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A Guide To British Airways Check-in Policy

British airways Check-in Policy

Posted on Apr 22nd, 2022 by Ankita Awasthi, Last updated May 30th, 2022, Leave a Comment

You must know about the British Airways check-in policy and regulations before you board a BA flight, as each airline has its exclusive check-in policy and regulation. Because the check-in process varies based on flight type and airport, one must be well aware of the same to board a hassle-free flight. Inability to check-in at the given time can lead the passenger to miss their flight boarding. 

British Airways Check-in Options

For customer convenience, British Airlines have introduced various check-in options. These options are as follows –

British Airways Online Check-in: 

The British Airlines online check-in starts from 24 hours before departure time until 1 hour before the departure time. All one has to do is register themselves on British Airlines’ official website by submitting their booking and personal details. Once done, the individual will receive their boarding pass at their email address. Make sure to keep a printed copy beforehand. In case you lose or forget to print your boarding pass, you can always get another copy at the airport through the British Airways self-check-in kiosk. Please note that British Airlines web check-in is a part of online check-in and can be considered to save time.

The British Airways online check in is not permitted for:

-The passengers with a special request like BA wheelchair check-in

-Unaccompanied minors

British Airlines British Airways web check-in also enables you to:

  1. Select seat
  2. Choose special meal
  3. Baggage check-in
  4. Book extra baggage

British Airlines Mobile Check-in: 

Mobile check-in is another form of British Airways online check-in, just more user-friendly. It enables you to check-in remotely and well in advance. Download the British Airlines application on your mobile phone and register yourself by confirming the travel document. Once the check-in formalities are done, the e-boarding pass shall be automatically downloaded on your mobile. Print an e-boarding pass copy, drop your bags at the bag drop area, continue for security checks, and you’re good to board.

REMEMBER: According to U.S. government policy, the mobile boarding pass is available and applicable for all E.S. routes, except for London City to New York. 

Benefits offered:

  • Free app download
  • Can track your BA flight status
  • Preferred seat selection (if available)
  • Check in up to eight passengers for the same booking through one mobile device
  • Access to lounge wifi

British Airlines Kiosk Check-in 

Although the British Airways kiosk check-in is a form of airport check-in, it is a self-service practice. The British Airways kiosk check-in requires your booking details and government-issued photo Id details to generate your boarding pass. Make sure you check in successfully between 24 hours to 60 minutes before departure for international flights and 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights. 


  1. Insert your Executive club card, credit card or booking paper in the given space. 
  2. When processed, confirm your booking through the Airport kiosk system 
  3. Submit the details requested, select the seats through the interactive seating map
  4. Luggage check-in and done! The system will automatically generate your boarding pass printout for you.


  • Kiosk check-in is not authorized for unattended minor check-in.
  • For assistance, reach out to the Airport’s check-in desk.

British Airlines Airport Check-in

The British Airways Airport check-in for British Airways opens from 24 hours before departure time up to 60 minutes and 45 minutes before departure time for international and domestic flights, respectively. According to the British Airways check-in policy, after confirming your booking details and individual details, the passengers shall be allotted a seat and provided with a boarding pass. 

Remember: The intercontinental flight travelers flying from London Heathrow Terminal 3 or 5 must get their passports and visas checked before heading towards security checkpoints.

British Airways Check-in Time 

For the check-in timing through British Airways and location-wise (except the U.S.) minimum check-in time, kindly refer to the tables given below.

British Airways Flight Check-in Timings

Check-in TimeDeparture/Arrival @ US Departure/Arrival @ anywhere (except US)
Minimum check-in time2 hours 1 hour
Maximum check-in time23 hours 24 hours
Ideal check-in time3 hours2 hours

British Airways Check in Timings | Location Wise

AirportMinimum International flight Check-in timeMinimum Domestic flight Check-in time 
London Heathrow Airport60 minutes 45 minutes
London Gatwick60 minutes60 minutes 
London City20 minutes20 minutes
London Stansted45 minutes 45 minutes
Other UK airports45 minutes 45 minutes
Paris Orly45 minutes 45 minutes

BA Flight Boarding Time

The minimum time to complete the security check is 45 minutes, while the last time to reach the boarding gate can be extended to 30 minutes at a stretch. No passenger is allowed to board after the flight doors are closed.

That’s all with the British Airlines BA flight check-in policy vital information; you’re now good to the board! For more flight booking assistance, airline check-in policy queries or prompt help, you can contact the MyTicketsToInida travel experts at 1-585-948-0222 or get assistance through our website chatbot.

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Q: What time can I check my baggage with British Airways?

Ans: The BA check-in provision opens from 24hours before departure until 60 minutes before departure. However, if you’re flying to/from the U.S., the check-in time bracket begins from 23 hours until 2 hours before departure.

Q: What are the best options to check-in and track my B.A. flight information?

Ans: Web check-in and mobile check-in are the best check-in options for an individual. They can easily track their flight status, and boarding details from the same.

Q: Can I check my luggage through British Airlines’ online check-in?

Ans: Yes, the BA online check-in offers luggage check-in as well. 

Q: Does British Airways offer booking upgrades after check-in?

Ans: Yes, the B.A. now offers a booking upgrade even after check-in. However, the upgrade can only be processed if the desired seat is available.

*While the information displayed here is genuine and timely updated, kindly visit the airline’s website for more information. MyTicketsToIndia accepts no liability for any consequences arising or changes made by the airline on an impromptu basis.


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