AA292 Current Flight Status

AA292 is an American Airlines flight from New York (JFK) to Delhi (DEL). The scheduled time of departure for AA292 from New York (JFK) is **8.30 PM** and the scheduled time of arrival in Delhi (DEL) is **9.19 PM**. The duration of the flight according to the live flight status is **14 Hours 19 Minutes**. The flight departs from New York (JFK) Airport’s Terminal 8 and arrives at Delhi (DEL) Airport’s Terminal 3.

AA292 | American Airlines New York to Delhi Flight Status

Flight AA292 from New York to Delhi is operated by American Airlines. The flight departs from Terminal 8 at New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and arrives at Terminal 3 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). The average distance between the two destinations is 11741 km and AA292 takes 14 hours and 19 minutes to cover the distance from New York to Delhi.

American Airlines AA 292 Tracking

American Airlines AA292 flight status helps you check scheduled flights and estimated along with the actual departure and arrival times. This space will help you with the real-time flight status of your AA292 flight for your upcoming trip. Passengers can track live flight status for their scheduled AA292 flight from New York to Delhi or Delhi to New York AA293 flight here. 

American Airlines AA 292 Seating

American Airlines, one of the largest airlines in usa , operates a Boeing 777-200ER from New York to Delhi. AA 292 seat map is such that it has 273 seats, including 24 premium economy seats, 37 lie-flat Flagship Business class seats, 66 extra-legroom economy seats, and 146 standard economy seats. 

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1 Adult, Economy

Type : International FlightDeparture Airport : John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)Arrival Airport : Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)Flight Distance : 11741KmsAircraft : Boeing 777-200ERCallsign : AA 292

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American AirlinesIATA : AAFirst Class Seats : 4Business Class Seats : 37Economy Class Seats : 212Operating Days : Monday to Sunday

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the AA292 flight take from New York to Delhi?

A: The average distance between New York to Delhi is 11741 km and it takes around 14 hours 19 minutes to cover the entire distance.

Q: How many American Airlines AA292 flights are operated per week?

A: AA292 flight operates 7 days a week i.e. from Monday to Sunday.

Q: What is the average delay of American Airlines AA292 New York to Delhi flight?

A: Flight AA292 is delayed by an average of 0 min and always arrives on time.

Q: What else may be referred to as an American Airlines 292 flight?

A: This American Airlines flight may also be referred to as AAL292, AA0292, AA292, and AAL292.

Q. Is there any lost baggage policy under American Airlines?

A: A. Yes. To understand the policy in detail, visit our guide on how to get your American Airlines lost baggage claim.

,Q. Can we add TSA Precheck to American Airlines?

A: A. Yes , if all the requirements meet, you can add TSA Precheck to your American Airlines flights. Here’s a full guide on how to add TSA Precheck to American Airlines to help you with the process!

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