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Cheap Flights From Portland to Srinagar (PDX-SXR)

Want to start your travel exploration from Portland to India? We got a place for you! Situated on both sides of the Jhelum river is the summer capital, and the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is the serene city of Srinagar. Visit this elegant city by booking cheap flights from Portland to Srinagar on the most approved and recognized travel site of MyTicketsToIndia. You can book tickets any time of the year and get discounted rates on flights from MyTicketsToIndia. There are various airline options available, even for a long-distance travel journey. In the Kashmir Valley, the Jhelum River passes right from the middle of the city of Srinagar and is also a tributary of lakes Dal, Indus, and Anchar. Srinagar’s former name was Sri-nagara, which meant two things, i.e., Surya-Nagar, which translates to the City of Sun, and the other is The City of Shri, which translates to the City of Lakshmi because Shri is known as the Hindu Goddess of wealth. This graceful yet exquisite city is filled with various water bodies with scenic views, gardens, houseboats, and the natural environment.

Average Distance and Time

The distance covered from Portland to Srinagar is 6,826 miles, which is 10,985 km via air. For your PDX to SXR ticket, board the Portland International Airport within Portland and south of the Columbia River. There are connections throughout the United States and direct flights to states to Mexico, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and Germany. You will end your journey at Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport, which is 4km away from Srinagar in Budgam. The city of Srinagar, India, is 13hrs, 30mins ahead of Portland, USA. The city of Srinagar is known for its traditionally woven Kashmir shawls along with delicious dried fruits. Explore this winter-friendly, pleasant city of Srinagar and book your flights from USA to India at the earliest.

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FAQs on Flights to Srinagar from Portland

Q: Which is the best airline to book tickets from PDX to SXR?

A: Every airline provides various facilities. Hence, please book your flight tickets from MyTicketsToIndia and check out the multiple airlines they have chosen that best fit their customers’ interests.

Q:Which airlines offer flights to Srinagar from USA?

A: Air India, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways, Aeroflot, Air France, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Alaska Airlines, and American Airlines are the best options when it comes to booking India flights.

Q: How can I book cheap tickets from Portland to Srinagar?

A: Long-journey travel usually is very cost-effective for your pocket. But MyTicketsToIndia has offered available throughout the year, at a discounted and affordable rate. Visit the MyTicketsToIndia website today and book PDX to SXR flight at the earliest!

Q: How many layovers are there for flights flying from Portland to Srinagar?

A: The layovers differ from airline to airline and the availability of flights. Although there are an estimated 2-4 stops between these cities, it takes around 30hrs-59hrs to reach Srinagar from Portland, depending on the layover time.

Q: Are there direct flights from PDX to SXR?

A: Since Srinagar is not a metropolitan city, there are no direct Portland to Srinagar flights available. You can visit the MyTicketsToIndia website and book round-trip flights at a low-cost.

Q: What is the best time to book flights of the lowest fare from PDX to SXR?

A: The best time to book low-cost flight tickets is 2-3 months in advance. But to get cheap flight tickets, you should book flights from MyTicketsToIndia as they have affordable airfares.

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Top Routes from Portland

About Srinagar

Among traditions and handcrafts is the tourist spot of Dal Lake, which is also known as the Jewel of Srinagar. The Dal Lake is the second-largest Lake of Jammu & Kashmir and flows through 15kms of space. Apart from the visual pleasure, this Lake is famous for colorful and vibrant shikaras that float around in the Lake. The houseboats and the Lake also give a reflection of the snow-covered Pir Panjal mountains. Vendors also use the shikaras to sell edibles, handicrafts, ice-cream, and saffron, and this floating market is known as Raad. Another fun and most-loved activity on frozen Lake is ice-skating, making this place more desirable for tourists. There are other tourist spots near the Lake that can be visited too, such as Chasme Shahi, Island of Char Chinar, Hari Parbat, Mazar-e-Shura Cemetery, Nagin Lake, Hazratbal Shrine, and Shankaracharya Temple. Book Portland to India flights from the MyTicketsToIndia website and travel to Srinagar’s exciting and charming city. 

The largest Lake in India is spread to 200 sq km, located in Srinagar in the Bandipora district, known as Wular Lake. This Lake is mysteriously unique because the shape of the Wular lake changes throughout the year. The Lake is well-known for its being a sunset point, giving a scenic view and fun-filled activities like water sports, boating, and water skiing. The Wular lake is one of India’s 26 wetlands and is also replenished by the river Jhelum in Srinagar. Right in the middle of the Lake is a small island called Zaina Lank, making this location a must-visit picnic spot. Book your PDX to SXR flight tickets from MyTicketsToIndia and avail of the great deals available exclusively for you. 

More Tourist Attractions After Portland to Srinagar Flight

An island situated in Srinagar’s Dal Lake is Char Chinar, which means four sides, as Chinar trees surround all four sides of the Char Chinar. The Char Chinar island should be visited on a shikara ride in Dal Lake. The Char Chinar was constructed by Murad Baksh, who was the then Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. The Dal Lake is also a tourist spot as three islands abode here. One island is the Gold Island, or Sone Lank is situated on the Lokut Dal, and the other is the Silver Island or Roph Lank, which is located on the Bod Dal. Among all these places and the entire Kashmir, the most iconic feature is that of the Chinar trees, which surround Kashmir and are stunning, long-living trees. Book cheap flights from USA to Srinagar, and stay in a houseboat amidst crystal clear waters while exploring Srinagar. 

Easy Ways to Book Portland to Srinagar Tickets

Here are simple tips to use while booking cheap tickets from PDX to SXR. First, begin by searching for flights available on your travel date. Check if the available airlines fit your requirements in terms of time and layovers. Once confirmed, cross-check the airfare with other flights and then move to book your Portland to Srinagar tickets. To get better options, you should visit the MyTicketsToIndia website or get in touch with the travel agents to get more information.

Book Portland to Srinagar Tickets

Usually, many travel websites advise to book tights in advance or avoid flying during festivals and holidays. Well, MyTicketsToIndia is here to rubbish all that and give you great deals on flight tickets that are available throughout the year, during all days and months of the year, making it easier for you to book tickets of the lowest fare from PDX to SXR. Travel agents at MyTicketsToIndia assist you through all your options and decisions and maintain 100% transparency. 

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