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Book Flights to Mysore Airport, MYQ

If we ask you to put a finger on the most vital element of a flight journey, what would strike your thoughts? Flight tickets, an enthusiastically packed travel bag, or if trips and journeys are your true diva then “love for your destination.” But how about the airports? Since there won’t be any flights without one and your air tickets would only be significant enough to make cutesy paper planes out of them, provided you are good at it. It would sit as a logical assumption that airports have an imperative role to play in your travel. So, you should be a tad bit knowledgeable about them before you start surfing around for cheap flights to Mysore airport.   

The Mysore Airport is stationed in the city of Mysore. The airport also goes by the name of Mandakalli Airport. It was constructed nearly eight decades ago when Mysore was ruled through the hands of the royals. It is located some 10-12 km away from the city.

It’s quite common for travelers to be thinking, “what is the right way to decide the best airport for them to board a flight?” It’s a good question, and the answer is relatively easy! The airport of departure must be determined solely from the perspective of knowing about airports near me and must be moved further with the booking accordingly. This method not only saves time in getting to the airport but also assists you in mapping the trip with more clear vision.

Since MyTicketsToIndia strives to help its users through all air travel-related queries and beyond, It has set an additional tab for visitors to its website that can help you with the same. All you need to do is go over to the “Airports near me” tab on the website.

Coming back to the airport details, the total area occupied by the airport is somewhere 661 acres and can support the occupancy of 150-200 potential passengers. The airport has a single runway that can serve regional airliners or feederliners.

Walking and Hiking

To reach the airport grounds and make intended use of your Mysore Airport tickets, you can very well rely on private taxis. But for the ones with the virtue of patience or aren’t really about to miss their flight, they can opt for shuttle bus service as well. The airport has fairly appropriate connectivity even though there aren’t any public transport services particularly dedicated to the place. Nevertheless, the nearest bus stop is just 10 minutes away from the airport. So, if you have sufficient time in your hourglass, then you can sure try out the public bus service as well.

Nevertheless, there are always private cabs ready to lend their slightly pricey shoulder to you. You can easily book a cab to reach the venue on time. To further enhance the connectivity of the airport, an underpass has been suggested that could connect to the airport’s premises and make it easy for passengers to reach their destination.

Terminal Features

The airport serving Mysore has only one terminal and that is primarily dedicated to domestic flights. So, the Mysore Airport deals involve a humble tour of the 3,250 square meters passenger terminal housing the airport. The terminal is adequately spacious and can guest quite a number of passengers. Now, the existence of any airport terminal remains shallow if it can’t entertain the appetites of the passengers affiliated to the shopaholic clan. Needless to say, or maybe there is a need to say, this airport does host quite some attractive outlets shops that will serve you with something interesting to kill your time and enjoy the airport vibes.

Speaking of shops, there are duty-free shops dwelling in the airport waiting to serve the passengers. Here, you can get your hands on rather interesting articles that don’t invite any taxes. On a side note, we at MyTicketsToIndia can fetch you discount airfares to Mysore airport and if you think about it, this will go well with your discounted shopping at duty-free shops. Apart from that, you can soothe your taste buds at the few eateries present here. 

Airport Parking

Mandakalli Airport supports the feature of car parking for passengers. We know you might be wondering about the heavy blows to your travel budget due to supposed hefty parking charges. Well, as we promise you cheap flights to Mysore Airport, in somewhat the same fashion, the airport promises a modestly-priced car parking space. The parking rates can vary from scenario to scenario but the prices are never anything beyond reasonable. 

Facts About Mysore Airport

Time to learn some interesting facts about Mysore Airport because, well why not? There are some pieces of information about this airport that recite a sort of story about its history, origin and a few details on its design and structure. 

  • The airport was built before India gained its independence. It was constructed by the then royal family of Mysore who ruled over the city.
  • The airport is a rather compact one with only enough room to support a single runway.
  • During the early years of this airport, it was utilized as an active ground for conducting training flights of the Indian Air Force.  
  • In the mid-1980s, a joint venture of two airlines, namely Air India and Indian Airlines decided to start off weekly flights from this airport. However, the passenger volume was thinner than expected and the services had to be closed down in 1990 just five years after its inception.
  • A total of three flight lines are present in the Mysore Airport. All three parking stands are systematically connected with the single runway of the airport through a solo taxiway. 
  • Interestingly, the Indian daily The Hindu decided to take daily flights from Mandakalli Airport but the trips only lived for a couple of months. 
  • The expansion plans for the airport have always been in the state of confusion until 2018 when the expansion of the runway was given a green signal.
  • It may as well be amongst one of the smallest airports in India.
  • It is one of the six domestic airports residing in the state of Karnataka. 

Airlines Fly to Mysore Airport

There are a decent number of cheap flights to Mysore Airport available that are hosted by popular airlines like Go Indigo, Jet Airways, Emirates, Air India, and Spicejet. Well, it seems this airport guest are some big names for airlines.   

Airlines Fly From Mysore Airport

For those seeking Mysore Airport deals have the blessing of luck on their side. There are a lot of eminent airlines that have active flights from Mandakalli Airport on a daily basis. Names like Vistara, Go Indigo, Jet Konnect, Air India, Spicejet, and Go Air are there for you to take it to the skies.  

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