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About Airline Check-in

Check-in is usually the first and foremost step of boarding a flight. With the web check-in option, the user can digitally check in to their flight before arriving at the airport.  

The era of online proceedings has advanced upon almost every aspect of work and living. Certainly, the airline services wouldn’t have settled for any less regarding its digital evolution.  Consequently, the airline administration started promoting an advanced way of check-in: the web Check-in for customer convenience.

But how does one check-in virtually and see if it is approved? A person can apply for it on the respective airline’s website with their photo ID proofs and ticket details. If the details are in line with the booking information, the web check-in will be processed. This process is simple, time-saving, and is ideal for those who don’t wish to spare extra time to check in at the airport.

Online Check-in     

This provision allows travelers to confirm their flight seat priorly (within two days before the departure time) in layman language. The web check-ins are processed on every airline’s website, and hence, now a user can check-in from the comfort of home.  

While checking in through the airline’s website, the customer must read their terms & conditions carefully as each airline’s policies and guidelines differ from one another.  

Offline Check-in

Despite the option to book online, offline airport check-in facilities remain available if somebody wishes to check in at the airport.

For airport check-in, the passengers must enroll themselves at the given airline service counter. The counters are managed by the airline or the delegated handling agency that works on behalf of the airline.

After checking in, a major part of an individual’s luggage will be taken under the airline’s custody as “Checked Baggage”. However, depending on its dimensions, the ‘Carry-On Luggage’ can be taken along on the flight.  

Online v/s Offline Airport Check-in

Besides saving time and effort of standing in the airport’s check-in queues, the purpose of web check-in is to confirm an individual’s flight boarding consent. In fact, after web check-in, one doesn’t have to wait in the airport queues.  

On the contrary, there’s the airport check-in, where the specimen must be physically present at the airport. The people who aren’t familiar with technology and are, in fact, oblivious to its usage rather prefer the traditional way of checking in.

In contrast to web-based check-in, when you choose to go through check-in at the airport, they’ll get an official copy of their boarding pass for the booked flight. For a relaxed airport check-in experience, passengers should arrive at least two hours before the flight’s departure time.  

 While the check-in process includes verification of passenger’s identity before flight boarding, the primary purpose of it is to filter out luggage according to the airport regulations. This luggage is then further kept in the airplane’s cargo hold.

Perhaps most tellingly, the highest demanded international flights in the world are that of the ones that flies from US to India and India to U.S. So, to book your flights for this route or any other international route you must know all the check-in details and booking procedures. For more in-depth insights, feel free and reach out to MyTicketsToIndia’s travel experts by calling us at 1-555-948-0222 or get assistance online through the website chatbot.

Traveling Documents Required For Airport Check-in  

The policy on documentation for each airline differs from one to the next. However, just to be safe, MyTicketsToIndia (MTI) suggests carrying ALL the vital documents and identity proofs for the airport check-in.  

For international flights, one must carry:    

Web Check-in Requirements

Speaking of the essential documents required while checking in online, the passenger must mention:    

  1. Their flight’s itinerary, i.e., the place of departure and landing.      
  2. Their email id    
  3. The unique booking id they received in the booking confirmation mail.

Remember: In case you don’t receive any mail regarding the booking confirmation, kindly reach the airline customer care or experts through the portal for assistance.

After the successful completion, one must carry a hard copy of the boarding pass since mobile boarding passes are not accepted in some airports.    

Premium Check-in And Lounge Access  

Booking a flight ticket in business/first class or by redeeming from a frequent flyer program membership card enables an individual to enjoy premium check-in and lounge access. However, the check-in areas differ with different airlines and airports.

The prime airports offer better amenities and a more luxurious experience attached to their premium check-in and lounge arrangements.

Airlines Boarding Time

The airline boarding time varies from one another based on many factors. Be it the airport one is boarding from, the time zone or the airline they’re on, all of the factors play a pivotal role for boarding a flight.

How to board an international flight?

The International flight’s boarding time usually is between 45 and 60 minutes before the flight departure. With the buffer time needed to pass through immigration and customs, MyTicketsToIndia (MTI) advises all passengers to check-in and be present at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure. Also, while keeping track of time, the specimen must get done with the pre-boarding formalities by 60 minutes prior to the time of departure.

Check-in Policy For Various Airlines

While we have the consolidated airlines check-in policy, you can check the check-in policy for specific airlines below –

  1. Spirit Airlines: Want to save yourself from the long check-in queues? Spirit Airlines check-in policy allows you to do this and more.  
  2. Delta Airlines: Get to know the details of Delta Airlines check-in policy here. We’ve covered everything to make your travel hassle-free.  
  3. United Airlines: Confused whether United offers kiosk, web, & voice check-in? Find the complete guide to United Airlines check-in policy here.
  4. British Airways: If you are wondering the ways in which you can check-in for British Airways, we’ve got you covered. Know the nitty-gritty of the British Airways check-in policy here.
  5. Air India: Want to know the time frame within which you can check-in before departure? Here’s our ultimate guide on Air India check-in policy.
  6. American Airlines: If you want to skip the lengthy check-in queues at the airport, check out our detailed American Airlines check-in policy, including web, kiosk, and voice check-in here.
  7. JetBlue Airlines: Want to add checked bags and select seats beforehand? JetBlue check-in policy allows you to do this and more.
  8. Air France Airlines: With the availability of various check-in options, know-how Air France check-in policy makes traveling easier for its passengers.


Q: What is the earliest time to web check-in for a flight?

Ans: The check-in policy online differs for every airline. However, on average, the check-in window falls between 48 hours and 90 minutes before flight departure time.

Q: Can I check-in luggage through web check-in?

Ans: Yes, you can. This facility is now available to secure bags for web check-in as well as for when you’re only carrying carry-on luggage.

Q: Which option of check-in should I choose?

Ans: You would have to reach the airport 2 hours before the departure time for airport check-in, while with web check-in, you can save a lot of time. So, speaking on a convenience basis, web check-in is a better option.

Q: Do I have to check in through each flight in my itinerary?

Ans: Yes, the check-in formalities are a form of security check in the airport. Even if it is a connecting flight, it is mandatory for you to check in through each boarding airport.

Q: Is it important to check in boarding the flight?

Ans: Yes. Not checking in by the specified time can cancel your boarding procedure. Checking in is the first and foremost step of boarding any flight and must be done in the given cut-off time.

Q: What are the key advantages of web check-in?

*While the information displayed here for web check-in is genuine and timely updated, kindly visit the respective airline for more information. MyTicketsToIndia stands unaccountable for any consequences arising or changes made by the airline on an impromptu basis.

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