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Looking for an affordable way to shorten the time it takes to get through airport security? TSA PreCheck might be a better option for you. With the help of this program, you’ll be able to spend your next trip breezing through airport security. And, if you don’t know how to apply for it and how to add TSA PreCheck to American Airlines, then we can help. In this piece, we have provided complete information – American Airlines TSA PreCheck meaning, how to apply for it, how to add KTN to American Airlines ticket before booking or to an existing reservation & more. 

What Does A TSA PreCheck Mean?

TSA PreCheck is a government-sponsored program that grants approved travelers on domestic and some international flights, such as New York to Mumbai flights, expedited screening. PreCheck travelers don’t need to remove their shoes, liquids, laptops, light jacket, and belts, which means less time in line. The program is available at almost every airport and airline, but there are some destinations that don’t use the TSA PreCheck program. 

How To Apply For TSA PreCheck? 

To apply for the TSA PreCheck, submit an online application at the official website of the TSA. Here’s the procedure – 

  • Open TSA’s official website and then go to the ‘Programs’ Tab.
  • Click on the ‘TSA PreCheck’ option.
  • Press the ‘New Enrollment’ button.
  • Fill out the form carefully with accurate information.
  • After all the formalities, schedule an appointment at any of more than 380 enrollment centers across the country. 
  • At the in-person interview, you’ll have to give your fingerprints and undergo a brief background check. 
  • You will receive written notification and your Trusted (Known) Traveler Number within 2-3 weeks after the appointment. 

How To Add TSA PreCheck To American Airlines?

The simplest method to add a Known Traveler Number or Pre-check number to an air ticket on American Airlines is to update your AAdvantage profile with the number. Simply log in to your account and go to ‘Your Account’. Then, click on ‘Information and Password’, and add your PreCheck or KTN number in the Known Traveler Number field in the ‘Secure Traveler’ section. 

Here’s how to add TSA PreCheck to existing reservations at American Airlines and new bookings – 

Add TSA PreCheck To New Bookings 

While making a new American flight booking, whether domestic or international flights like San Francisco to Hyderabad flights, log in to your account on the AAdvantage app. It will automatically show most of your personal details including your Known Traveler Number and PreCheck Number needed to make your reservations. 

If you’re not logged in to your AAdvantage account, then American Airlines also allows travelers to add their TSA PreCheck or Redress Number during the booking process. You can enter your PreCheck number manually in the Known Traveler Field under the ‘Passenger Details’ section. 

Add TSA PreCheck To Existing Reservation American Airlines 

If you’ve already booked your flights with American Airlines, go to the official website of the airline and click on the ‘Manage Trip for each reservation. Then, select ‘Add/Edit Passenger Information’ to add your PreCheck or Redress Number. You can also contact the customer service team of American Airlines and update your information. 

Tip – Want to know what is a Redress Number and how to apply for it? Check our guide here to know everything. 

How To Add TSA PreCheck To Boarding Passes For American Airlines? 

When you sign-up for TSAPrecheck, you’ll receive a unique Known Travel Number which tells the world that you’re not a threat to American lives. And, you can pass through security checkpoints without removing your belt, jacket, etc. When you get your PreCheck number, you’ll need to log into your AAdvantage account and add the number to your personal details. After this, you will be eligible automatically when you book a flight with American Airlines. You’ll be able to see ‘TSA Pre’ on your boarding pass. 

If your boarding pass doesn’t show the TSA Pre status, you cannot use the TSA PreCheck lane at the airport whether you’re an approved TSA Pre passenger or not. Even, if you have proof of membership like the Global Entry card or anything else, you can’t just use the TSA PreCheck lane. So, always make sure, you update your KTN or Redress Number before you print the boarding pass for an American Airlines flight. 

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How To Add TSA PreCheck to Other Airlines’ Reservations? 

  • Delta Airlines – Add your KTN or PreCheck number to your account at Delta App or at the official website of Delta Airlines. Know how to add TSA PreCheck to Delta App here.
  • Southwest Airlines – To update PreCheck to Southwest Airlines air ticket, login to your Southwest Rapid Rewards member profile or open Southwest’s official website. Here check how to add TSA PreCheck to Southwest Airlines air ticket.
  • United Airlines – Passengers flying with United Airlines can add their PreCheck number to their United MileagePlus account or at the official website of United Airlines. Learn all the details about how to add TSA PreCheck to United Airlines here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a Known Traveler Number (KTN) mean?

A: A Known Traveler Number (KTN) is a unique number assigned to travelers by the United States Transportation Security Administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It is issued to all individuals approved to receive TSA PreCheck expedited screening.

Q: Can I add Known Traveler Number after booking American Airlines flights?

A: Yes, you can add a Known Traveler Number after booking American Airlines flights at the official website of the airline. You have to go to “Manage Trip” and click on “Edit Traveler Information” and update your KTN or Redress number.

Q: What is American Airlines Redress Number and how do I add it to an American Airlines flight?

A: A Redress Number is a special seven-digit number issued by the DHS TRIP – Secure Flight Program. It will help prevent you from being misidentified by TSA. You can your Redress Number to American Airlines by logging into your AAdvantage account or at the official website of the airline.

Q: How to add a Known Traveler Number to an American Airlines mobile boarding pass?

A: Log in to your AAdvantage account and choose “Information and Password”, and add your KTN or PreCheck number in the Known Travel Number field under the “Secure Traveler” section. You can update your KTN at the AA”s official website also. After updating the number, print the boarding pass for American Airlines flight.

Q: How to add Global Entry to American Airlines flights?

A: You can easily add your Global Entry PASSID to American Airlines. Simply log in to your AAdvantage account, then go to “Your account” and click on “Information and Password”. After this add your Global Entry PASSID or PreCheck number in the Known Traveler Number field under the “Secure Traveler” section.

Q: What is the difference between Global Entry and TSA PreCheck?

A: Only US citizens, nationals, and residents are eligible for TSA PreCheck and there are no age restrictions to apply for the same. But, for Global Entry, US citizens, US permanent residents, and citizens of Colombia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Panama, Singapore, India, Switzerland, South Korea, Canada, and Mexico can apply.

Q: How much does a TSA PreCheck cost?

A: The application fee to apply for a TSA PreCheck is $78 for 5 years. And, fee for renewal applications is $70 for 5 years if applied online and $78 for 5 years if applied in person.

That is almost everything you need to know about how to add a TSA PreCheck to American Airlines flights. If you have any further doubts, do ask us in the comment section below. Our team, at MyTicketsToIndia, will answer all your queries as quickly as possible. 


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