AI126 Current Flight Status

AI126 is an Air India flight from Chicago (ORD) to Delhi (DEL). The scheduled time of departure for AI126 from Chicago (ORD) is **12:30 CST** and the scheduled time of arrival in Delhi (DEL) is **14:15 IST**. The duration of the flight according to the live flight status is **14 Hours 15 Minutes**. The flight departs from Chicago (ORD) Airport’s Terminal 5 and arrives at Delhi (DEL) Airport’s Terminal 3.

AI126  | Air India Chicago To Delhi Flight Status

The AI126 Chicago to Delhi flights fly daily using Boeing B777-300 planes. The flight departs from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and arrives at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). The total aerial distance from Chicago to Delhi is 12,025 kilometers that AI126 takes around 14 hours and 16 minutes to cover. 

Air India 126 Tracking

Find out AI 126 flight status with us in addition to live time tracking and real-time updates. Many unexpected circumstances create delays or flight cancelations and our strong interface ultimately helps passengers get all the recent updates on Air India Chicago to Delhi flights. We know the value of your time thus it is recommended to track the status of your AI126 flight with a round trip Delhi to Chicago A1 127 flight before leaving for the airport.

Air India AI 126 Seating 

The AI 126 seat map shows a 3-class classification, including the First class with 4 flatbed seats, the Economy class with 303 standard seats, and the Business class with 35 flatbeds. The AI 126 Boeing B777-300 can accommodate 342 passengers in total. Moreover, the in-flight amenities such as complimentary refreshments, listening to music, and watching videos keep the passengers entertained during a long-haul flight.

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1 Adult, Economy

Type : O’Hare International Airport Departure Airport : Indira Gandhi Intl. Airport (DEL)Arrival Airport : O’Hare Intl. Airport (ORD)Flight Distance : 12,025 KmsAircraft : Boeing B777-300Callsign : AIC 126

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Air IndiaIATA : AIFirst Class Seats : 4Business Class Seats : 35Economy Class Seats : 303Operating Days : Monday to Friday

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to reach Delhi from Chicago via AI 126?

A: The average time taken by AI 126 Chicago to Delhi flights is 14 hours 16 minutes.

Q: How many A1 126 flights are operated in a week?

A: Around 6 AI 126 Chicago to Delhi flights are updated in a week from Monday to Sunday.

Q:How much average delay can I expect from AI 126 flight?

A: The AI 126 Chicago to Delhi has an average delay time of 85 minutes with an on-time performance of 7%.

Q: What else AI126 flights are referred to?

A: AI126 Chicago to Delhi flight can also be referred to as AIC 126, AI0126, AI 126, AIC 126, AI 0126, Chicago to Delhi AI126, and Air India AI126.

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