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Are you from Phoenix and are planning to book flights to Calicut? Do you need recommendations? Then it would be best if you didn’t miss visiting this Southern Indian city of Kozhikode, also called Calicut. The city of Calicut is located between the Arabian sea and the Western Ghats. Calicut is the name derived from the hand-woven cotton cloth named Calico. This cotton cloth was also exported from Kozhikode. This city was founded in 1042 AD and then was the Zamorin capital or the kingdom of Samoothiris. Vasco da Gama arrived on the land of Kappad in May 1498, paving the way for a new history. The city is also known as the City of Spices because it is a central place of the eastern spices’ spice trade. Tourists are majorly attracted to this city because of its beauty and culture. If you want to book flights from Phoenix to Calicut, MyTicketsToIndia is the best website for planning your travel journey. Book your tickets well in advance and get cheap flights from Phoenix to Calicut.

The distance from Phoenix to Calicut is 9,299 miles, i.e., 14975.5 km via air. The city known in the spice trade for over 500 years traded spices like cardamom and black pepper with the Chinese, Arabs, Jews, and Phoenicians. During the reign of Sri Samoothiri Maharajas, before the British rule, the capital of Malabar was Calicut. In 2012, the city was named the City of Sculptures, as various parts of the town consisted of a collection of architectural sculptures. If you want to explore this city, then book cheap tickets from USA to India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the distance between Phoenix and Calicut?

A: The distance between Phoenix and Calicut is 9,299 miles, which is 14975.5 km, and it takes around 27 hours 5 minutes in a Phoenix to Calicut flight. To know more, visit the MyTicketsToIndia website.

Q: What are the names of the airports from where I have to board and alight?

A: Since you’ll be boarding from Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the airport’s name from where you will be boarding your flight from PHX to CCJ. Calicut International Airport is the name of the airport you get off on, which is 16 miles from Karipur.

Q: Which is the cheapest airline to book the PHX to CCJ flight ticket?

A: MyTicketsToIndia offers a variety of airlines for you to choose from, and whichever you find has the cheapest flight ticket from PHX to CCJ, you can book that.

Q: What is the best time to schedule a PHX to CCJ flight?

A: The best time to schedule depends on the time you would like to go. Once your travel dates are finalized, you can contact the customer service of MyTicketsToIndia and book a PHX to CCJ ticket.

Q: Can I get a direct flight from Phoenix to Calicut?

A: There are multiple stoppages between Phoenix and Calicut. Thus, it would be better for you to not rely on the direct flight tickets from PHX to CCJ. For more information about the same, feel free to ping our customer assistance team.

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About Calicut

Calicut is a city with a rich culture and tradition with a blend of philosophy, art, and religion. The British rule made Calicut a part of the province of Madras. The city used to be a major port, where the Arabic, European and Persian traders used to visit the port situated on the Maritime Silk Road. Before modernization hit Kozhikode, formerly known as Calicut, this city was famous for its romantic locations completed with the fragrance of sweets on this city’s ancient streets. But despite everything, the town remains a pure charm of heritage and culture. Why wait any longer? Book your Phoenix to Calicut flight ticket immediately! If you are looking for cheap flights, MyTicketsToIndia is here for you with exclusive deals that will give you cheap tickets from PHX to CCJ. 

Calicut is a place filled with age-old traditions and cultures. Even though the modern era has changed most of the world, the traditions and cultures of Calicut remain the same and are religiously followed even today. Calicut is rich in the tradition of folk arts. The traditional folk art of Oppana, Kolkali, and Mappilappattu are Muslim communities in the Malabar. Theyyam and Thirayattam are another set of art forms that are temple based and are primarily practiced in the district of the Northern regions. The art form of Thirayattam is a ritualistic celebration predominant in the districts of Malappuram and  Kozhikode and is believed to be one of the most ethnic arts. Want to know more? Don’t miss a chance to travel and explore this culturally beautiful city by booking a Phoenix to India ticket on the MyTicketsToIndia website. 

Traditionally Traversing With Your Phoenix to Calicut Flight Tickets 

Beginning the day with the sunshine on oneself is said to be healthy and fills you with positivity. But what about sunsets? View the most scenic sunset from the British-built Kallayi bridge, in the Kallayi village, located on the river banks of Kallayi. Another breathtaking sight is Parappally Beach, situated near the district of Koyilandy, and the beach is famous for its surf spot. In Anakkampoyil, there is a tourist spot known as Arippara Falls, a tributary of Iruvanjippuzha. Calicut offers many more waterfalls, beaches, lighthouses, and even dargahs, museums, and temples. To explore and journey through a beautiful natural path, visit the MyTicketsToIndia website, and book cheap flights from USA to Calicut. But MyTicketsToIndia does not like to burn their customers’ pockets, and hence you can avail of the flight tickets from PHX to CCJ. 

Things To Know Before Booking  Flight Tickets From Phoenix (PHX) to Calicut (CCJ) 

Here are some things to remember before booking a cheap flight from PHX to CCJ. Before booking your tickets, cross-check your dates, and check whether those are seasonal period or otherwise. If it’s during a time of the season, check for the flights available and the offers specified by MyTicketsToIndia. Please go through the options after applying the offers, and whichever flight fits your budget, book it. Make sure you are booking these flights well in advance, from the date of your travel.

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Want to book tickets at ease, without limited options? Well, look no further! MyTicketsToIndia is here to assist you. MyTicketsToIndia has 24/7 customer service along with a bunch of knowledgeable travel agents to guide you in a sea of offers and airlines available. It doesn’t end there. They also maintain 100% transparency and have offers that run throughout the year on flights from Phoenix to Calicut. 

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