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Whether you are traveling within the USA or boarding an international flight, one must be familiar with Delta Airlines’ check-in policy to obtain the boarding pass right in time. As known, airline check-in policies vary from carrier to carrier. That’s precisely why one must know the details because failing to complete the Delta flight check in process at a given time can lead to the cancelation of passengers’ boarding. 

Delta Airlines Check-in Options

It is said that a rising tide raises all boats! Like various other industries, the aviation sector has been all into digitizing and add-in to the check-in options for user convenience. Being one of the major leads in business, Delta Airlines has also upgraded the services they offer. With both online and offline check-in facilities, it is a lot easier for the passengers to proceed. Let’s understand the options in detail here –

Delta Airlines Online Check-in

With the option to check in Delta flight a day prior to the departure time, the Delta Airlines online check-in marks itself as the most convenient, quick, and hassle-free option for customers’ convenience. Delta online check in doesn’t just save users’ time and effort but also enables them to check in at ease while paying no extra fee to proceed. In fact, the Delta Airlines web check-in policy further offers their flyers to add more carry-on luggage while paying the baggage fee, and food in their cart while proceeding. 

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Delta Airlines Mobile Check-in

Sort the Delta Airlines online check-in procedure with Delta Airlines mobile check-in by downloading the ‘Fly Delta’ mobile app. In order to proceed further through a mobile device, one must log in with their SkyMiles user ID and password. Post logging in successfully, the person just has to share their few unique details to proceed further. But what are these details that one must keep in handy?

  • Flight booking confirmation number
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Baggage details

Once the specimen successfully submits the mentioned information, it will be checked in. Additionally, the candidate can even track their Delta boarding pass and baggage details on their mobile device through ‘today mode’ on the application. 

Delta Airlines Kiosk Check-in

If the flyer does not wish to proceed through the Delta online check in mode, they can always opt for the various Delta Airlines airport check-in options. Now, if we go for one of the most prominent modes of airport check-in, it would be the Delta Airline Kiosk check-in. The user just has to submit their SkyMiles number, the confirmation number, and a few other details and get their gate pass printed. One can always reach out to the airline’s authority at the airport ticket counter for assistance. In the case of airport check-in, Delta early check-in is always advisable. Reach the airport 3 hours before departure.

Delta Airlines Auto Check-in

If the customer is flying within the country, they can now check in Delta flight automatically through airline’s official site or the ‘Fly Delta’ mobile application. This new feature is applicable to all android or IOS applications and is available on the updated version of the app. With all the mandatory information submitted to the Delta Airlines app, the AI will check the user a day ahead of their scheduled departure time. The flyer shall receive their e-ticket through mail or on the Delta Airlines mobile application, ‘Fly Delta’. 

Delta Airlines Curbside Check-in

Is the Delta Air Lines curbside check-in service available? Well, yes! Delta connection carrier flights are one of those few airlines that chose to keep this offline mode of Delta check-in option. The user has to reach the Delta curbside check-in counter for this. There isn’t any extra fee for this mode of Delta check in flight. One might have to head to the Delta Airline ticket check-in counter for assistance in special cases or requests. It is one of the most convenient options in offline modes. 

Delta Flight Check-in Time

The ideal Delta check-in time should be about 3 hours before international departures, whereas it should be around 2 hours before departure for domestic flights. Undoubtedly, online Delta check in flights cut the effort and time consumption. Be it Delta flight check in online or offline, the flyer must be available at the boarding gate with their gate pass. Reaching the airport well in advance is especially recommended for people who wish to check in through airport check-in instead of online means.

Delta Airline Boarding Time

There is a minimum time limit before which the traveler must check in themselves, and their luggage according to the Delta baggage policy and be available at the boarding gate. Failing to do so in the given time can lead the customers to miss their booked flight. Almost all the airports close their boarding gates-

  • 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • In special circumstances, one may board 15 minutes prior to their departure time but not more. 

**No flyer is permitted to board after the flight’s doors are closed!

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That’s all we have for you about Delta Airlines check-in policy. For any further flight related queries or to book cheapest international flights from USA, feel free to reach us. Call us at 1-585-948-0222 or share your concerns through the website chatbot at any hour of the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the earliest time of check-in for Delta Airlines?

A: The passenger can commence upon their check-in procedure 24 hours before departure time for both online and offline modes of check-in. If choosing the offline mode of check-in, Delta early check-in is advisable. You must reach the airport atleast 2-3 hours before departure.

Q: Is a hard copy of a Delta boarding pass mandatory if the specimen has checked in through online means?

A: Even though the e-boarding pass is as authentic as the printed one, few airports do not accept the soft copy of the gate pass as a valid document. However, most airports scan through the soft copy directly. Just to be safe, you must learn about the airport policies and proceed accordingly.

Q: Is it possible to get a bag checked for free with Delta Airlines?

A: Yes, you can enjoy the privilege to check your first bag for free as a special service if you are a Delta SkyMiles cardholder. The card must be an American Express credit card or above. To enable this special service, the respective parcel size should be of mentioned dimensions and under or equivalent to 50pounds.

Q: Which is a better form of check-in: Offline or Online?

A: Web check-in is the best option if the user seeks to save time and effort. The process is not just quick but also enables you to check in from the comfort of your home. However, if somebody still wishes to opt for the Delta flight checkin at the airport, they must reach the airport well in advance.

Q: Is it possible to go directly to the security checkpoint if I have web checked in?

A: If the passenger has no luggage, they can skip the Delta flight checkin and jump onto the security check post. Make sure to keep a printed copy of your e-boarding pass to sweep through the boarding procedure.

* While the information displayed here is genuine and timely updated, kindly visit the airline’s website for more information. MyTicketsToIndia accepts no liability for any consequences arising or changes made by the airline on an impromptu basis.

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