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Cheap Flight Tickets From Las Vegas To Patna (LAS-PAT)

India has its share of ancient cities along with Modern ones, and Patna, which is the State capital of Bihar, is undoubtedly considered so. You can witness this when you have a cheap flight from Las Vegas to Patna booked through MyTicketsToIndia, where there are no hidden charges. Patna has protected its heritage and culture exceptionally well with its museums and pilgrimage centers, which is hard to ignore. MyTicketsToIndia is always with you to assure hassle-free ticketing by purchasing for you the best pocket-friendly deals that hardly hurt your bank balance and with 100% transparency. Patna also believes in keeping the environment intact by building parks and harnessing Flora’s, which you can appreciate with LAS to PAT flight ticket.

At MyTicketsToIndia, we request our customers to book their flight tickets from Las Vegas to Patna, allowing you to enjoy our 24/7 customer service. Lord Buddha’s ashes are contained in a casket preserved carefully in the Patna Museum, and Patna has more Gurudwara for a Non-Sikh state. Patna has science centers and planetariums to educate their children as the future is a digital era. At MyTicketsToIndia, we allow customers to book their tickets with the aid of an easy-to Use- website, and in case of a doubt, our experienced travel experts are available to guide you. Patna is home to wildlife with Aqua theme park for a weekend delight, and you would bear witness to this through flights to India from USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the total distance from Las Vegas to Patna?

A: The distance by flight from Las Vegas to Patna is 12842 km.

Q: What is the flight time between Las Vegas and Patna?

A: The total flight time between Las Vegas and Patna is approximately 28 hours.

Q: Are there any direct flights from Las Vegas to Patna?

A: As of date, there are no direct flights from Las Vegas to Patna.

Q:Which airlines offer flights to Patna from Las Vegas?

A: Air India, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways, Aeroflot, Air France, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Alaska Airlines, and American Airlines are the best options when it comes to booking India flights.

Q: What are the best hotels I can choose to stay in while I’m in Patna?

A: In Patna, the choice of a good hotel should be one of the following. Hotel Maurya, Lemon Tree Premier Patna, and the Hotel Patliputra Continental.

Q: What is the perfect method of transportation from Las Vegas to Patna?

A: By Flight, undoubtedly. It is the best mode of transportation from Las Vegas to Patna. Book your tickets through MyTicketsToIndia and visit Patna.

Q. Is there a direct Las Vegas to Patna flight ticket available?

A: No. There is no direct Las Vegas to Patna flight ticket available.

Q: Can MyTicketsToIndia make last-minute bookings?

A: Certainly. MyTicketsToIndia helps out people who approach in the final minute to get a ticket, which may be cheaper than the others.

Q: How do I book the flight tickets from Las Vegas to Patna at discounted prices?

A: Many airlines provide tickets for their customers to choose the best deals. However, this is a difficult process for the Airlines as they must engage in detailed checking. MyTicketsToIndia will make your search far easier. You can log onto our website and search for the appropriate flights that would suit your requirement for the cheapest tickets along with some additional discounts.

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About Patna

At the outset, one may feel that Patna is a hot city in India with very little or no greenery. Only when you travel with a Las Vegas to India tickets would you know your misjudgment. The tour starts at Golghar, where the stupa-shaped structure catches your eyes first and the lush garden surrounding it the next. You can picnic with your family seated among the greenery. The next stop is the Patna Museum, which houses many historical artifacts and materials. There is a Holy casket that is believed to bear Lord Buddha’s sacred ashes and numerous British paintings. With the museum behind us, we make our way to the Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, which was established in 1973. It is undoubtedly one of the largest wildlife zoos in the country and houses more than 800 animals you would admire with a Las Vegas to Patna flight ticket along with a snake farm and a large aquarium.

Experience These Tourist Destinations

It’s time to experience a religious faith, and a visit to the Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib, a Sikh Gurudwara, would be the best as you have a ticket to Patna from USA. The Gurudwara is perched right on the Holy Ganges banks, and millions are drawn to it in festival times. There is little doubt about the serenity it provides. Next on the list is the Mahatma Gandhi Setu Bridge, which would make your eyes wide open. The bridge runs the length of 5000 meters and is also the third in India as far as distance is concerned. One cannot enter the Ganga waters, but you can do so in the Funtasia Water Park, which delights one and all with its park rides and aqua-themed slides. There are many cuisines to taste, and it is one happy sight for you too as you have traveled to Patna from Las Vegas.

Enjoy The Greenery With A Cheap Flight Ticket From Las Vegas To Patna

Patna is concerned about the environment also, which is reflected by the development of an ECO park. The lush greenery has more than 3000 types of Flora in it, which you can feast your eyes on as you have a ticket from Las Vegas to Patna. There are boat rides, a playground for children to run and safely play, and a path dedicated to cyclists. More lies in store for all, as you pay a visit to the Patna Planetarium for science enthusiasts where you can experience eclipses and meteor showers. Have a wonderful time and book your cheap flight to Patna from Las Vegas and connect with us to enjoy best offers.

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