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Lowest Fare Philadelphia to Surat Flight Tickets

If you want to visit Surat and have the best time of your life, you can communicate with MyTicketsToIndia and grab the best Philadelphia to Surat flight ticket deals.

Route Infmroation ( Distance + Time )

Surat is located about 300knms from the state capital Gandhinagar. From silk weaving to being a major textile hotspot to being the diamond hub of India. Surat is a light-hearted, fun going place where a foodie will enjoy. It is the perfect place for a family vacation. Surat is situated 12,444 km or 7,732 mi from the city of Philadelphia. You can cover this distance by airplane, and it will take about 26 hours with stoppages. If you are looking for a lower fare on tickets from PHL to STV, then MyTicketsToIndia is the place to go to. The amazing special offers and discounts assure you that you get the rates compared to competitors. Visit the website and compare prices so that you can get an idea of what plane tickets to choose for USA to India .Along with that, our customer support team will be there for you to clear all the issues you might have and make the travel hassle-free.

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FAQs on Flights to Surat from Philadelphia

Q: Are there any direct flights from Philadelphia to Indore?

A: There are many stoppages that airlines usually go through with. Direct flights from PHL to STV are quite sporadic, but you can check that out by using our user-friendly website and look for the best route for you within your price range. You can contact our customer support staff, who will guide you to either get a direct flight from Philadelphia to Surat or otherwise to get the flight services for you.

Q: How to get the best offers on flight tickets from Philadelphia to Surat?

A: If you plan to get your hands on cheap flight tickets from PHL to STV, then Get in touch with MyTicketsToIndia’s official web page. You will find several attractive discounts and offers to choose from for guaranteed price-cuts, which will save you that extra buck.

Q: Which airports operate flights from PHL to the STV route?

A: The airports that operate on the Philadelphia to Surat route are: The Philadelphia International Airport (IATA Code – PHL) at Philadelphia and Surat International Airport (IATA Code – STV) at Surat.

Q: What is the best time to visit Indore from Philadelphia?

A: The best time to visit Indore is October to March as the climate is moderate at this time. The summer in the city of Surat is warm and can get very hot at times; the temperature could reach as high as 45 degrees. Also, during October-November, the festival of Navratri is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy, which is fun to take part in.

Q: What are the major tourist attractions in Surat city?

A: The city of Surat is located on the south bank of the Tapi River and has many textile shops because of its historic textile industry. The famous tourist attractions of the Surat Castle, Science Centre Complex and the Diamond Gallery, and more. Make sure to see these when you have your PHL to the STV tour.

Q: Why is Surat called the City of Sun?

A: Surat is named the City of Sun according to Hindu traditions. It is said that the city was created by a Brahman named Gopi, who called this city ‘Suryapur,’ which means the city of the sun.

Q: What is the time difference between PHL to STV?

A: Surat, Gujarat is 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Philadelphia, PA, USA

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About Surat

Surat is a place with a blend of vibes and has many places that will be liked by different kinds of tourists. The attractions in Surat will not disappoint. The Dutch Garden is a popular destination in Surat; it is located about 4 km from the city and is a place to look out for. Then comes the famous Dumas Beach, which is 18 km from the city of Surat. It has a very calming and picturesque scenery, a favorite for photographers and you Instagram lovers. The Sardar Patel Museum is yet another attraction in Surat; it was established in 1890 and is a place you should see. Make sure to book your ticket from Philadelphia (PHL) to Surat (STV) right away. 

Food And Shopping During your PHL to STV Tour

Surat is very well known for the food they make. The variety of cuisines makes it so large, as the Gujarati thalis are known worldwide. All the restaurants are reasonably priced as well. Locha is the most popular food in the city, and so is the sweet Ghari. Other famous foods of Surat include Khaman, Undhiyu Rasaawala, khakhra, thepla, and much more. The roadside stalls sell many Indian and Chinese blend foods, including Dry Manchurian and Chinese Bhel.  

Tips For Grabbing Cheap Flight Tickets From Philadelphia to Surat

To ensure that you grab the cheapest and best-rated flight booking experience, here are a few tips that you should consider to save a lot of money while doing your Philadelphia to Surat flight booking. Always make sure to compare the different prices of the flights available on the day before finalizing your tickets so that you can ensure you get the best one for you. Last-minute booking might cost heavily on you, so it is always recommended to book the tickets a month before. 

MyTicketsToIndia is a well-renowned name in the flight booking scene, offering various services with 100% transparency in the bookings. There are no hidden charges, and our customer care staff will be there for you up until the end, giving you the lowest fare for PHL to STV flights. Book your USA to Surat flights today!

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