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Cheap Flight Tickets From Las Vegas To Srinagar (LAS-SXR)

Finally, got a holiday or some days off work? Planning to spend some time in a cold weathered place? Then not visiting Srinagar perhaps might be a big mistake in your life. You can book cheap flights from Las Vegas to Srinagar with the help of MyTicketsToIndia . Yeah, many countries share the same icy and cold weather as Srinagar, but the capital of Jammu and Kashmir has its beauty and importance be it in terms of food, culture, or environment that you cannot miss. MyTicketsToIndia would be glad to give you a chance to fly to Srinagar from Las Vegas at the lowest fare flights. Unlike other websites, these tickets are reasonably cheap and thus keep your pocket happy.

If you admire mountains and trekking, Srinagar would be an ideal place to enjoy the experience of mountain sports and roaming in the mountains. It will be a completely new joyful experience for you in heaven on earth, Srinagar. You can spend full time with your family, loved ones enjoying the scenic beauty as MyTicketsToIndia would take care of the expenses, and ensure that you have a comfortable journey ahead. We offer you bumper deals and discounts like cheap flights from USA to India and many other destinations in India.

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FAQs on Flights to Srinagar from Las Vegas

Q: What is the IATA code of Las Vegas and Srinagar?

A: The IATA code of Las Vegas and Srinagar are LAS and SXR respectively.

Q: Can I fly directly from Las Vegas to Srinagar?

A: Unfortunately there are no direct Las Vegas to Srinagar flights. You can fly to Srinagar by taking occasional stoppages.

Q: What is the total distance between Las Vegas and Srinagar?

A: The total distance between Las Vegas and Srinagar is 7536 miles.

Q: But is it safe for travel during the evening?

A: Surprisingly no issues are found in Srinagar, Gulmarg, or Sonamarg. You can sometimes feel insecure but you can’t ignore the presence of the Army and CRPF everywhere. Even the stone pelters refrain themselves from bothering tourists. So you can relax to book a ticket to Srinagar from Las Vegas.

Q: What are the flights that travel from Las Vegas to Srinagar?

A: United Airline, Air India, Vistara, Jet Blue, Delta Airline, Emirates are the flights that travel from Las Vegas to Srinagar.

Q: Does the capital city of J&K provide Wi-Fi internet?

A: Absolutely! You can visit any internet cafe around the city for high-speed browsing. Charges can be implied as per hourly usage. You can entertain yourselves on the internet as Airtel, Tata Photon, and BSNL data card services work very efficiently there. Thus no complaints about the poor network!

Q: What time will it take for me to reach Srinagar?

A: It will take you about a day and three to reach Srinagar from Las Vegas.

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Dishes To Explore in Srinagar

Srinagar has large quantities of mouth-watering and finger-licking dishes to offer. The dishes may fill your belly but your tongue will still crave more delicacies. Some of the popular and much-craved foods of Srinagar are Rogan Josh, Modur Pulav, Matschgand, Yoghurt Lamb Curry(Yakhni), Lyodur Tschaman, etc etc and you can taste it just by booking a cheap tickets to India from Las Vegas. Though it may sound surprising to you the residents of Srinagar always prefer to eat boiled/steamed food which is delicious and nutritious too.

The fresh vegetables also help to enhance its taste and nutrients. Chamber, SKU, Pava, and Thukpa are the staple food items for the residents. So people complaining about the taste or quality of the food items are never found here. Due to the icy cold weather there, people always prefer to eat non-veg items to keep their bodies warm. Thus apart from lots of sweaters, shawls, and coats, never forget to keep your stomach full with the food all along! Get a discounted tickets to Srinagar from Las Vegas with MyTicketsToIndia!

Wildlife And Greenery In India’s Heaven – Srinagar

Believing that you have love and interest in fauna and flora, Srinagar has lots of it to see and admire and you can be a part of that just with a ticket from Las Vegas to Srinagar at inexpensive rates. The Dachigam National Park is there to grant your wishes. It introduces you to the wildlife and greenery of the capital city. Unlike tigers or lions, the main animal species that Dachigam is known for is the Kashmir stag. Other than the hangul(Kashmir stag) Dachigam also provides shelter to leopards, Himalayan black and brown bear, Leopard cat, Jackal, Otter, Yellow-throated marten, Musk deer, etc. Also apart from the land, you will see the sky filled with birds like Black bulbul, Babbler, Redstart, Wagtail, Orange bullfinch, Tytler’s leaf warbler, Wallcreeper, etc in the Dachigam National Park. The greenery section has to offer trees like coniferous, alpine pastures, meadows, scrub vegetation with deep gullies(commonly known as Nars), running down the mountain. The Marsar lake there is known for its fish population, especially the trout. Thus a flight tickets to Srinagar from USA can help you experience what it truly feels like looking at such magnificent creatures who are too good to miss!

Enjoy Cheap Las Vegas To Srinagar Flight Tickets With MyTicketsToIndia

Love sports or specifically challenging and adventurous sports? Then you must try out the various sports in Srinagar and see for yourself! In an icy and cold weathered country, instead of watching TV or playing games on your mobile, you should try out the sports to enjoy yourself. Not every country can offer you such a facility, but in India’s heaven, such a thing is guaranteed. The challenging and adventurous sports of Srinagar are worth playing which truly can leave you amused and surprised from excitement. What to play those unique games?  Just book a ticket to SXR from LAS. Famous sports done in Srinagar include River Rafting, Water Skiing, Skiing, Trekking, Aero sports, Golf, etc etc. Not only these are amazing but also enjoyable. It’s said that ‘no one can truly enjoy Srinagar if he/she doesn’t play the famous sports here’. Thus say good-bye to your mobile phone games and undertake the challenge to enjoy every adventurous sport in Srinagar! 

Now, coming to the various amusement parks in J&K’s Capital city, it has a lot to offer! The parks are not only for sightseeing but also allow you to abduct a self-found precious moment for yourself. Spending time with your near and dear ones in an extraordinary manner to have a catchy time with kids and family in these parks. Forgiving you such joy our list of amusement parks suggests Lidder Amusement Park, Wonderland Amusement Park, Hill Ventures Park, Daliyon Ka Dagriya, etc as the most visited and popular parks. Not only you will find these parks filled with people but also with peace, quietness, excitement, and fun. For your little ones who cannot stand still for long from playing, our parks have roller coaster rides, water rides, snow world, and other entertainment outlets that can surely bring a smile to their faces. So enjoy these parks with your family with a cheap ticket from Las Vegas to Srinagar by connecting with us

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