jog Falls Karnataka India in detail below-

Other Popular Attractions in India

India is full of wonderful places to explore! Here are some of the best tourism in India options for you to have a look at!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Jog Falls the highest waterfall in India?

A: No, Kunchikal Falls is the highest waterfall in India.

Q: Is swimming allowed at Jog Falls?

A: No, swimming is strictly prohibited at Jog Falls.

Q: How much time it takes to travel from Shimoga to Jog Falls?

A: It would take you 2 hours and 10 minutes to travel from Shivamogga to Jog Falls via NH 69.

Q: How much time it takes to travel from Goa to Jog Falls?

A: It takes 5 hours to cover the distance and reach Jog Falls if you start your journey from Goa.

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