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Lowest Fare Raleigh-Durham to Patna Flight Tickets

If you want to explore the charm of Patna city, then book your flight tickets from Raleigh Durham to Patna with MyTicketsToIndia. During your visit to this city with historical offerings from legendary kings like Asoka, Ajatshatru, and many more, you are sure to learn a lot. The city has now transformed itself into a blend of history with modern advancements that are sure to give you a run for your money.

The best way to travel from Raleigh-Durham to Patna is by catching a flight. You must check out the easy-to-use website of MyTicketsToIndia for the lowest fare from USA to India flights. It serves as a single platform for all your flight booking requirements. There are several attractive offers and discounts that you can benefit from, which are sure to help you save a lot on your air tickets. The total time difference between Raleigh-Durham and Patna is 10 hours and 30 minutes, with Patna being ahead in time. It is advised to compare the prices for different airlines before finalizing your tickets. Also, booking your tickets in advance ensures that you do not have to fall into the trap of hiked prices. If you need assistance with Raleigh Durham to Patna flight bookings or require information about the latest offers, please connect with our customer care team.

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FAQs on Flights to Patna from Raleigh-Durham

Q: Are there any airline services that provide direct flights from Raleigh-Durham to Patna?

A: There are various airline services that fly on this route, however, there are no direct flights from RDU to PAT. Multiple flights function with 2-3 stoppages in between during the entire journey.

Q: What is the total distance from Raleigh-Durham to Patna?

A: The total traveling stretch between Raleigh-Durham and Patna is approximately 12980 km or 8065.4 miles.

Q: Which airports provide flights from RDU to PAT?

A: The airports that operate flights from Raleigh-Dirham to Patna are: Raleigh-Durham International Airport at Raleigh-Durham (IATA Code- RDU) and Jay Prakash Narayan Airport at Patna (IATA Code- PAT).

Q: What is the total taken by Raleigh-Durham to Patna flight to reach its destination?

A: On average, an RDU to PAT flight takes up to 34 hours to reach Patna all the way from Raleigh-Durham.

Q: What is the best time to schedule Raleigh-Durham to Patna tour?

A: The best time to schedule your RDU to PAT flight bookings is from October to March. This ensures that the weather is appropriate to stroll across the streets of Patna.

Q: Which airline services provide cheap flight tickets from Raleigh-Durham to Patna?

A: There are several airline companies that provide flying facilities on this route. If you are on the lookout for cheap flight tickets from Raleigh-Durham to Patna, you must check out Delta Airlines, United Airlines, etc., for the most budget-friendly airfares.

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About Patna

Patna shares a long history of being ruled by various kingdoms that have left their imprints on this city’s culture. There are several sites that are considered sacred and visited by Hindu, Buddhists, and Jain pilgrims each year. The Japanese Peace Pagoda is an archaeological finding that was excavated in 1969. The location is surrounded by trees and offers a fun day with your loved ones, enjoying boat rides. Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna as well as several unique species of birds. You can also be a part of this magical experience by availing of cheap flight tickets from Raleigh Durham to India (RDU to PAT).

The site of Lauriya Nandgarh is another amazing excavation finding that belongs to King Asoka and even has a pillar that stands tall to this date. At Patna Planetarium, you can watch several astronomy based films. It is also the largest and oldest planetarium in the entire Asia. Bihar Museum showcases the best of Bihar’s history with a variety of artifacts, galleries, and paintings that provide an appropriate representation of this Bihar’s culture. If you want to go extravagant during your Bihar visit, then make sure to grab the lowest fare from Raleigh-Durham to Patna with MyTicketsToIndia.

Delicious Dishes to Eat

The cuisine of any new region is what holds the power of making your visit an unforgettable one. If you are all set to book your flights from Raleigh-Durham to Patna, the delicious food of Bihar is going to steal your heart. While you take an evening stroll on the streets of Patna, do try jhal muri, chana ghugni and thekua from the local vendors. You should also try the popular Litti chokha and dishes prepared with sattu. Malpua and gujjia are famous sweet dishes in Patna that are not to be missed. The local markets of Patna offer vibrant pieces of traditional clothing. jewelry items and genuine Madhubani paintings. 

Tips to get Cheap Flights

If you are searching the internet for ways to get your hands on cheap tickets from USA to Patna, then these tips will come in handy for you. You can make the most of the travel rewards you have collected over the years while taking trips by air route worldwide. If you are a student, then do not forget to take advantage of the student discounts. There are various additional benefits that you can take advantage of by utilizing travel credit cards. Always make sure to book your flights in advance as it will save you from the headache of last-minute hassles and increased ticket fares. 

Choose MyTicketsToIndia For Raleigh-Durham To Patna Cheap Flights

When it comes to air ticket booking services, MyTicketsToIndia is the one-stop solution for all your flying needs. You can grab the lowest fare from Raleigh Durham to Patna (RDU to PAT), as there are several steal-worthy offers and discounts that are always running on the official website. This ensures that you get to make the most of the budget-friendly deals that will avail of air tickets at a much lower price. Our team of experienced travel experts has curtailed special flying strategies to guarantee the least amount on flight tickets. We provide 100% assured transparency on flying services. If you ever feel the need of assistance, please feel free to connect with our customer care team, who are just a call away.

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