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USA to Indira Gandhi Airport Flights @ Best Prices

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Book Flights to Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), New Delhi

Landing at the amazing Delhi(DEL-new Delhi airport code) Airport aka the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi that provides all the necessary and luxurious facilities, is all that one wants after travelling a long haul Delhi flight, today. So, to experience this fulfilling pleasure, it’s time to grab your tickets from the Delhi Airport. The arrival hall of the airport located in New Delhi, is laden with massive installations of utterly beautiful hast-mudra or hand-symbols. Your time waiting in the queue will certainly not be boring because these sculptures are hypnotic and you can gaze at them without realizing the time passing by. The Delhi Airport (DEL-new Delhi airport code) is situated in Palam, 16 kilometers from the city center of New Delhi. It is named after Indira Gandhi who was the first women prime minister of India.

Logically seeing, a passenger is barely concerned about an airport’s distance from the city center! All one could be concerned about is how far their concerned destination is from the airport of interest. Now, deep research may lead you to all the facts but would consume a hefty amount of your time. However, you can go to the “airports near me” tab on the MyTicketsToIndia website and get apt solutions to all of your distance-related concerns.

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USA to Indira Gandhi Airport Cheapest Flight Prices in Upcoming Months

Transportation Service

One of the most unique features of the international airport in Delhi,India is the Airport Metro. While the entire city is connected by the Delhi Metro Rail, passengers from the Indira Gandhi International Airport too, can hop on the Airport Metro and ride to any part of the city. The Airport Metro is the best option for wheelchair-using passengers as they won’t have to shift from their chair to the vehicle time and again. The Metro also features a flat platform enabling an effortlessly smooth movement in and out of the train coaches. Another transport option is the bus. Delhi Airport is facilitated by numerous bus companies that provide rides to and from the airport. However, the bus ride may not be the best available option if you are carrying a lot of luggage with you. In that case, you can hire a chauffeur-driven cab or grab a rented car from the plenty of kiosks stationed at the airport.

New Delhi Airport Terminals

The Indira Gandhi International Airport houses three terminals with each of them serving distinct functions. So, before booking your flights, it is important to have basic knowledge of all Delhi airport terminals and their features. We have them compiled for you so you can have a fair understanding of the same.

New Delhi Airport Departures

The New Delhi Airport departures are one of the most crucial parts of your flight boarding. The Delhi departures are the sum total of the whole process, including the check-in, luggage check-in, and successfully flight boarding for their respective Delhi flight boarding. Interestingly, the New Delhi international airport departure gate is exclusively built for all global flight functioning. Additionally, due to the passenger checking in process, the Delhi international departure time is subjected to greater time consumption. The flyer can quickly check their respective Delhi airport flight departure status by keeping an online track of it. We’ll discuss the flight tracking departing from Delhi airport in detail later in this piece of information.

New Delhi – DEL Airport Arrivals

The New Delhi airport arrivals are not always the same in all the airport terminals in Delhi. For example, when you book flights from USA to Delhi, the terminal 1 arrival will be way different from the terminal 3 arrival type as they differ on the most basic form: the flight arrival type. The flight arrivals (New Delhi) international airport is basically functional at the Delhi airport Terminal 3 arrival section and not on the other two. While Delhi airport flight arrivals are a collective functionality of all the terminals, the international flight and the New Delhi international airport arrival are only accessed through T3. Interestingly, Air India Arrival in Delhi is the most popular among the flyers from all the airlines’ domestic flight arrival. So, now you can easily keep track of your respective flight arrival status at Delhi airport through online as well as offline mode.

Flight Status Of The Airlines Flying From/To Delhi Airport

Delhi flight cancellation is one of the most in-volunteer actions that must be tracked by the passenger so as to save their energy and time. Just like that, the flight arrivals in Delhi may vary with schedule changes, especially resulting in flight delays in Delhi. It is always convenient to keep a Delhi airport flight arrival status on track, whether it is the Terminal 1 arrival status or the Terminal 3 arrival status for the passenger.

So, in order of the flight arrivals in Delhi airport, you can go through the Delhi airport flight tracker- the offline mode of tracking (at the airport). But in case you wish to track it through online means, you can go through the flight status update option on MyTicketsToIndia.

As discussed in the previous section, amongst all the airlines, the Air India flight arrival status at Delhi airport is the most popular amongst flyers. So, sit back as now you can easily access the tracking of your upcoming Delhi flight status. Here are the flight status of popular airlines flying between USA and Delhi –

Delhi Airports Contact Information

The Delhi airport can be reached through various means. Be it through the mail, live chat or direct calling, you name it, and the option is available for you.

Unknown Facts About Indira Gandhi International Airport

Airlines Fly To Delhi Airport

IndiGo, Air India, Vistara, Alliance Air, Spicejet, AirAsia India, Air India Express, British Airways, United Airlines, and Turkish Airlines.

Airlines Fly From Delhi Airport

AirAsia India, Vistara, IndiGo, Spicejet, Alliance Air, Air India, Kuwait Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, GoAir, and Air India Express


Q. How many airports are there in Delhi?

Airport NameCity ServedCategoryUsed By
Indira Gandhi International AirportNew DelhiCommercial FlightsPassengers boarding International/ Domestic flights
Safdarjung AirportNew DelhiFlying ClubDiplomats, Government and VIPs

Q. Which airport is Delhi’s main airport?
A. Indira Gandhi International Airport is Delhi’s prime airport serving international and domestic flights. It caters in Delhi and is one of the most vital airports of North India.

Q. Indira Gandhi International Airport caters to how many flights in a day?
A. Generally speaking, the Indira Gandhi International Airport is associated with 950 flights per day. The aviation movement is about 74 flights an hour in this airport.

Q. What is DEL referred to in airports?
A. ‘DEL’ is an official airport code for Delhi airport, also known as Indira Gandhi International Airport. Speaking of the whole International airport, Delhi code, it is written as IATA: DEL.

Q. Where is T3 Delhi airport located?
A. Located in the Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi premises, the T-3 is part of the three Delhi International Airport terminals.

Q. how many terminals are there in Delhi airport?
A. There are a sum total of three terminals in the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Terminal 1 and terminal 2, being an abode for domestic flights, leads terminal 3 to serve all the international flights and a few domestic aviation.

Q. Where is Delhi International Airport situated?
A. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is situated in the southwestern part of the country’s capital. It is located in Palam, New Delhi, Delhi.

Q. Is New Delhi airport closed?
A. The airport is currently open. However, there are special Covid-19 restrictions applied for international flyers arriving from ‘at risk countries’. The domestic flights are more or less functional as before.

Other Popular Airports in India

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