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Kolkata to Phoenix Flights @ Best Prices

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Cheap Flight Tickets From Kolkata To Phoenix (CCU-PHX)

As a tourist, it should always be one’s ambition to travel to Phoenix, which is otherwise known as the Valley of the Sun. For that, you can approach MyTicketsToIndia to fetch you cheap Kolkata to Phoenix flight tickets. It has its headquarters in New York and is well connected throughout the globe. The easy-to-access website of MyTicketsToIndia guides you with super efficiency so that you can choose the ideal combination of flights that would fly you to your destination with ease. Phoenix’s distance from Kolkata is 13439 Kms, and the flight time is approximately 17 hours and 22 minutes. MyTicketsToIndia has good business relationships with many airline companies, helping them fetch your cheap flights from Kolkata to Phoenix.

The easy-to-access website of MyTicketsToIndia guides you with super efficiency, and you can board a cheap flight from Kolkata to Phoenix. You can choose the ideal combination of flights that would fly you to your destination with ease. MyTicketsToIndia would cater to all your informational needs and queries until you reach your destination point. MyTicketsToIndia serves you in the best possible manner starting with information on check-in procedures until providing tickets for you even in the eleventh hour. They have multiple flight options at reasonably priced tickets. You can also surf the MyTicketsToIndia website with the aid of their travel expert’s guidance and avail of the airfare, which has no hidden charges, as you may notice in your Kolkata to Phoenix,USA flights.

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Kolkata to Phoenix Route Information

Kolkata to Phoenix flight distance12869.92 KM
Kolkata to Phoenix flight time1d 2h+
Departure AirportNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU)
Destination AirportPhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

FAQs on Flights to Phoenix from Kolkata

Q: What is the distance between Kolkata and Phoenix?

A: The flight distance between Kolkata and Phoenix is 13439 KMS. The flight time from Kolkata to Phoenix is precisely 17 hours and 12 minutes.

Q: Does the Kolkata to Phoenix flight route have any direct flights?

A: No, there are no direct flights from Kolkata to Phoenix.

Q: What is the IATA code of Phoenix Airport and Kolkata Airport?

A: The IATA code of Phoenix Airport is PHX, and Kolkata Airport is CCU.

Q: What is the exact time difference between Phoenix and Kolkata?

A: The time difference between Phoenix and Kolkata is 12hrs and 30min with Kolkata ahead.

Q: What are the closest nearby airports in Kolkata and Phoenix City?

A: The closest airport is the Phoenix City is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which lies 3.7 miles away from Phoenix City. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International (CCU) airport at 12.3 KMs from Kolkata City.

Q: Which is the most suitable time to visit Phoenix?

A: The ideal time to tour Phoenix is from November to April when the weather is cool.

Q: Which are the cheapest and economic airlines that fly to Phoenix (PHX) from Kolkata (CCU)?

A: United flights, British flights, American Express Airlines flights, and Air Canada flights are some of the cheapest airlines available that fly to Kolkata from Phoenix.

Q: What is the perfect method of transportation to Phoenix from Kolkata?

A: By Flight without a doubt. They are the best mode of transportation from Kolkata to Phoenix. Book your tickets from MyTicketsToIndia and enjoy a comfortable flight.

About Phoenix

Welcome to the World of Butterflies in Phoenix since you have traveled on Phoenix Flights. The Butterfly Wonderland is indeed one that has been set up as a Rainforest. This setup attracts all the butterflies from the world all over and a total of 70 species. The sight of them sipping the nectar of the flowers is something to behold. You can follow them to their next part of their program, basking in the hot sun. Butterflies may be commonplace, but how many of us have spotted them emerge from their live chrysalis? This is made possible in Wonderland as we stand inches away from where the action is taking place. The next stop in the park would be to step into the 3D theatre where you would see documentaries on Butterflies. The documentaries are made to understand the different stages of evolution in a Butterfly’s life cycle. The Wonderland would take close to two hours to finish a tour, and the tickets are reasonably priced considering the fantastic sights you see inside, which you have, thanks to the flight ticket Kolkata to USA.

Popular Routes to Phoenix

Other Inhabitants Of Butterfly World As You Fly From Kolkata To Phoenix

Rainforests have many inhabitants, including the reptiles, you would never miss seeing on your trip from Kolkata to Phoenix. You can see close-up in Butterfly Wonderland how the snakes and chameleons coexist with the Butterflies. And never forget those colored frogs, which you would never see in a city. There are many varieties of canned or packaged foods available. No, they are not available in your Supermarket. These are chips made using various insects, and that includes Scorpion Lollipops! There are gift shops where souvenirs can be purchased. Food cannot be carried inside and has to be bought from the caterers inside. We fly to our next attraction, known as the Hole-in-Rock, a natural formation in the Papago Park. This is a hill formed of sandstone millions of years ago. You can step down into them and explore. In the olden days, they used this as a ceremonial chamber to ascertain the different seasons, and you could also attempt that as you have a flight to USA from India.

Ideal Time To Travel To Phoenix (PHX) From Kolkata (CCU) 

The ideal months for you to plan a trip to Phoenix if you fly to Phoenix from Kolkata is between November and April. The nights do grow cold as time passes by but manageable. Most of the days remain sunny, and the trip can go as planned. We at MyTicketsToIndia appreciate our customer’s idea to fly at the lowest budget possible. Our experts persevere to make that a reality when you buy cheap flight tickets from Kolkata and Phoenix MyTicketsToIndia are keen on offering you the best of bumper deals regardless of whether you are flying around the world or just one way. Our travel experts are available to you with suggestions and would certainly fetch you the lowest priced flight ticket to Phoenix.

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