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San Francisco to India Flights @ Best Prices

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SFO to India Flights At Discounted Rates

Looking to book cheap SFO to India flights? Is there an event in India for which you can’t wait to visit the country, or are you planning to visit India as a tourist for the first time? Relax because you have come to the right place – MyTicketsToIndia. You can travel at ease and leave all your worries in San Francisco once you book flights from SFO to India with us. Our team executives promise you the most comfortable and hassle-free ticket booking and journey when you choose us. We believe in 100% transparency with our customers, and that is why there are no hidden charges. You will get amazing offers on our website on both one-way and round-trip India to San Francisco flights with big discounts.

Top Airlines Offering Flights from SFO to India

There are various airlines that operate San Francisco to India flights such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air India, United Airlines, Air Canada, Etihad Airways, etc. These airlines provide great services and deals for air tickets to India from SFO. Find more information on SFO to India flight route on our easy-to-navigate website.

Best Time to Book San Francisco to India Flights

The best time to explore India is between October and March. During these months, the weather is more likely to be cold, pleasant, and dry. You can witness the beauty at its peak in India during this period. If you want to save big on your cheap flights from San Francisco to India and hotel bookings, plan your trip between April and September. You will enjoy big discounts during these months. 

San Francisco to Delhi Flight Route Information

San Francisco to Delhi Distance12,084 km
Shortest time duration18h 15m
Departure From San Francisco International Airport(SFO)
Destination AirportIndira Gandhi International Airport
12:01 PM
Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

We bring you the current time in India so you can plan your trip well.

Other Popular USA to India Flights

Searching for India tickets from USA? Choose from the following popular routes to make your bookings budget-friendly and comfortable –

Tips To Get Cheap Flights from San Francisco to India

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the flight to India from SFO take to reach the destination?

A: It takes approximately 17 hours and 25 minutes to reach India from San Francisco.

Q: Are there any non-stop or direct flights from San Francisco to India available?

A: Yes, there are a few San Francisco to India direct flights (nonstop flights) available such as San Francisco to Delhi flights and San Francisco to Bangalore flights.

Q: What are the names and codes for San Francisco and Delhi airports?

A: The name of San Francisco airport is San Francisco International Airport; its code is SFO. And, the name of Delhi’s Airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport; its code is DEL.

Q: Will there be in-flight entertainment available on my flight to India from SFO?

A: That depends upon the airline you choose for your SFO to India flights. The majority of airlines do provide in-flight entertainment.

Q: What are the most preferred routes for SFO to India flights?

A: There are several famous routes that you can take to fly to India from SFO such as SFO to Mumbai flights, SFO to Delhi flights, San Francisco to Amritsar flights, and San Francisco to Chennai flights, etc.

Q: What are the most popular airlines that have flights to India from SFO?

A: The most popular airlines offering flights from SFO to India are Air India, Jet Airways, and American Airlines.

Other Famous San Francisco to India Routes

About India

Has the everyday life in San Francisco drained you for wanting a getaway from all the hustle-bustle? Pack your bags and book flights to India from SFO as soon as possible because India has places where you will reconnect to yourself. A trip to India, the birthplace of Yoga, will help you to rejuvenate. The famous city of Auroville will surprise you with its system of living. Auroville, known for its Matrimandir, is also known for its global community. This city has its citizenship, and to get that citizenship, you need to stay with the least available and essential resources on the outskirts of the city. It helps you to find the part of yourself that you might have lost in everyday life.

Things To Do In India 

India is an enormous and diverse destination that possesses incredible places to explore. India Tourism offers everything from ancient temples and historical forts to beautiful beaches and alluring caves. Here are some of the best things you can explore while your trip – 

  • See Mysterious Caves Of India – Caves in India have always allured historians, scientists, and tourists alike. It is mesmerizing to understand the architectural brilliance that man achieved in prehistoric times devoid of any modern techniques. 
  • Explore Beautiful Parks With Your Family – Top National Parks in India preserve and protect an astonishing degree of biodiversity that includes around 70% of the world’s wild tigers, white lions, hundreds of bird species, and much more flora and fauna. Must explore them for a wonderful experience!
  • Tour Of Royal Forts Of India – In India, there are a number of impressive forts which you must visit once to feel the royal bygone eras. These majestic Forts in India symbolize the fact that once this country was ruled by mighty kings and princes.
  • Plan A Vacation To The Beautiful Beaches – Must explore the most beautiful Beaches in India that are not only some of the world’s most tranquil and astonishing destinations but also offer the best ways to experience the world around you.
  • Visit Magnificent Temples For Inner Peace – There are many majestic Temples in India that you must explore for your inner peace. During ancient times, Indian rulers would patronize artists and sculptures for creating exceptional masterpieces in the form of temples under their reign. 
  • Other Famous Places To Explore – The beautiful land of India is known for its extremes, history, and enormous diversity. The country is still one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. There are incredible Tourist attractions in India that attract millions of tourists every year.

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