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Chennai to Los Angeles Flights @ Best Prices

Check out our Chennai to Los Angeles flight ticket prices and book them at unbelievably low airfares (starting from $551) with MyTicketsToIndia. We offer unbeatable discounts on India ticket prices.

Cheap Flights From Chennai to Los Angeles (MAA to LAX)

Are you planning from Chennai to Los Angeles or Los Angeles to Chennai flights as return ticket? Los Angeles is the largest city situated in California. To get things going, the MyTicketsToIndia website has some splendid deals which you can use to book cheap MAA to Los Angeles flights. Travel to the city that is highly known for its Hollywood entertainment industry, ethnic diversity because of its populous metropolis, and the Mediterranean climate. The website is one of the best and convenient travel booking sites to book flights of the lowest fare from MAA to LAX. Los Angeles lies adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, in a Southern California basin. The city is surrounded by mountains that are as high as 3,000m, and the town also has deserts. The town was established in 1781 and had an interesting background that you should not miss.

The distance between Chennai and Los Angeles is 8,954 miles, which is about 14,411 km via air. For MAA to LAX ticket, board the flight from the Chennai International Airport, which serves the Indian cities of Tamil Nadu and Chennai. The airport is situated 21km away from the city center in Tirusulam. The airport is the busiest and served by the airport metro station of the Chennai Metro. The airport is the first in India that has domestic and international terminals right next to each other. The MAA to LAX flight will come to a halt at the Los Angeles International Airport, commonly known as LAX, which serves the city of Los Angeles and the metropolitan area. The airport is situated in Los Angeles’s Westchester neighborhood and is 30km southwest of Downtown Los Angeles. The airport is closest to the South Bay and Westside.

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Chennai to Los Angeles Route Information

Chennai to Los Angeles flight distance16973 KM
Chennai to Los Angeles flight time21h 35m+
Departure AirportChennai International Airport
Destination AirportLos Angeles International Airport

FAQs on Flights to Los Angeles from Chennai

Q: Which is the best airline to book cheap MAA to Los Angeles flights?

A: There are numerous airlines that you can choose to book from, but to secure the best and cheap flights to USA, please visit the MyTicketsToIndia website and use the available offers to the best of your benefits.

Q: What is the reason behind the cost difference for round-trip Los Angeles to Chennai flights?

A: When you book round-trip Los Angeles to Chennai flights, the overall cost tends to be lower as one-way flights are in higher demand from passengers with immediate travel requirements, allowing airlines to charge higher.

Q: Which is the best time to book Chennai to LAX flights?

A: The best to book flights is before your travel dates. But to avoid all the struggles, you can book flights anytime with the website. The special deals are available all year long, so visit the website, and book the best flights at a low-cost.

Q: Are there direct flights from MAA to LAX?

A: No, there are no Chennai to Los Angeles direct flights available. You will have to book flights with multiple stops. Hence, check out the website to know more about your travel journey.

Q: How many layovers are there for MAA to LAX flights?

A: There are about two to three stops for flights from Chennai to L.A. But the number of stops and their location depends on the flight, airline, and the time. You can always contact the customer service of the website to know more.

Q: How long is the flight journey from MAA to LAX?

A: The flight journey takes between 22hours to 65 hours; the travel time depends on flights, layovers, stop time, and so on. To get accurate details, you can visit the website.

About Los Angeles

When in L.A., you have to explore the Hollywood side of this city by visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is also an iconic landmark. The landmark consists of more than 2,500 stars, consisting of various, well-known superstars of the Hollywood entertainment business, on the pavement of Hollywood Boulevard. This permanent tribute place receives around 10 million visitors, giving them a glimpse of some of the finest greatness in the Hollywood industry. The pavement is 2km long, showcasing famous directors, actors, producers, and musicians in the bronze and terrazzo stars. Aside from the entertainment stars, there are names of basketball players, astronauts, boxing legend, etc. The streets also consist of stores, and restaurants, keeping the ambiance of the street lit.

Halt your tourist ride at Disneyland Park is the best Disneyland as it was constructed and designed under Walt Disney’s instructions and is one of the biggest Disneylands. The Los Angeles Disneyland opened in 1955 and is one of the best Disney parks in the world. The park is the largest and stretches to eight lands, beginning first at Main Street, USA. The park consists of models, shops, castles, and rides, and you can get around by the Disney Monorail and Railroad, giving you a scenic view of the park. Inside the park, the Disneyland Resort is the most extensive and busiest theme park globally. The resort comprises Disneyland California Adventure Park too! So why resist a day filled with energy, excitement, and everything good?

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Look At The Art After Chennai to Los Angeles Flight

Explore the city’s art by visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a massive art museum with a collection of more than 150,000 works of art, making it the most extensive collection in the USA. The museum hosts several art exhibitions to keep the art or artistic mind alive. Numerous museum buildings house a range of permanent exhibits of collections such as American and Latin Art, Asian Art, Modern Art, Islamic Art, and Greek and Roman Art. The arts include sculptures, paintings, manuscripts, statues, and detailed metal and ceramic works. The collection ensures that it is inclusive of every culture and form of art and that it is well represented in terms of periods and styles. The museum also displays a collection of photography and film! Get the artist out of the closet, and hurry to book MAA to Los Angeles flights. 

Booking Cheap Chennai to Los Angeles Flight

First, begin by searching for flights that are available in your set of dates. Narrow down to the airlines and flights you are comfortable booking from, keeping in mind the flight time, airfare, layovers, etc. Check which travel date flight suits all your requirements. But most of these airlines don’t offer discounted rates, hence visit the MyTicketsToIndia website and book flights of the lowest fare from Chennai to Los Angeles. 

Book Chennai to Los Angeles Flight (MAA to LAX)

MyTicketsToIndia is the best online flight booking website that maintains 100% transparency with its customers. The travel agents and customer service are the most reliable team, as they assist you throughout all your options to book the best and cheapest flights to any destination in the world. So why go anywhere else? Check out the website, and book tickets from MAA to LAX. 

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