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Cancelation & Refund Policy Overview

The last-minute change in travel plans WRT various external factors is natural! Needless to say, a flyer must seek the cancelation and refund provision incase they are sure they would not be able to check-in and board the flight. But is it possible to cancel a booked flight under any given circumstance ad various policies like the Airline check-in policy and cancellation policy? If not, what are the exceptional circumstances under which one may proceed? 

Now, what if the circumstances are the other way round? What if the flight gets canceled due to some reason? Is the traveler then entitled to claim their refund?

We are here to provide you with adequate information for all your ‘what, when, where and hows’ about the flight cancelation & refund policy. Read further and learn if you are authorized to proceed with the same. 

Reasons For Flight Cancelation     

There are various reasons under which a flight can be canceled. The arial business is not just expensive to proceed with but is handed over with a whole bunch of responsibilities. Primarily, an airline is canceled under a circumstantial reason or a financial constraint outlook. 

Bad Weather

One of the prime flight cancelation determining factors, the inclement weather and unclear skies, can lead to halting flight takes off for a little longer. As a matter of fact, clear sunny weather is all that a flight needs for a smooth journey, provided the weather is favorable till destination. 

So, if one sees a weather forecast implying impending bad weather around their scheduled flight timings, MyTicketsToIndia-an ideal portal for your USA to India and India to USA flights booking,suggests you to keep a steady check on their flight status. In fact, even if the flyer has already reached their respective boarding airport, they should be duly updated about the flight tracking information.

Now, as this cancelation is a natural constraint, the airlines do not block the refund if requested. However, one must study all terms and conditions of their respective booked airlines just in case any airlines update their cancelation and refund policy contrastingly.   

Air Crew Strike

The strikes are pretty perennial in the airways sector, and these strikes are carried forward either by the airlines, aircrew, or the ground crew. Indirectly, it could be a problem for the passengers as such actions may lead the airlines to delay or cancel their corresponding flights.

Needless to say, the skyway industry is directly conditioned to hire highly skilled staff. The high demand for such skills enables the self-aware employees to urge with a firm footing; ergo, if the authorities deny considering their request, the airline or the crew continue further with the option to strike.

So, how can a flyer know about these strikes well in advance? Well, these actions are customarily set forth priorly in time. However, only the day of departure can give clarity on whether or not the flights shall be delayed or canceled due to it.  

If one gets to know about the in-advance strike announcement, they must reach the airline executive to get the post-strike update for their upcoming flight. 

The refund in such cases entirely relies on whether it is a crew or airline strike. However, if the strike is announced just around the time of your boarding or is clearly unanticipated, you are entitled to demand compensation. The compensation declination is not supported under the airway regulations as the passenger inconvenience has been caused due to industrial actions. 

REMEMBER: According to the EC regulation number. 261/2004, a flyer has the right to demand flight compensation under these conditions:

Delayed Flights

The flight delays are pretty usual at the airport, and the delays are led by numerous reasons (mostly involuntary). In most probability, you may get a flight delay compensation or refund, provided the circumstance falls under the flight cancelation and refund policy regulations.

 A delay for a minimal amount of time doesn’t authorize the flyer to proceed through their refund application. However, if the delay time frame is extended more than 3 hours, the flyer is then duly eligible to claim compensation or refund. 

Recent studies suggest the most common cause that results in flight delay is air traffic congestion. The traffic congestion takes place mostly due to over-crowded airline hubs or over-scheduled charting of the same number of airplanes.

Air Traffic Delay 

The air traffic delay is one of those involuntary reasons which the authorities cannot control. If something like this arises, the air traffic controller takes the situation in hand. Most tellingly, the air traffic rises due to flight overbooking or the delayed flight timeline. These controllers analyze and convey one of the airlines to cancel upon their respective flight so as to keep the air traffic under control. 

We have often heard, the flight was delayed several times and then eventually canceled.  The situation arises mostly because of the air traffic, and the mentioned flight is gradually instructed to cancel upon their flying. 

Now, the aviation sector’s commercialization is the reason for the exponential growth of air traffic restrictions. Additionally, these restrictions and regulations have led air traffic to become one of the prime reasons for flight cancelation over the years. 

But then, is the flyer entitled to a refund in such cases? No! Such actions are beyond the airlines’ control and responsibility. As much as the concerned air carriers do not disregard the instructions given by the air controller authorities, they are also completely unaccountable for the passenger’s inconvenience under this circumstance. 

Mechanical Issues

The mechanical issues cover a vast range of technical problems that any aircraft may face, leading to delay or flight cancelation accordingly. As an airplane is exposed to extreme conditions while shuttling in the air, it is the company’s responsibility to keep a verified track of its perfect functionality.

As the airlines take their passenger safety as their responsibility, a minor sign of improvement can lead the airline to cancel or delay their flight departure. In fact, a faulty pilot replacement also falls under this category, and hence, the passengers may have to wait for their delayed flight until the replacement shows up. 

Just to be safe, the servicing engineers keep an in-depth check on each section even though the setbacks are mostly warned in the form of indications at the cockpit. 

Crew Out Of Time

As much as this reason to hinder your trip is exasperating, it also is pretty logical on airlines’ end to act upon it.

Imagine a flight failed to reach the respective airport in the given time because of which the next flight got delayed as the cabin crew is not available on the ground to serve further in time. Consequently, the flight gets delayed! 

Another circumstance that arises under such conditions is referred to as ‘Crew Out Of Time,’ where the cabin crew’s previous flight is so delayed that it consumes their working shift. The airlines then get bound to cancel the next flight as the flight crew must be working in the given time, or else they may perform poorly due to exertion.

So, to keep the quality of service and their flying crew’s wellbeing intact, the airlines take full responsibility for this rarely occurring event.

Lack of Passengers

Flying from one end to another costs exorbitantly for an airline. Be it the machinery, its servicing, fuel, or the external stipend and fees, the airlines have to take care of it and bear them all. 

Although it is one of the scarcely ever cases that the airline faces if the flight fails to push the booking up to their bare minimum requirements, the aviation is then canceled. 

However, the concerned flyers are assigned to their next flying aircraft along with extra perks as compensation for the inconvenience. 

Lack of Crew/Pilot

The lack of cabin crew circumstances arises only when an airline’s booking exceeds their expected numbers. Now, the demand is greater than the supply leads the provider to delay or cancel upon their services.

Similarly, when the staff is clearly insufficient due to higher booking, the flight gets eventually delayed or canceled. Such actions lead the flyers to endure the consequences of the airline’s ignorance.

Ways To Cancel The Flight

The amount of refund that a flyer may retain solely depends on the situation that led to the cancelation or failure to board. Each circumstance is monitored closely, and if the airline regulation allows, the credit is processed. 

But how is one supposed to apply for the refund or ticket cancelation? In the upcoming section, we’ll discuss all the ways one can apply for a refund or flight ticket cancelation in detail. 

Remember: Even though all airlines follow several universal rules set by the authorities, they also tend to have some rules exclusively applicable to the respective airline only. So, before heading further, you must be aware of your booked airline’s respective cancelation policy.

On-Call: The flyer can simply reach the customer care of the concerned airline and get assistance through their flight cancellation. They can even learn about their refund policy and if the flyer circumstance falls under the refund category or not.

On Chat:

Every airline offers the chat option in two ways.

Website chatbot

The website chatbot is not just convenient, but in fact, is programmed in such a manner that it gives out the appropriate information and assistance 99.9% of the time.

The flyer has to submit their flight seat cancelation concern, and the web chatbot will take care of the rest. It’ll even inform the reason behind the flyer’s percentage of refund. 

Whatsapp interactive agent: 

Apart from the portal, the functionality of the mobile chatbot is completely the same as that of the web chatbot. The flyer can also extract extra flight booking-related information. 

Just like any chatbot, the candidate just has to provide their perfect ticket details and their consent to cancel the same. The chatbot shall then assist you through the process in detail, and the flyer can get their ticket canceled and, if under regulations, refunded as well. 

By Form Filling:

The specimen can also reach their nearest local airport and proceed further for ticket cancelation with the respective airline’s guest service agent’s assistance.

Types of Flight Refunds                     

 A last-minute change in a travel plan is what one faces several times in a year. It is sometimes due to the flyer or the airlines they’re flying with. Either way, one may wish to get a refund for a service they didn’t use. But is it possible to get a refund for a paid flight ticket if the individual could board the given flight? Well, it depends upon the type of ticket a flyer has booked. Let’s discuss further in detail :

Non-refundable Ticket

The refund for a non-refundable ticket is possible only when the passenger is unable to board the flight due to an unforeseen event beyond their control. For instance, if you cannot travel because of illness, the airline cannot offer you a refund. However, if you had to cancel your trip because of a death in your family, you could receive a refund. If you missed your original flight because of weather conditions, the airline might allow you to reschedule your flight at no additional cost.

Refundable Ticket 

 Passengers who purchase fully refundable flight tickets are entitled to refunds for unused portions of their flights. These include tickets where the passenger pays a fee for a specific class of seating on the plane, such as business class seats. Passengers who paid for a certain number of miles on a frequent flier program, such as American Airlines’ AAdvantage program, are eligible for a partial refund.

 REMEMBER: Each airline policy is subjected to vary. So, if you bought your refundable flight ticket directly from the airline, you are likely to find a detailed explanation of its refund policies on its website.

24-hr Risk-Free Cancelation  

The option of 24-hr risk cancelation is available for passengers who have booked their tickets online. You must notify the airline within 24 hours of purchase in order to request a full refund. If you do not make this request within 24 hours, you forfeit your right to a refund. In addition to canceling your reservation, you should contact the airline’s customer service department to obtain a refund.                                 

Award Ticket 

The refund application for the award travel ticket can be made by contacting the airline’s customer service center. To apply for a refund for an award ticket, please follow these steps:

 1. Contact the airline’s customer service representative.

 2. Provide them with all the necessary information regarding your flight itinerary.

 3. Request a partial refund for the unused ticket portion.

 4. Receive a confirmation letter stating the amount of refund.

 5. Submit the required documentation to the airline’s headquarter and DONE!

 If you miss your flight because of a delay, the airline will provide you with a credit for your future travel. The amount of the travel credit depends on how much time has passed since the flight was delayed, and the length of time that passes before receiving a credit varies depending on the type of delay.

Travel insurance 

Travel insurance covers financial loss due to death, injury, or illness of the insured person or any specified dependents resulting from an accident while traveling is compensated by the insurance company. Some types of travel insurance are trip cancelation, baggage protection, and emergency medical coverage.

A lot of people don’t consider insurance when purchasing their flight, but it is important because if something goes wrong, they will get all their money back. The travel insurance allows you to buy an original ticket without any worry. The policy will cover any weather conditions or flight delays that were not included in the original contract. Make sure you go through the insurer’s terms and conditions thoroughly before buying the travel insurance.

Claiming Refund For A Canceled Flight

Claiming Refund From Airline if you miss your flight because there were problems with the flight, the airline will provide a credit for your next flight. The amount of the refund depends on the reason why the flight was canceled. For example, if the flight was delayed due to bad weather, then you would receive a credit for another flight. However, if the flight was canceled because of a mechanical problem, then you will only receive a partial refund.

Fee To Change Or Cancel A Flight

In case a flyer wishes to cancel or change their flight booking, the flyer must reach the airline customer care or their traveling agent as soon as possible. However, a well-read knowledge of the respective airline refund and cancelation policy will get you through the process more easily. The flyer should know about every cancelation deadline, fines, procedures, etc., before applying for the booking change or cancelation. Let’s learn the two types of changes a flyer can proceed with:

Changes in a flight booking

An air carrier usually offers several options to its customers who wish to make changes to their flights. The flyer must apply for change (if any) days before the departure of the flight schedule in order to proceed successfully. 

 The following are some of the most common reasons why a flyer may want to make a change in their flight booking, which are supported by the airlines’ assistance as well:

Cancelation of a flight booking

Whether it is a domestic flight pr an international flight, the traveler may cancel their booked flight within 24 hours after making the reservation. This means that the passenger cannot cancel the flight booking after this period. In order to cancel a flight booking, the traveler needs to contact the airline directly, and the traveler needs to inform the airline about the cancelation request. After getting the confirmation from the airline, the traveler needs to submit the original form of cancelation to the airline.

Checking The Refund Status              

To check the refund status, a flyer needs to call the airline’s customer service department and ask them about the refund status. If the flyer has already submitted the required documents, they should be able to find out whether or not the refund has been processed. If the airline has received the necessary documents, it will send the refund to the address provided by the flyer. It might take up to 10 days for the refund to arrive at the address.

How To Get Your Money Back When You Missed the flight?

The first thing you need to do is to contact the airline’s customer service department. They will help you to file a claim for the missed flight. After filing the claim, the airline will issue a voucher for the missing flight. This voucher will have the details such as the passenger’s name, the flight number, the date of the flight, the time of the flight, and the fare paid by the passenger.

The second step is to wait for the refund to be issued. When the refund is ready, the airline will mail the update to the traveler’s mailing address. Refunds are typically issued within five business days of receiving your application, and the airline may require additional information from you before issuing a refund. Howbeit, if the traveler does not receive the refund within 30 days of making the request, the airline will charge an administrative fee of $25 per day until the refund is sent.

 Although refunds are usually issued within five business days of receiving your request, there may be delays in processing refunds due to the high volume of submissions. In some cases, airlines may refuse to refund tickets if they were purchased with fraudulent credit cards. 

Cancelation & Refund Policy For Different Airlines  


Q: What Is A Cancelation Fee?

Ans: When a person cancels a flight booking out of the given time bracket, they are charged a cancelation fee.

Q: Can I get a refund if I miss a connecting flight?

Ans: No, you cannot get a refund if you miss your flight. However, you can try to rebook your ticket on another flight.

Q: Under what circumstance am I subjected to claim a refund?

Ans: The traveler can get compensation if they miss the flight due to circumstances beyond their control. For example, if the traveler was delayed due to weather conditions, they can apply for delay compensation.

Q: Is there a difference between an oversold and undersold flight?

Ans: Yes, there is a difference between an oversold and an undersold flight. An oversold flight means that more people than seats available are trying to book the same flight.

Q: What am I entitled to if I am denied the right to board?

Ans: Only denied boarding passengers are entitled to a full refund of their ticket price.

There are two types of denial of boarding: Denied Boarding and Denied Passengers. DB refers to passengers who are refused entry into the aircraft after having boarded the plane. DP refers to passengers who are denied access to the plane once inside.

Q: How long can I expect to wait for my refund to be processed?

Ans: The refund is processed within five business days of submitting your request. However, there may be delays in processing refunds due to the high volume of requests.

Q: What happens if I lose my luggage during a trip?

Ans: In most cases, airlines will replace lost baggage free of charge under the Airlines baggage policy. However, the replacement value of the bag is deducted from the amount reimbursed. But it would be best if you kept in mind that airlines are not responsible for lost or stolen bags.

Q: Do I have to pay extra fees if I change my return flight?

Ans: Most airlines charge extra fees if you want to change the return flight. The exact amount depends on the type of ticket booked.

Q: Can I make changes to my booking after I have purchased a ticket?

Ans: In order to make changes to your itinerary, you must submit a Change Request Form. Please note that all changes made to reservations must be done no later than 24 hours before departure. Changes made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure will incur a change fee.

Should I cancel through MyTicketsToIndia or contact my airline directly?

Booking your International flight with My TicketsTondia’s assistance can save you all the time and effort of bearing through the booking process. In case a passenger wishes to cancel their flight, all they have to do is update MyTicketsToIndia’s travel agent, and the concerned executive will take care of the rest. MyTicketsToIndia, a leading travel agency, is the ideal stop for all your India to USA and USA to India flight booking assistance. 

Disclaimer – While every effort is made to keep this information updated, it’s the passenger’s sole responsibility to verify the same. MyTicketsToIndia accepts no liability in this regard.

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