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Our clients can find it easy to purchase air tickets from our web portal. What’s more, we give you all the details you would need to make a booking for your trip with ease. Still, wondering why you should reserve tickets with us? We provide a quick and trouble-free booking process that will provide cheap tickets from Atlanta (PDK) to Surat (STV) for you. If you are tired out, MyTicketsToIndia is here to inspire you to look for the best fares. Even if due to any urgency you have to take a flight immediately, you can review last-minute deals on any flight tickets from USA to India .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the airport IATA code for Surat?

A: IATA code for Surat airport is STV.

Q: What is the length of the flight from Atlanta (PDK) to Surat (STV)?

A: It takes approximately 17 hours 22 minutes to reach Surat from Atlanta.

Q: What is the time difference between Atlanta and Surat?

A: Atlanta is 9hrs 30mins behind Surat.

Q: What is the flight distance from Atlanta (PDK) to Surat (STV)?

A: The flight distance from Atlanta (PDK) to Surat (STV) is 13466.1 kilometers.

Q: Which time of the year is best to book flights to Surat from Atlanta?

A: October to December and January to February is the ideal time to visit Surat.

Q: What is the helpline number of Surat airport?

A: Surat airport’s helpline number is +91 (0) 261 2700 200.

Q: Which are the top and reliable airlines flying from Atlanta to Surat?

A: American Airlines , British Airways , Delta Airlines , etc, and many more are top and reliable airlines flying from Atlanta to Surat.

Q: Why do I make the flight bookings to Surat (STV) from Atlanta (PDK)?

A: Surat is the Diamond City of India. Every year, people visit Surat City to explore its world-famous tourist spots such as Dumas Beach, Sardar Patel Museum, Dutch Garden, Dandi Beach, Science Centre, Sarthana Nature Park, and so many more places.

Q: How much luggage is allowed to carry in a flight?

A: It is advisable to interact with the operators of the airline you are traveling, to know about the appropriate number of baggage allowed and it’s limitations as allowance policies differ from airlines to airlines.

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About Surat

From the port of Mughal to its rejuvenation through the railways of India, Gujarat has never strayed far away from the reach of transformation. The fast-expanding diamond cutting and polishing industries sustain their textile production, including silk and muslin. The development of Surat has been gradually progressing, encouraged by its accessibility to the Arabian Sea. But the mysterious history of Dumas Beach, the ancient glory of Surat Castle, and the architecture of the Dutch Gardens give Surat an overlooked sense of mystery that is interesting to explore. 

Surat is a city that lies in the southeastern part of Gujarat. It is situated near the opening of the Tapti River in the Khambhat Gulf. Places to visit on a must-see list are Dumas Beach, Sarthana Nature Park, and Zoo, Ambika Niketan Temple, Ubharat Beach, Gopi Talav. By booking cheap flights from Atlanta (PDK) to Surat (STV) from us, you can avail of interesting deals and discounts, which can help you fulfill your desire to enjoy and cherish your destination.

Favorable Time To Experience Surat When Coming From Atlanta

From October to March, Surat is the most pleasant time to explore. Surat’s average temperatures are like those of any other city in India’s western area. The average temperature varies from 15°C to 29°C, making it suitable for sightseeing and other activities. In Surat, the winter season is the best. October is also usually the month when Surat gets elevated during Navratri. With a lot of excitement, Navratri is celebrated here with pomp and show and dances like Garba and Dandiya are enjoyed all over the city and thus, this is the ideal time to reserve the lowest fares on Atlanta (PDK) to Surat (STV) flights. The native peoples have a big festival in the forested area in January/February, the week following Holi or Dang Durbar. Summers begin in April in Surat and continue until June. The temperature goes up to 40 ° C, and the air is very dry and humid, finding it a bad idea for a city tour. July is coming, and the monsoon arrives at the door of Surat, taking the temperature down. Sightseeing could be a challenge because it is wet all over.

Transportation Services Available In Surat (STV) After Reaching From Atlanta (PDK)

From access to prepaid taxis and local buses, visitors can get good public transport options outside the Surat Airport. Bhestan Station is the nearest railway station located half an hour away from Surat airport. You can hire a taxi to get through the region and is the best way to get to Surat City. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Tapti River through the wide-open windows, all at the convenience of traveling onboard. You can reserve a chartered bus after landing from USA to Surat (STV) flights. It is also ideal for a quick journey for fast trips around the city and is spacious enough.

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MyTicketsToIndia is a detailed portal, helping you to get cheap flight tickets from Atlanta to India, Surat (STV). our online portal shows up-to-date itineraries, route maps, travel times, and calculated fares from relevant air travel sites to make sure that you can make a better decision as to which choice of flight tickets from Atlanta to Surat best suits your requirements. Contact MyTicketsToIndia and its also allows online reservations for the specified carriers, making fast and precise reservations for cheap flight tickets from Atlanta (PDK) to Surat (STV).

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