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About Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Approximately 17 miles away from the downtown Loop, the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) is situated in the northwestern part of Chicago, Illinois.

Just as the Midway International Airport, which is just 10 miles further from downtown, the O’Hare International Airport serves the city’s aviation needs. Midway International airport is equally good but is much less spacious than ORD.

O’Hare is competing with the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for the title of annually “busiest airport worldwide” classifications, as determined through the number of passengers as well as the numbers of take-offs and landings. 

The airport last held the first title in 1998, before gaining the latter title in 2014. It has more than 200 locations in both the United States and abroad to extend its ministries to and is the airport hub of both American and United as well as a hub city of Frontier as well as Spirit airlines. It has nine runways, which enables O’Hare to have the highest number of runways for any international airport anywhere in the world.

Chicago Airport ORD Terminals

The O’Hare Airport, the busiest airport in the USA, has to systematically manage and section the ORD Flight departures and flight arrivals ORD. While, on average, all the airports comprise 3 Chicago airport terminals, the O’Hare airport grabs onto a hold of 4 entirely functional ORD terminals. Let’s learn further about what all these terminals offer individually.

  1. Chicago Airport ORD Terminal 1: One of the three terminals that serve all the domestic aviation of the O’ Hare Airport. Additionally, it is also the headquarters of United Airlines and manages all the UA domestic flights exclusively at this airport. Divided into two concourses(B & C), it also caters to a few international departures. 
  2. Chicago Airport ORD Terminal 2: Unusually designed, the ORD terminal 2 of O’Hare airport is constructed in a V-shaped architecture plan. Another domestic flight terminal for the airport manages a great part of domestic flight arrivals and departures. The terminal is divided into two concourses, i.e., E and F. 
  3. Chicago Airport ORD Terminal 3: Situated just beside the ORD terminal 2, ORD Terminal 3 provides services for domestic flights (both flight arrivals ORD as well as departures). It comprises a sum total of 4 concourses, G, H, K, and L, and three levels in its premises. 
  4. Chicago Airport ORD Terminal 5: Chicago International terminal is the only terminal at the O’Hare airport that’s solely dedicated to international flights, both arrivals, and departures. Since it manages its services around all the international flights, it primarily caters to most non-US carriers. 

Chicago Airport Departures

Now checking the status of your domestic flights as well as Chicago international airport departures has become so convenient. The flyer just needs to check the airport’s live Chicago Airport Departures board, which is now available online as well. It even provides every detail regarding the baggage allowance for the flyer’s concerned flight. 

Additionally, you can even look for your specific flight details by filling in all the flight and specimen seat details as the concerned website asks. 

Now, the departure order keeps on changing with the new aviation schedule, so to answer ‘What is the ORD Departures Today?” with a generic answer is impossible. The flyer, in fact, must be updated with information each time they’re flying. 

Interestingly, one can also seek assistance from the ORD flight tracker Chicago to enlighten themselves with the departure details along with other vital information like which terminal the flight will depart from or whether Chicago airport delays are coming your way. The time to reach the airport varies based on the airline’s check-in policy. So, MyTicketsToIndia always suggests its readers confirm their last time to reach the airport from the official website of either the airline or the O’Hare airport.

Chicago Flight Arrivals (ORD)

Today, O’Hare airport being the busiest in the U.S., MyTicketsToIndia suggests its flyers reach the airport at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. 

Apart from time management, if we speak about keeping a steady track of the Chicago airport flight arrivals, it has become very easy.

With the gradual growth in technology, passengers can now even web check-in for their upcoming flight. But there is a time frame within which it has to proceed further, so a flyer must take care of the same according to the airlines they are flying with. It does not just save the effort of standing in long queues but also is a perfect alternative for saving time at check-in proceedings. 

Services Offered By Chicago Airport

Read further and learn about the top services offered by the O’Hare Chicago Airport, which are thoroughly cherished by the flyers:

– USO locations: A soothing and pleasant space for the personnel (plus family) currently serving in the military.

– Hilton O’Hare: An intramurally built hotel for the convenience of the flyers who wish to extend their trip due to any given reason or wants to rest between their connecting Chicago airport flights time.

-Special amenities: The airport has designed the complete architecture while taking care of every kind of passenger, be it the military personnel, others, or the physically challenged flyers. There is special staff and even separate pathways for disabled passengers for their convenience. 

ORD Flight Status & Tracker | Track Chicago Airport Flights

Knowing the Chicago international airport flight status is imperative as it keeps the passengers informed of all the updates and changes in schedule. Now, whether it is about the Chicago flight cancellation or the general Chicago flight delays, having all related information beforehand is always a smart move.

Now suppose a flyer is willing to know about the ORD flight status before reaching the airport, MyTicketsToIndia enables the flyers to keep an easy track of their upcoming flight status as it offers them the finely designed flight status tracker on its website itself.

Facts About Chicago Airport

Even though there are two separate airports near the city, it is generally referred to as the O’Hare International Airport when one refers to Chicago airport. If you wish to learn better about the difference between the O’Hare International airport and Midway international airport, click through. But for now, let’s learn about some interesting facts about the ORD airport (departures and arrivals):

  • Between 5:00PM and 6:00 PM, the ORD International Airport is the most crowded.
  • Fifty two percent of Chicago O’Hare Airport travelers were found over 35 years in a recent survey. 
  •   The month of October is busiest, while April is the quietest month for air travel for O’Hare International Airport, Chicago  
  •   8835 flights that are nonstop arrive at ORD every week.  
  • Self-Cleaning Toilets at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport have these unique seats covered in plastic. All you need to do is gesticulate your hand over the given green light, and it opens up an entirely new seat cover.
  • The ever so famous O’Hare International Airport was previously known as the Orchard Field Airport. The name was changed in honor of pilot Edward “Butch” O’Hare.

Chicago Airport Parking

The O’Hare International Airport Parking charges are set based on several factors and circumstances. Refer to the table given below and check the best option and price for the same. 

Chicago Airport Parking (Basis)Chicago Airport Parking StatusChicago Airport Parking Charges
HourlyOpen $3/first hour
Chicago Airport Long Term Parking (Daily)Open$42/day
Economy F*Open$22/day
Economy GOpen$15/day
Economy HOpen$15/day
ORD Terminal 5 – Lot DOpen$3/first hour
*Covered Economy Parking Option( Cheap Parking Chicago Airport)

Transportation Options From Chicago Airport

Planning every detail of the trip is a pretty smart move that every traveler must opt for. For instance, it is good for a traveler to plan and select their options for transportation from the ORD airport to their desired location. 

But, weighing the transport options could be a hustle for research. However, here is a list of the best transportation options available and vital details regarding the same in the table given below. 

ModeCost between O’Hare & downtownTravel time: O’Hare to downtown
CTA trains$5 or less*45 min
Taxiaround $4025-90 min
Shuttle Van Servicesover $2525-90 min
Rideshare (Uber, Lyft, etc.)around $35-50 (surges to $140 or more)25-90 min

Airlines Flying To/From Chicago O’Hare Airport

Top Airlines Operating at O’Hare International Airport

Nearby Airports To Chicago O’Hare 

There are only two options for airports if a person is planning to fly to/from Chicago in its closest outskirt boundaries. One of which is the O’Hare International Airport itself, while the other is 

  •  Midway International Airport (MDW) 

Chicago Airport’s Address And Other Details 

Situated on the northwestern part of Chicago, Illinois, the Chicago O’Hare International Airport’s exact location is:

  • Chicago Airport Address: Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), 10000 West O’Hare Ave, PO Box 66142 Chicago, IL Airports.
  • Chicago Airport Phone Number: +1 800-832-6352
  • Chicago Airport Authority And Incharge: Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA)

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Well, now that you know about all the whereabouts of the O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, you can now choose the best flight option from this airport according to your convenience and easily book your next flight to Chicago. For cordial assistance for your next flight, feel free to get in touch with our travel experts at 1-585-948-0222 or through live chat on the MyTicketsToIndia website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Chicago called ORD?

A: In 1949, the Chicago City Council had decided to rename the “Orchard Field Airport” as O Hare International Airport. This was done to honor naval aviation Lieutenant Commander Edward H. “Butch” O Hare. 
While the airport name was successfully changed to O Hare International Airport, its airport code continued to be as how it was previously, i.e., ORD.

Q. Where is ORD airport located?

A: ORD Airport is located in the northwestern part of Chicago, Illinois.

Q. What does ORD stand for?

A: ORD Airport is the airport code name for the O Hare International Airport.

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