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Kolkata to Portland Flights @ Best Prices

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Cheap Flight Tickets From Kolkata To Portland (CCU-PDX)

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Kolkata to Portland Route Information

Kolkata to Portland flight distance12340 KM
Kolkata to Portland flight time23h 18m+
Departure AirportNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU)
Destination AirportPortland International Airport (PDX)

FAQs on Flights to Portland from Kolkata

Q: What is the distance between Portland to Kolkata?

A: The distance between Portland and Kolkata is 11839 KMS. Hence the Flight time is 27 hours.

Q: Does the Portland to Kolkata route have any direct flights?

A: No, there are no direct flights to Kolkata from Portland.

Q: What is the IATA code of Portland Airport and Kolkata Airport?

A: The IATA code of Portland Airport is PDX, and Kolkata International Airport is CCU.

Q: What is the time difference between Portland and Kolkata?

A: The time difference between Portland and Kolkata is 13hrs and 30min with Kolkata ahead.

Q: Which airlines are serving on the Portland-Kolkata air route?

A: There are many options of airlines for you to choose from the Portland-Kolkata route. Some of them are American Airways, British Airways, United Airlines, etc.

Q: Which is the most suitable time to visit Portland?

A: The most suitable time to visit Portland is from June to August when the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy the beauty of the city.

Q: Which are the cheapest and economical airlines that fly from Portland (PDX) to Kolkata (CCU)?

A: United Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, American Express Airlines flights, and JetBlue flights are a few of the cheapest airlines available that fly from Kolkata (CCU) to Portland (PDX).

Q: What is the perfect method of transportation to Portland from Kolkata?

A: Flights, of course, is the best mode of transportation to Portland from Kolkata. Book your tickets from MyTicketsToIndia and treat yourself in a way that you would remember for your lifetime. Book your tickets from MyTicketsToIndia and treat yourself in a way that you would remember for your lifetime.

About Portland

Make a trip down to Washington Park, with a flight to Portland, where you are in for a treat.  This is the Oregon Zoo, now named Washington Park Zoo. It’s one of the oldest zoos and has gardens, animal exhibits along with 1800 animals. The Zoo draws nothing less than 1.5 million tourists, and there is a reason for it. All wildlife here lives in their natural habitat here, which has been recreated meticulously. You would find the African Savannas with lions, Zebras, Giraffes, Cheetahs, and Elephants in their domain. There is a cold section which houses the Penguins and Polar Bears too. Overall, the zoo provides perfect excitement and is the crowning glory of Portland. It’s time for adventure now, and you can cut across to Forest Park, which is in the city but exists as a forest. Once the park opens as early as 5 am, you can start hiking into it since you have flown in CCU to PDX(Kolkata to USA) Flights.

Popular Routes to Portland

Healthy Spas & Bookstores Will Keep You Occupied In Portland 

Visit the Everett House since you have traveled from Kolkata to Portland City, where you can choose to be free, free as in devoid of clothes! Yes, it is a spa, and you can stay clothed, but there are no guarantees that others would be walking around clothed. This is a place where sex is not allowed, and you can spa maintaining some distance. There is a saltwater pool, a steam room, and two saunas, and it’s one right way to unwind. The other places one should visit are Powell’s Bookstore, the largest book house in the World. There are more than 200 gardens to choose from, and in that, the Japanese Garden and the International Rose Test Garden are the best. For an adventure, choose Mount Tabor Park, built on a dormant volcano, and the view from here of the city is breathtaking that you would realize since you got there on flights to USA from India.

Choose These Best Months To Travel To Portland From Kolkata

Visiting Portland between June and August of a year is ideal as it is the peak season, and the extravaganza that Portland has to offer would be in full bloom just like the flowers, including roses, tend to be. Reservations of hotels or rooms elsewhere are advisable as the charges reach an all-time high in these months. Your search for bumper deals is at an end the minute you have decided to book your CCU to PDX flight tickets with us at MyTicketsToIndia. Our Pocket-friendly deals fetch your tickets at the lowest price in the eleventh hour, which bears 100% transparency and no hidden charges. Our travel experts would guide you with their expertise and help you get you cheap tickets from Kolkata to Portland once approached. All you need to do is give us a call!

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