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Gulf Air flights from USA to India

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About Gulf Air International Flight Booking Status

Gulf Air is the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national carrier. With a vision to be the best regional airline that also has global recognition, Gulf Air has successfully carved its way to success as it serves 49 cities in 27 countries with a fleet size of 34. It commenced its operation in 1950, making it one of the first commercial airlines in the Middle East.

Gulf Air Online Flights Booking

Gulf Air online booking is the new approach to booking your Gulf Air tickets without any hassle whatsoever. As everything is going online, making your Gulf Air booking through an online ticket booking platform like MyTicketsToIndia is a wise choice. Given the IATA accreditation of our company, you can rest assured that the reservations that you make through us are the best in the market. Our customer-centric approach ensures that the Gulf Air flight booking you make with us is in line with all of your needs and requirements. Just in case you still have any queries or problems, we also offer you a 24*7 customer care service. Our travel agents work round the clock to resolve any queries you may have, and provide solutions for all your travel related problems. Every aspect of your Gulf Air flights is handled expertly by our travel agents. So, you do not need to waste your time struggling to make Gulf Air international flight booking by yourself. Seek out the help of experienced and professional travel agents at MyTicketsToIndia. The tricks and hacks that they have acquired over the years will allow them to find the best Gulf Air deals in the market.

Gulf Air Flight Status

Going through the Gulf Air fares to India? The search is endless if you don’t seek out the help of experts who know what they are doing. Book with MyTicketsToIndia and save yourself the hassle. Once you are finished booking, check out the PNR status and flight status to get familiar with the schedule and reschedule status of your flight. Being aware of this information will allow you to reach on time for your flight. No matter when or where you are heading, knowing the details of your flight will always be helpful to avoid any confusion at the last moment.

Gulf Air In-Flight Experience

Gulf Air reservations ensure a pleasant experience for each of its travelers. The airline constantly takes the right steps in the right direction to enhance the services it offers. Some of the notable ones are ‘Sky Nanny’ which makes it a family-friendly airline where parents can enjoy without worrying about handling their kids, ‘Sky Chef’ under which you get your food with a personalized touch, ‘Skyhub’ that gives Wi-Fi and a range of entertainment options.

About Gulf Air Policies

Gulf Air is certified as a 3-star airline, providing quality services including seats, amenities, food, and beverages, etc. Gulf Air Policies provides specialized assistance to customers with the flight booking process, cancelation, and refundable fees.


Baggage Policy

Economy class passengers are allowed to check in two bags weighing 23 kg each, and measuring no more than 62 inches in total dimensions. For carry-on luggage, they may carry a bag weighing 6 kg. Passengers in this cabin class are allowed to check in two bags weighing 32 kg and not measuring more than 62 inches in total dimensions. They may also bring a carry-on bag weighing up to 9 kg. If the Gulf Air baggage policy is not enough for you to carry all that you want to, then you may carry extra luggage with you. In such a case you will have to pay an excess baggage fee. Excess baggage can be bought online in advance, or it can be bought at the airport for a competitive price.


Check-in Policy

Escape the traditional Gulf Air check-in method and switch to checking-in from your home to avoid the tiring queues at the airport counter. Choose either the ‘Early Check-in’ or ‘Falcon Gold Check-in’ on the website under the ‘Travel’ tab to select your seat and print your boarding pass. However, note that Gulf Air web check-in is available from 24 hours up to 90 minutes of the flight’s scheduled departure. The Gulf Air online check in service makes life much easier for passengers. Completing the Gulf Air web check in process at home allows passengers to save time while going through the airport formalities.

cancellation and refunds

Cancelation and Refund

Your flight ticket will be refunded if canceled under the Gulf Air Cancelation Policy. Gulf Air’s refund policy is determined by the type of ticket purchased. Full or partial refunds will be processed for as long as the terms of the policy permit such refunds. Passengers can request the cancelation of their flight tickets through their travel agency, where they have booked their flight ticket,s or can contact the Gulf Air helpline number. Before making your booking, it is worth considering the Gulf Air Cancelation and Refund Policy, including flight reservations.

pet policy

Special Assistance

Gulf Air Special Assistance ensures that deaf, mentally challenged, blind, wheelchair passengers or other medical cases (passengers with special needs) will be provided with special care by staff. According to the Gulf Air pregnancy policy, you may be required to carry certain medical forms. If a woman is at a pregnancy of 28 weeks (for single pregnancies) or 22 weeks (for multiple pregnancies), a medical certificate is not required. In addition, Gulf Air highly recommends that you should consult with your doctor for an estimated delivery date prior to your departure.

Gulf Air Flight Classes

Falcon Gold

Gulf Air premium passengers get to enjoy the free ‘Sky Nanny’ service which lets both the parents and the children have a smooth flight journey. Sky nannies are available to serve on-ground as well. Apart from this, dedicated chefs in the sky are available to offer restaurant-like experience in the sky with luscious food and exquisite drinks. Entertainment options are galore with personal TV screens and free Wi-Fi.

Economy Class

As an Economy Class flyer with Gulf Air, one gets comfortable seats to relax in, in-flight Wi-Fi availability to browse the net, power plug to charge the phones and other gadgets, seat-back TV screens, entertain options of audio clips/ audiobooks/ movies/ radio channels, five-star gourmet experience, 18 types of meal choices, and the choicest of drinks. What more, the well-trained staff is at the flyer’s beck and call!

Get Your Gulf Air Reservations With MyTicketsToIndia

Whatever makes you choose an air-ticketing portal to go ahead with your Gulf Air reservations, MyTicketsToIndia has everything plus more! If you are concerned about safe payments, we have a secure payment gateway with SSL encryption to carry out risk-free bookings. If you are looking for Gulf Air deals, we have the best deals in the industry with categories of call-only discounts, festive flight sales, group offers, and last-minute discounts. Availing of these will surprise you as to how much the difference in airfares can be, giving you the reason to boast about our unbeatable fares to your friends.

Top that with 24*7 customer support, easy-to-navigate website, live chat facility, friendly staff, quicker bookings, faster query resolving, and IATA accreditation to get end-to-end Gulf Air flight-booking services from MyTicketsToIndia. We have offices in both the USA and India and strive hard to make Gulf Air reservations from USA to India easier and cheaper to book.

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FAQs on Gulf Air Flights To India From USA

Q: Is Falconflyer the frequent flyer program of Gulf Air?

A: Yes, Falconflyer is a Gulf Air frequent flyer program wherein the members can earn miles by flying with Gulf Air or its partner airlines. These miles they earn can be used for seat upgrades, extra baggage allowance, premium lounge access, enormous discounts, and more. Reach out to one of the many Gulf Air phone numbers to know more about this.

Q: Is Gulf Air customer service available 24*7?

A: Yes, the customer support offered by Gulf Air is available 24*7 to assist the customers regarding any queries that they might have.

Q: How long do I need to wait after my delivery to board a flight with Gulf Air?

A: You’ll have to wait for a minimum of 1 week before you can fly after your delivery. Birth certificates of the newborn would be mandatory in this case.

Q: Where can I get the cheapest Gulf Air reservations; from the airline itself or an OTA?

A: OTAs have associations with airlines. When Online Travel Agencies buy tickets from the airline, they do that in bulk, thus saving themselves a lot of money. After that, they get to decide what airfares to keep (more or less). In this case, they can really lower the airfares to prove a point or build a reputation. On the other hand, airlines never lower the airfares beyond a point. That’s the reason why people prefer getting tickets booked from an online portal. It’s, however, a matter of chance and one must do the research.

Q: Can I bring a handbag or laptop bag on my Gulf Air flight?

A: Yes, a personal item, such as a handbag or laptop bag is allowed on Gulf Air flights to India. This bag can be taken along with the permitted Gulf air carry on allowance.

Q: What are the charges for overweight bags on my Gulf Air tickets for Economy Class?

A: Bags weighing over 23 kg, but less than 32 kg will be charged a fixed fee of USD 50.

Q: Are alcoholic drinks served onboard Gulf Air flights?

A: Yes, alcoholic drinks are served onboard long haul Gulf Air flights to India from the USA. The drinks are complimentary on these flights and served free of charge.

Q: Will I get a refund for my Gulf Air India flights from the USA, if I cancel them less than a week before the departure date?

A: In case of any cancellation, a refund will be processed by Gulf Air for the cancelled ticket. However, the amount of refund will depend on the type of ticket you have purchased. In some cases, you might be refunded the entire amount. But a cancellation charge may be deducted on other tickets, and a partial refund may be processed by the airline.

Q: Is it possible to check Gulf Air PNR status online?

A: PNR provides real-time information about your reservation on Gulf Air. It is possible to check the status of your Gulf Air tickets on their official website.

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