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Raleigh Durham to Ahmedabad Flight Booking Deals
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Cheap Raleigh Durham to Ahmedabad Tickets (RDU-AMD)

Arranging global travel can be a monotonous and complicated chore. If you’re flying from the USA, Raleigh- Durham Airport is one of the most well-connected air terminals of the country. From the numerous choices at your disposal, it is much simpler to book Raleigh-Durham to Ahmedabad flights. Flights normally cover this route in approximately 22 hours. The flights fly an estimate of 12,800 km distance from Raleigh-Durham to Ahmedabad(RDU TO AMD). Some major airlines that operate on this route are United Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines. Looking for ways to get affordable flight passes to Ahmedabad from Raleigh- Durham? You’ll require master guidance to procure tickets that are low-cost to fly from Raleigh-Durham to Ahmedabad.

MyTicketsToIndia is a group of committed experts who are continually refreshing their skills and techniques by working with several airlines and specialist organizations to contemplate new strategic policies in travel. We will assist you with finding inexpensive flights from USA to India through our experience and information as a traveling organization. We put all of our efforts into finding the flights that are most suitable for you. MyTicketsToIndia promises you will get the dirt-cheap ticket offers on flights from Raleigh-Durham to Ahmedabad, India after careful consideration of your budget plan. We make a point to satisfy every one of your criteria, for example, layovers till landing at the destination, duration of the flight and on-air services. We’ll get you the most reasonable tickets from Raleigh Durham to Ahmedabad at MyTicketsToIndia while fulfilling every one of your desires.

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Raleigh Durham to Ahmedabad Flight Route Information

Departure FromRaleigh – Durham International Airport (RDU)
Destination AirportSardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport(AMD)
Airlines ServingAir Canada, Delta, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Korean Air, Air China, United Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, British Airways, American Airlines, Air France, Cathay Pacific
Flight Price$844
Distance12,799 km
Shortest time duration37h 50m

FAQs on Flights to Ahmedabad from Raleigh Durham

Q: What airports are used to fly between Raleigh-Durhan and Ahmedabad?

A: Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) is the departure point for flights and they arrive at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD) in Ahmedabad.

Q: Are there any Raleigh-Durham to Ahmedabad direct flights?

A: There are no direct flights from Raleigh- Durham to Ahmedabad.

Q: What’s the duration of flights from Raleigh- Durham to Ahmedabad?

A: Flights between Raleigh-Durham flights and Ahmedabad can be 22 hours to 61 Minutes long.

Q: What airports are the most common layovers in flights from Raleigh- Durham to Ahmedabad, India?

A: Depending on the airline of your choice, you’re most likely to pass through Philadelphia, London, Doha, and Mumbai as layover airports when you take a flight from Raleigh- Durham to Ahmedabad.

Q: Which is the cheapest day to fly out to Ahmedabad from Raleigh- Durham?

A: You’ll find the cheapest tickets if you book for a Wednesday, Saturday, or a Sunday. To find cost-efficient flight tickets for the return flight, book for a Monday or a Sunday.

Q: Where can one stay near Ahmedabad Airport?

A: There are around 451 hotels where you can stay once your flight from Raleigh-Durham lands in Ahmedabad.

Q: What is the time difference between Ahmedabad and Raleigh-Durham?

A: Ahmedabad is ahead of Raleigh-Durham by 9h 30m.

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About Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat, India. When you fly from USA to Ahmedabad (USA TO AMD) you can explore a city whose foundation was laid in 1411 A.D. by Ahmed Shah I. The city became India’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017 and there are many historical sites to be explored in Ahmedabad after your flight from Raleigh- Durham. Ahmed Shah I also built the Jama Masjid in 1424, which still stands tall in all its architectural beauty. Shaking Minarets, or ‘Jhulta Minara’ as it’s called locally, and the Bhadra Forts are also reminiscent of the past era.

After you travel to Ahmedabad from Raleigh- Durham, you can visit the home of none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself. Lovingly known as ‘Bapu’ in India, he resided in an ashram on the banks of Sabarmati River. It’s here that you’ll still find the Sabarmati Ashram where you can peak into the life of ‘Bapu’ when you catch an affordable flight from Raleigh-Durham to Ahmedabad(RDU TO AMD).

Be it the people, the food, or the places, Ahmedabad never falls short of the festive vibe. When you explore Ahmedabad after your flight from Raleigh- Durham, be sure to walk through many colorful markets of this city. Head to Lal Darwaja, Dhalgarwad and Teen Darwaza market among others to find why Ahmedabad is called the ‘Manchester of India’. You can also walk through the market surrounding Rani no Hajiro, which is a tomb complex near the Manek Chowk, to not see only the resting place of late queens, but to buy yourself traditional Garba clothes while you’re at it.

Flying to Ahmedabad from Raleigh-Durham is the starting point of you getting caught in a whirlwind of colors. Although there are no direct flights between Ahmedabad and Raleigh- Durham, the 22-hour journey becomes worth your while when you take part in different festivals of the city.

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