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China Eastern Airlines flights from USA to India

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About China Eastern Airlines International Flight Booking Status

Founded in 1988, China Eastern Airlines has Shanghai-Pudong, Shanghai-Hongqiao, Kumming, and Xi’an as its major hubs, with Beijing and Qingdao as secondary hubs. It is China’s second-largest carrier that serves 154 domestic destinations and 79 international destinations across 33 countries with a fleet size of 566, having Airbus, Comac, and Boeing as part of its aircraft. This airline is one of the leading international airlines used for flights from USA to India, primarily because of the facilities it offers on long-haul flights. Not to forget, it has several of its representative offices in almost every major country, indicating how serious China Eastern customer care service is regarding client queries.

China Eastern Flights Booking

Making China Eastern flights booking is now a breeze with MyTicketsToIndia. Although purchasing your tickets may sound like a convenient option, the number of options that you can find on the internet will confuse you to no end. So, if you are being buried under the numerous flight choices that you see on the internet, you need to get the help of experts when buying your China Eastern Airlines ticket. Our expert team knows how to sift through all the options and fish out the best China Eastern Airlines flights for you. We have simplified the entire China Easter Airlines booking process for our customers. With the one on one assistance we offer, making China Easter Airlines flight booking is made easy. We understand that not everyone is a technology wiz. That is why we have developed an easy to navigate website, where you can make your China Eastern Airlines online booking without any hassle. With our expertise and amazing offers, you will not have to worry about anything. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call. Our travel agents will take care of all your travel needs from thereon.

China Eastern Flights Status

After looking at China Eastern fares to India, the next step is to make the reservations with ticket booking experts like MyTicketsToIndia and check your China Eastern flight status. Once you have your tickets, you will need to know everything about your flight status and PNR status. This knowledge can be obtained by entering your flight name and departure date. Once you have entered this information, you can find out if your flight is on schedule. You can also get an alert in case your flight is rescheduled, or there are any other changes. This information will keep you updated on every important detail related to your flight.

China Eastern Airlines In-Flight Experience

Right from bed-like seats to personal TV screens, from the option of choosing meals based on religious inclinations like Muslim/Hindu/Jain meals to choosing it from Toddler/Diabetic/Gluten-free/Kosher meals, from special assistance for the physically-challenged to premium facilities, China Eastern Airlines reservations are a fairly easy affair as the burden of discomfort during the flight can be kept aside. In case of any doubts regarding the in-flight services you can avail of, China Eastern Airlines phone number can be dialed and guess what, it has a wait time of only 4 minutes on average!

China Eastern Reservations

MyTicketsToIndia is a platform dedicated to booking flights from USA to India (and back) and making China Eastern reservations. And when it comes to booking China Eastern airlines business-class or economy, we have several deals that you can make use of. These deals and discounts on China Eastern reservations are available almost all throughout the year and especially during the high-traffic season so you can save big! Savings tune the journey to the right melody and we understand this to bits, thereby helping our clients score cheap CE tickets.

Apart from our call-only China Eastern Airlines deals, we have offers on flights that are booked at the nick of time owing to an emergency. With a strong vision of helping travelers fly happily, we try taking the load off of their backs at least in terms of airfares. With MyTicketsToIndia, two things are sure to happen – (a) Bumper savings on flights to Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, etc from any part of USA and (b) Satisfaction of having chosen the right portal because let’s face it, the sincerity of an OTA reflects only in times when cancellations are to be made or refunds are needed. We have this record clean and our client feedback is a testimony to that!

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FAQs on China Eastern Airlines Flights To India From USA

Q: Can we select our preferred seats on China Eastern Airlines flights?

A: Yes, you can do that either by entering your ticket number followed by the name details through the reservation voucher or by logging in through your frequent flyer card details and selecting the seats.

Q: Does China Eastern Airlines serve meals?

A: Yes, complimentary meals come with every China Eastern ticket. You can also pre-book the meals while booking your flights or anytime before the departure of the flight.

Q: How do I manage my bookings for China Eastern US flights and can I check China Eastern Airlines First-Class Bookings?

A: To manage and check your China Eastern Airlines (CE) bookings, visit the official website, click on the second tab ‘My Trips’ and choose the first option ‘Booking Management’. Enter the order/ticket number followed by your first, middle, and last name after which you need to hit on ‘Manage Booking’ to make the necessary amendments regarding seats, reservation, etc.

Q: What exactly is Eastern Miles?

A: It is a frequent flyer program by China Eastern wherein it lets its customers gather ‘Eastern Miles’ points by doing pretty usual things like using credit cards, staying in hotels, dining out, and flying. These points can be used for benefits like discounts, lounge access, seat upgrades, etc.

Q: Are passengers with special needs provided special assistance by China Eastern Airlines?

A: Absolutely! All you need to do is contact China Eastern customer care service and tell them about your requirements 72 hours before the departure. They’ll handle the rest.

Q: What is the IATA code for China Eastern Airlines?

A: MU is the IATA code for China Eastern Airlines.

Q: What destinations does China Eastern Airlines serve?

A: China Eastern Airlines offers flights to over 200 destinations across the globe. The airline serves most of the major cities of the world.

Q: Can I cancel my China Eastern flight bookings?

A: Yes, passengers can cancel their flight booking within the limit stated by the airlines. Beyond that limit, passengers will not be able to cancel their tickets or claim a refund.

Q: Can I carry an oversized bag on my China Eastern flight?

A: Passengers may carry an oversized bag (exceeding 158cm in dimensions) on their flight. However, they will need to pay an additional fee for their bag. The fee will be determined by the destination they are traveling to.

Q: What can I do if my luggage is lost or damaged in transit?

A: In case of lost or damaged luggage, passengers must contact the China Eastern Airlines Baggage Service Counter at the airport. The staff at the counter will take the necessary steps to ensure that your luggage is found or you are compensated well.

Q: Will I be eligible for a refund in case I miss my China Eastern flight?

A: If you miss your flight, you shall be subjected to the provisions listed under a no-show. More information about this can be found on the official China Eastern Airlines website.

China Eastern Airlines Flight Classes

China Eastern First Class

With 6 spacious suites, China Eastern First Class flights enjoy flat-bed seats with privacy doors & high walls. 24-inch LCD screens are there for entertainment. Apart from airport lounge access, fine meals, and liquor, pick-and-drop limo service is offered for LAX, SFO, ORD, JFK, and LGA for US travelers.

China Eastern Business Class

The seats in the China Eastern Business Class give direct aisle access, foldable tables that are ideal for laptops and meals, 16-inch LCD touchscreens for entertainment purposes, and limo pick-and-drop facility, China Eastern Airlines Business Class Flyers get the chance to fly in luxury from the time they board the flight till they actually land.

China Eastern Airlines Super Economy Class

China Eastern Airlines Super Economy Class flyers are travelers who look for luxury without giving up on being economical. The seats are comfortable, leg-space is decent, meals are fine, and the airfares are low as compared to the other two classes. It aims at offering comfort without letting people break their banks.

China Eastern Airlines Economy Class

China Eastern Airlines Economy Class Flyers get to enjoy facilities like varied meal options, relaxing seats with recline options, affordable airfares, and dedicated staff at their service. This class of travelers believes in blending comfort and budget so they can enjoy the best of both the worlds and that’s what they do!

China Eastern Airlines Baggage Allowance

China Eastern Airlines Economy Class:

The Economy Class passengers get to check-in luggage weighing 20 kg, and the dimensions of the bag should not exceed 158 cm. Passengers can also carry one carry-on item weighing up to 10 kg and not exceeding 115 cm in dimensions.

China Eastern Business Class:

China Eastern Business Class Passengers Are allowed to check-in 30 kg of luggage, with the dimensions not exceeding 158 cm. The carry-on baggage should not exceed 10 kg in weight and 115 cm in dimensions.

China Eastern First Class:

The China Eastern Baggage policy for First Class passengers is the most generous. They can check-in up to 40kg of luggage, not exceeding 158 cm in dimensions. They can also carry two bags weighing up to 10 kg and not exceeding 115 cm in dimensions.

China Eastern Airlines Baggage Fees:

The baggage that fits the above-mentioned limit can be taken free of charge. In case your luggage surpasses the defined limits, you will need to pay extra depending on the excess weight.

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