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Present Time In Chennai Now

Discover the exact time in Chennai, India - no matter where you are in the world! With our easy-to-use service, you can quickly and easily find the current time in Chennai - so you'll never have to worry about guessing again!

7:05 PM
Monday, February 26th, 2024

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) To USA Flight Deals

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Chennai’s Time Zone

  • India Standard Time (IST), UTC +5:30
  • No DST (Daylight Saving Time), same UTC offset all year
  • Chennai has the exact time in India.

**Using this information at the current time in Chennai, you can now easily plan phone calls (both official and personal) without worrying about causing any discomfort or inconvenience. Make sure to take into account different time zones so your calls will be convenient and courteous for everyone involved.

Time Difference b/w MAA & US Cities 

US CitesTime Difference
Los Angeles, Seattle−13.5 hours
Chicago, Houston  −11.5 hours
New York, Washington−10.5 hours
Boston, NY−10.5 hours
Dallas, Texas-11.5 hours
Miami, Florida−10.5 hours

Popular US to Chennai Flights

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Tourism In Chennai

If you are on the lookout for Chennai Tour Packages, we have comprehensive tailor-made tours that will include - 

Our Blogs

Looking for the latest updates on USA to India flights? We have it all here. Right from the new non-stop flights being introduced to the festive details & discounts, we cover every detail that we feel can help travelers have an easy journey.
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