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Cheap Phoenix to Kolkata Tickets PHX-CCU

Looking for flights from Phoenix to Kolkata(PHX to CCU), India? MyTicketsToIndia is the best platform for easy and trouble-free booking of cheap flights from Phoenix to Kolkata and Kolkata to Phoenix flight. It can be a tedious process to schedule international travel. Travelers get confused about which flights to take, which route provides better layovers, and which airlines to choose for Phoenix to Kolkata flights. There are 108 flights flying to Kolkata every week. Phoenix to Kolkata flight time taken by various airlines is 32 hours on average and the length of the route is approximately 13420 kilometers. For Phoenix to Kolkata flight, the boarding airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport(PHX). The destination airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport(CCU), Kolkata. There is no direct flight from Phoenix to Kolkata as yet.

United Airlines, Air India, Etihad, Delta, KLM, American, Vistar and Air Canada are some of the major airlines flying to your destination along various routes. At MyTicketsToIndia we update you on any Phoenix to Kolkata flights information. Check out the best flight offers for you on our user-friendly website. Our travel analyst team of 300+ analyzes historical data to determine next week’s most probable airfares. We work with several airlines and apply hacks so you can get cheap flights to India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What airports do Phoenix and Kolkata use to fly between?

A: The flight departs at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport(PHX) in Phoenix and the flight arrives at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU), Kolkata.

Q: Are there any direct flights from Phoenix to Kolkata?

A: There is no Phoenix to Kolkata direct flight as yet. Multiple airlines use 2-3 layovers to get you to your destination.

Q: Which airports are used for the layover?

A: Among many of the airports used for layovers include San Francisco, Vancouver, Chicago, Hongkong, New Delhi, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai and Manchester-based on the airlines chosen for flights from Phoenix to Kolkata, India.

Q: Which are the cheapest days to fly from Phoenix to Kolkata?

A: The prices for Phoenix to Kolkata flight have remained the same recently. Tuesdays and Wednesdays look cheaper though.

Q: What is the maximum weight and number of baggage we can carry?

A: For this, refer to the Baggage and Cargo policy of the airlines. Different airlines operating Phoenix to Kolkata flights have different weight limits.

Q: How to get to the International Airport in Phoenix?

A: Transportation from downtown Phoenix to Sky Harbor International Airport is varied. The metro light rail charges you a few bucks and then takes the Airport-run shuttle services to reach every terminal. It also provides an Uber taxi, Lyft, and Taxi services. The taxi rate is $5 for your first mile and an additional $2.30 for the extra mile. The taxis cost at least $15 per journey.

Q: What are the available local transportation services in Kolkata?

A: Kolkata Airport is located in Dum Dum, 17 km from the main city. Public transport within the city includes metro buses, trams, local trains, private cabs, and car rickshaws. The city has four railway stations in Howrah, Sealdah, Chitpur, and Shalimar and around them. The state runs Kolkata buses linking the town with Siliguri, Digha and Bakkhali neighboring towns.

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About Kolkata

You reach Kolkata after spending a long Phoenix to Kolkata flight time i.e. for about 32 hours. But you have landed in a city regarded as “City of Joy”. The flights from Phoenix to Kolkata(PHX to CCU) drop you in a joyous yet pious city. With an immersive Bengali culture and a rich tradition of art and craft, Kolkata deeply astonishes you. The city blends its glorious past and modernization perfectly. Kolkata has seen severe exploitation in the past. You can read the literary works of revered authors and revolutionaries in The National Library of India, Kolkata. The National Library of India is India’s largest library by volume. Book lovers especially get flights from USA to Kolkata (India) booked so they can experience the vibe this library offer.

Situated on the bank of Hooghly River, the city boasts of beautiful sunrise and sunset views that are worth the visit. The top attractions in Kolkata city are Victoria Memorial Hall, Mother House, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Park Street, and Eco-Tourism Park. Tagore’s House, Marble Palace, Fort William, and Howrah Bridge. These are some of Kolkata’s most famous historic sites to visit once you book Phoenix to Kolkata flights. The most popular sports in Kolkata are Cricket and Football. The oldest football club in Asia known as Mohun Bagan is also located here. Eden Gardens with its 68,000+ capacity has hosted the world cup final match in the past. Kolkata is known for its creative and revolutionary heritage. Being the former capital of India, It was the place of origin of modern Indian creative and literary thinking. Traveling all the way, day and night in flights from Phoenix to Kolkata must have devoid you of good food. Don’t worry, Kolkata will sizzle your taste buds with spicy non-veg foods especially fish curry. Then you get perfect desserts Rasgulla and Rasmalai. Just don’t miss the desserts. Finally, you can shop and buy some souvenirs. Saris, Solapith Handicrafts, Darjeeling tea, and Kalighat Paintings.

At MyTicketsToIndia, we serve you continuously not only for cheap flights from Phoenix to Kolkata but from any part of the US to India. MyTicketsToIndia is committed to making the best travel experience possible for you. Our team with 300+ travel experts applies hacks and coordinates with different airlines and thereby get you cheap tickets from Phoenix to Kolkata. Our processes are 100% transparent and we don’t burden you with the so-called “hidden costs”. So, scroll through our MyTicketsToIndia website to get cheap flights from Phoenix to Kolkata. Optimize your Phoenix to Kolkata flight time, Phoenix to Kolkata flight cost and other aspects of international travel only with us. Visit our user-friendly website, choose your base and destination and filter out your best travel plans. Choose what’s best for you!

Rather than going ahead with one-way Phoenix to Kolkata flight, booking a round trip is economical. Our 24/7 Customer Service is there for you in case of any query. If you want any details about flights from Phoenix to Kolkata, India; contact us or drop us a query. We update ourselves periodically with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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