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Affordable Los Angeles to Goa Tickets

We all love to travel but one thing that most of us dislike is the planning that surrounds the concept of traveling. For instance, we would all love to go on a trip to the exotic state of Goa in India but very few of us like the ordeal of booking a suitable flight from Los Angeles to Goa(LAX to GOI), India. To escape the torment of booking flights, you can get in touch with us at MyTicketsToIndia where we offer the best options for Los Angeles to Goa flights. Our fleet of efficient travel experts help you with every detail of your trip and help you keep the expenses to a minimum by giving you the best options for cheap flights from Los Angeles to Goa. While there are no Los Angeles to Goa direct flights, some airlines which offer the best services on this route are Qatar Airways, Vistara, Emirates, Air Asia, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines. Since Los Angeles to Goa flight time is usually as long as 24 hours, it is important to choose a convenient timing so that the journey doesn’t get too restless for you. At MyTicketsToIndia, we take care of all these needs and preferences of our clients and provide the best traveling experience.

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FAQs on Flights to Goa from Los Angeles

Q: What is the time difference between Los Angeles and Goa?

A: There is a time difference of almost 12 hours and 30 minutes. This means that Goa is ahead of Los Angeles by 12 hours and 30 minutes. However, during DST, the time difference reduces by an hour.

Q: How much cash can I carry with me on an international flight?

A: You can carry up to 5000 USD in your Los Angeles to Goa flight, beyond which you need to declare it to the customs.

Q: Can I carry liquids on my flight?

A: You can carry up to 3.4 ounces of liquid items, packed in a zip pouch in your check-in baggage while traveling on an international flight from Los Angeles to Goa, India.

Q: Can I meet my relatives and friends inside the airport?

A: You can meet your relatives and friends only outside the entry point of the airport if they are not traveling with you.

Q: When are flight fares usually high?

A: Typically, flight fares are higher during the latter part of the week. Hence, it is advisable to book your cheap ticket from Los Angeles to Goa during the earlier part of the week.

Q: Can I carry my baby’s milk on an international flight?

A: You can carry up to 2000 ml of breast milk. Sterilized and other types of milk are also allowed in your baggage only if your baby is traveling with you during the flight.

Q: Which airport will I be traveling to in Goa?

A: In your Los Angeles to Goa flight, you will be traveling from Los Angeles International Airport (IATA code: LAX) to Goa International Airport (IATA code: GOI) in Goa.

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About Goa

Goa, also known as “Rome of the East” or “Pearl of the Orient”, is a tiny state along the Konkan coast in western India. It is situated at only 583 kilometers from Mumbai. So, if you visit Goa, you can make a short trip of 3-4 days to Mumbai as well. Having had an exemplary history of being ruled by the Dutch, the Portuguese for a long period, the state emits vibes of both cultures in different aspects such as architecture, food, etc. After traveling in your Los Angeles to Goa flights, the first experience that you must have is of the beautiful beaches which are plenty in number. It is usually advisable to stay in North Goa as that part is more frequented by tourists whereas South Goa is essentially for the natives or residents. So, when you book your flight from Los Angeles to Goa, India; you need to remember to make your hotel bookings in North Goa.

Some of the best hotels are Bay 15, Grand Hyatt, DoubleTree by Hilton, The Fern Kadamba. These are some of the most premium hotels in Goa where you can stay for a luxurious experience. If you are a budget traveler or prefer to spend less on the hotel bookings and bookings for your Los Angeles to Goa flights, then you can go for affordable hotels such as The Sentosa Villa in Bardez, Amigo Plaza, Banana Tree Courtyard which is a sprawling place to stay at. There are many other options for the budget traveler in a place like Goa. The Rivas Resort with its oceanic pools, William’s Beach Resort and Valentine’s Retreat offer some of the most enjoyable stays at pocket-friendly prices. So, keep these names on your mind while booking your flights from Los Angeles to Goa, India because the next step is to book hotels!

Since beaches are the most attractive part of Goa, some popular and well-known beaches that you must go to are Calangute Beach, Palolem Beach, Baga Beach where you can also try various water sport, Anjuna Beach which has some of the best seaside shacks where you must try out the seafood along with a can of beer. This is one of the best experiences you can have if you visit Goa with friends and family. Goa is also popular for its local cuisine which is extremely versatile in taste and flavor. Some popular dishes that you should try after landing from your Los Angeles to Goa flight are Goan fish curry, Sorak, Calamari fish and a plethora of different breeds of sea fish. That’s why it is important to patiently look for and book a cheap ticket from Los Angeles to Goa(LAX to GOI) so that you can be extravagant about the food as well as experiences such as water sports or beach-side parties.

With all this information about Goa, we are sure you have already started planning your trip. To smoothen it out and ensure that you have the best experience, contact MyTicketsToIndia where our travel experts offer the best options for cheap flights from Los Angeles to Goa. Though there are no Los Angeles to Goa(LAX to GOI) direct flights, we can assure you that we will get your tickets booked on the most convenient and suitable flight possible.

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