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Present Time In Kochi Now

Wonder no more, you can now easily observe the current time in Kochi from anywhere across the globe! We provide a convenient way to keep track of how far away India is.

10:46 AM
Friday, June 9th, 2023

Kochi’s Time Zone

  • India Standard Time (IST), UTC +5:30
  • No DST (Daylight Saving Time), same UTC offset all year
  • Kochi has the identical time as India time now.

**With up-to-date knowledge of Mumbai's current time, you can ensure your calls are always timely and courteous. Know the right moment to dial in - no more accidentally disrupting sleep or important meetings!

Time Difference b/w COK & US Cities 

US CitesTime Difference
Los Angeles, Seattle−13.5 hours
Chicago, Houston  −11.5 hours
New York, Washington−10.5 hours
Boston, NY−10.5 hours
Dallas, Texas-11.5 hours
Miami, Florida−10.5 hours

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Tourism In Kochi

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