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Cheap Atlanta to Varanasi Flight Tickets (ATL-VNS)

An obligation, a long-impending trip, or homecoming – whatever it is that made you land here in search of cheap flights from Atlanta to Varanasi , MyTicketsToIndia won’t leave you disappointed. We are a platform that was founded with the very aim of making travel cost-efficient and we have been pretty successful in our endeavor. It makes our hearts bloom to know that our clients leave us positive and encouraging remarks almost every day on Trustpilot and even personally. With 100% transparency, no hidden charges, and 24*7 customer service, we are one of the best travel portals with the best after-sales services to book cheap flights from Atlanta to Varanasi.

It takes 1 day and 9 hours for an ATL to VNS flight to land with 2+ stops. While there are no direct flights from Atlanta to Varanasi, we will help you plan the best itinerary with the least layover time for the stops. Get in touch with us to know about the deals we run and the offers you can avail of. For any flights to India ,you can either give us a call or join the live chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far is the main city from Varanasi Airport?

A: Varanasi Airport, officially known as Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, is 25 km from the main city.

Q: What modes of transport can I use to travel from Varanasi Airport to the main city?

A: From the airport , taxis can easily be hired at a cost of somewhere around INR 750. It will take an hour to drop you near the Ganges area (city center). Auto-rickshaws are also available for INR 500 or more, but they take double the time than what is taken by a taxi. Else, you could choose to cover the 10-minute distance to the bus stand on foot and take the bus to the city at a nominal charge of INR 50. Please note that the prices shared here are subject to change as per the season and time.

Q: What souvenirs should ideally be taken along on return Atlanta to Varanasi flights?

A: Make your ATL to VNS trip memorable by buying things that carry the essence of Benaras (Varanasi). Some of the must-buys are Benarasi Sarees, Cashmere wool clothing, natural oils and perfumes (itra), religious books, herbal tea, oil lamps, scented candles, statues of deities, and Persian carpets. One thing that carries the utmost value is the water of Ganges which is sold in sealed copper pots to avoid leakage. You would find this being sold in abundance near the Ghats in cans at higher prices. When asked, the boatmen will tell you how they’ve brought the water from the middle of the river because that’s where the water is the purest. To believe them or not, that’s totally up to you.

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Explore About Varanasi

The spiritual land of India, Varanasi is one of the cities that experiences the highest number of tourists, directly explaining Atlanta to Varanasi flights being booked in huge numbers every year. It’s a land that can be imagined to be taken from a fairy-tale love story where the female protagonist gets upset and is nowhere to be found but the male protagonist knows exactly where she would be. At one of her favorite Ghats! Ta-da. The boy tries to locate her among the people and smiles when he finally does, confessing his love to which the sunset (along with the river and the picturesque beauty) stands testimony. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to be here? However, don’t expect to find mansions and chill places where you can sip your Colorado while booking cheap flights from Atlanta to Varanasi or peace of mind if you merely want to tick this destination off your wishlist. This place isn’t about ticking the tourist sites one after the other, but about living the tourist sites one after the other. Expect nothing fancy, but everything sassy!

Named after the rivers Varuna and Asi, this city has some 87 ghats in total and that’s the reason why the male protagonist we were talking about earlier is worthy of the cherry points he got for remembering the one his lover admires. Anyhow, leaving this story behind, the residents of this holy city are known to make headlines for catching frogs and getting them married when the rains are delayed. This is their way of wooing the God of Rain, Indra Dev. Strange indeed! But because this city is known to be the oldest city in the world, age-old practices are carried out without being questioned. If you are boarding your USA to Varanasi flight for the purpose of cremating your loved one, you’d probably know that the departed soul will be chosen to tread on the path of heaven, if there is one in a parallel world. But what you might not know is that not every dead body is burned along the river. Some are too holy (pregnant ladies and babies) and some too unholy (prostitutes) for that, so their bodies are thrown into the river with weights tied to them. It’s ironic how the living of most of the people in Varanasi depends on peoples’ deaths because the boatmen will convince you to take the sunrise tour, claiming that you’ll see a dead body floating somewhere while taking the ride.

With poets like Prem Chand and Tulsi Das being born and brought up here, it is the land of words that flow rhythmically even in casual conversations. You’ll love how people sit together and utter shayaris (couplets) while chewing betel leaves (paan), making the evenings merrier and happier. To conclude, Varanasi is an emotion to be felt. You cannot search for “10 famous attractions in Varanasi”, visit them, and say that you have been to Varanasi. No, no, no! The essence of the city lies in experiencing the little things that happen every moment. For that, MyTicketsToIndia brings you the choicest deals so you can book cheap flights from Atlanta to Varanasi without having to make savings for years at a stretch.

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